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Kebra Negast

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5. Concerning the Kingdom of SETH
And ADAM died, and SETH reigned in righteousness. And SETH died, and HNS (ENOS) reigned. And HNS (ENOS) died, and ḲYNN (CAINAN) reigned. And ḲYNN (CAINAN) died, and MALLL (MAHALALEEL) reigned. And MALLL (MAHALALEEL) died, and YRD (JARED) reigned. And YRD died, and HNKH (ENOCH) reigned in righteousness, and he feared God, and [God] hid him so that he might not see death. And he became a king in his flesh in the Land of the Living. And after ENOCH disappeared MTSL (METHUSELAH) reigned. And MTSL died, and LMKH (LAMECH) reigned. And LMKH died, and NḤ (NOAH) reigned in righteousness, and he pleased God in all his works.

Chapter 4Chapter 6

Haile Selassie I