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IRASCOM needs assistance

Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: OleGallis Sent: 7/29/2005 8:30:40 AM

Blessings IRASCOM family and the International Rasta Family,

IRASCOM Cooperative is again looking for able body and mind volunteers to assist InI bringing about this work as commissioned by His Majesty for InI People. All interested persons please feel free to respond or recommend ones for this post. Also InI ask that you all do your part by RE-POSTING this email in as many other groups and sites as possible, so as to assure that the linkage is there and the word is out that we need assistance.


Berhane Mariam


Interim Steering Committee
InIversal Ras Tafari Community Cooperative

------------------------------------------------------------------------ --------

1. Position Available: Administrative Assistant

Salary: Volunteer Work

We are seeking an experienced, energetic, dependable, organized and conscientious person to support our Chief Advisor, Chairman, Co-Chairman and the Interim Steering Committee of IRASCOM.

Interested candidates need to own their own PC and printer. There needs to be a strong sense of job responsibility, ability to multi-task, must be flexible & organized with personal time management skills, and the ability to work independently with minimum supervision. The candidate may handle complex or confidential matters requiring significant discretion and judgment. Excellent PC skills are required (particularly with Microsoft Office Suite). Knowledge of Desktop Publishing is a plus.

Location is not a requirement; more importantly, Internet access and skill experience are a plus. Please note that persons should be able to legally and enjoy traveling, as the position may require some travel in the future.
Please contact Empress Denise, IRASCOM Administrator at or

2. Position Available: Fundraising Director of IRASCOM

Salary: Volunteer Work

The InIversal RasTafarI Community Cooperative (IRASCOM) is an organization geared towards the development of the "Inified Sovereign Nation of RasTafarI " the economic and social development of our people, the re-education of Rastas and the public, Repatriation and Reparations and the academic and technical progression of our people. All our funds come from personal funding for executive, voluntary public contributions; we have no government funding or any external financial support so our fundraiser will be the sharp end of IRASCOM.

Job Description
(a) We are looking to recruit an experienced or highly motivated and committed fundraiser to maximize our income opportunities through a range of activities including external grant aid applications sponsorship, fundraising events and direct support from the local communities. You'll be expected to build networks and relationships with, and secure donations from, new and existing Trust contacts alike, in order to meet agreed income targets. Planning and progress reporting will also feature and you'll research.

(b) This pivotal role has one clear aim - securing high profile, high-income sponsorship/partnerships in line with our ambitious strategies. We are looking for results oriented, self-motivated individuals with sales, marketing or fundraising backgrounds to develop and implement a fundraising strategy in consultation with the IRASCOM Executive and the citizenry, to generate sufficient income for the International Foundation to ensure the operation.

(c) The job requires hard work, vision and enthusiasm. It may be an opportunity for someone with a couple of years experience in fundraising to take real responsibility and gain experience over a range of fundraising activities. Probably we should have used the word 'challenge' somewhere in this ad as most Rasta organization face this same financial burden


Must be able to fulfill the job description listed above or the desire to achieve that, which is stated in the job description.

Must have sufficient access to the internet, to coordinate efforts, contacts and communications with international members.

Method of Application
Interested applicants should contact IRASCOM Cooperative AS SOON AS POSSIBLE at any of the following contacts below:

General Email Address: or
Chairman: Ras Berhane Mariam:
Administrator: Empress Denise:

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Haile Selassie I