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Messenger: IRIE LION Sent: 7/14/2005 5:15:12 PM

Errol Brown started out at the Treasure Isle hit factory back in the late 1960s. His uncle, producer Arthur "Duke" Reid, was the owner of that studio and Brown took over engineering duties there after Byron Smith left. For 10 years, he helped define the Treasure Isle sound. Brown says it was Marcia Griffiths who encouraged him to go to Tuff Gong in 1978 after he left Treasure Isle. One of his first projects at Bob Marley's studio was the singer's Survival album, Marley's passionate statement on the struggles of freedom fighters in Africa.
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I’ve asked Errol Brown to recall Bob’s concerts in Italy. Errol Brown: “Hi Marco, respect, you know something, no one ever do an interview with me about Bob, any way about that concert in Itlay, it was definitely an experience, why I’ve never experience so many people in one place, I can recall there was a band opening for us call 'THE AVERAGE WHITE BAND" they had to cut their performance short because the fans got so hostile; they started to light fire all over the foot ball field and started to throw eggs on stage at the opening band, shouting Bob Marley, when we were changing over the stage you can see all these raw eggs all over, anyway when the Wailers started up with the intro I could hardly hear the P.A., as if their was not enough power, but I can assure you there was definitely enough, and when Bob enter stage, the screaming was too much, it was definitely an experience I will never forget, at the end of the concert it was so tense, they had to leave as they exist the stage, unfortunately no autograph signing, but you have to understand that situation. Yes we all was at the party at the hotel, and let me tell you this, Bob Marley never have any problem of getting herb, and food, no, he always travel with his own chef, so food no problem. I can recall the next morning there was a huge write up in the Italian biggest news paper with a picture with Bob Marley and the Wailers on stage, someone translate it for us saying, it not even football ever draw so many people in the stadium as Bob Marley and the Wailers did, you talking over 100,000, I was so happy and still happy to be a part of that, and that feeling will never leave me, and you know something, that tour was Bob Marley and the Wailers biggest tour to date and tell the world Errol Brown said this!

Marco Virgona: “Do you know something about Bob’s collapse in New York? I know you were at Madison Square Garden concert as sound engineer in those sad days”
Errol Brown: “I did Madison Square Gardens, but the incident happens on the day of the second show, while jogging, I wasn't there with him, but the night of the concert I know something was wrong, because Bob never come on stage late before, which he did that night, but what was strange the show went on very good, when I was positive something was wrong, is when we did Pittsburgh show and I heard Bob voice cracked never happen before, and he cut is normal set. Then we had a meeting in the dressing room and was told about the incident, and that the tour had to be canceled.

We went back to Miami and they admit Bob for couple of days, and when he was discharge, we had another meeting, and to my estimation but looked fitter than any of us, which I share that with him, but he still wanted to go to New York to do more test, because it was his desire to continue the 2nd leg of the tour, which we going to open for Stevie Wonder, which he insisted he really wanted to do. So we all came back to Jamaica, and to my surprise I heard he went to Germany to to this radiation treatment... Their is always a scar in my mind, wondering if some evil person put something in Bob's herb, because a prophet don't just leave us like that, until this day I don't believe it was cancer took Bob's life, and you know something only GOD knows.

I didn't go to visit him in Germany, because I wasn't invited, but I didn't mind, because I couldn't deal with seeing Bob without his locks, which they totally remove, all I know I prayed every night for him to over come whatever they said he had, because I know Bob's mission was not completed on this land, but due to the pain and suffering they put him through, it was too much for one man especially Bob, so the Father had to take him home, which was very hurting.

Marco, Jah guide and Bless every time. One Love Errol Brown I'm sorry I am emailing you with tears in my eyes.

Marco Virgona: Dear Errol, I would like to personally thank you and say GOD BLESS YOU for what you have done for the development of reggae music and Marley’s music.

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