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Messenger: Dondolo Sent: 7/13/2005 9:04:22 AM

A statement by Ras Nathaniel, wich appears maybe in his book called "50th Anniversary Of His Imperial Majesty Emperor Haile Selassie: First Visit To The United States 1954-2004"!

Has anybody read it?

Rastafari Blessings Rastafari Family Worldwide

You know, one of the things I realized is that due to all the vibes, past histories, conflicts, etc. all the things that keep I&I separated, I realized that rallying around HIM is the only way to inity. HIM is the only power that can triumph, seen? It was then that I realized that using the Golden Jubilee/50 Year anniversary of HIM Haile Selassie I First visit to the US (1954 so 2004 is the 50 year) would be the way to overcome, seen?
Most of I&I are ingnorant of Igziabier visit to America in 1954 or any other year for that matter, yet look how April 21, 1966 HIM visit to Jamaica is celebrated in Jamaica . . . Anyway, I realized that Jubilee years are VERY IMPORTANT if one trusts scripture: debts and sins are forgiven, blessings and grace handed out, seen? Now understand this: GOD HIMSELF, HAILE SELASSIE comes to America. Does anyone remember? How will GOD HIMSELF FEEL when America celebrates all kind of lesser men, and does nothing in remembrance of HIM?

Also understand that during HIM visit in 1954, two things happened in the celestial heavens: a total solar eclipse, and what is known as a "Mars Opposition". So the sun was darkened, meaning no heat or light (i.e "cold") and the planet Mars made its closest approach to the earth (25 million miles) and was the brightest light in the sky. Mars is usually considered the "war" planet. So, put the two together: "cold" and "war": The heavens were announcing the start of the cold war! When one reads the newspapers from that time, front page articles and editorials dominated about the fear of an atomic or nuclear holocaust. SO here comes GOD HIMSELF, HAILE SELASSIE, to America, one of the two superpowers, and tours the whole country meeting with every official from President Eisenhower and Joint Cheifs of staff Admiral Arthur Radford, addresses a special joint session of congress and the United Nations, and gives interviews all throughout America, teaching them the principles of COLLECTIVE SECURITY AND THE WAY TO WORLD PEACE.

Now, it is coming up on exactly 50 years since that time, the Jubilee year, and GOD HIMSELF, HAILE SELASSIE, looks down from Zion on the children of men to see if any remember and are following the principles of collective security. WHAT WILL HE SEE? FIRST, HE WILL LOOK AMONG THE CHILDREN CALLED BY HIS NAME RAS TAFARI. Have they come together to rally around my name and my works, to commemorate me? Will they remember that at that time I sent my personal emissary Madam Sahara on an 18 month recruiting mission to find Black Americans willing to forward to Ethiopia and offered them and their families free transportation, a house rent free, a job earning a salary equal to what they could earn in America, and paid three months vacation?
Will they remember that and decide that, now, they must finally come?
And when GOD HIMSELF, HAILE SELASSIE looks down on America, what will He see?
Will America's historical societies and colleges and universities and museums have a commemoration exhibition to remember His visit, the first African Emperor to visit the US? Will commentary about the principles of COLLECTIVE SECURITY as enunciated by HIM, be heard on TV and radio and read in newspapers throughout the land? Will America take an honest look at herself to see that she is violating the very principles that GOD HIMSELF, HAILE SELASSIE said is the only way to avoid annihilation?

Now understand this: Revelation 18:4 is the verse that says come out of her my people, that you partake not of her sins, neither of her plagues which the verse infers, ARE TO COME. HIM command to come out of her is given when we see the smoke of her burning. The subject of Revelations 18 is the Fall of Babylon, and the context identifies the villain, as the mighty merchants who are the sorcerers of the earth who got all nations to commit fornication with her. Here fornication is not meant sex -- althought this society is saturated with abonimable sex just like Soddom and Gomorrah-- but the context is clearly INTERNATIONAL TRADE. The sorcery is that SATAN has used Babylon's great merchants to deceive the people into unfair trade agreements that promise prosperity for all, but in reality make the RICH RICHER, AND MOST OF THE WORLD POORER! Read Revelations 18. It says, THEY WAXED RICH AND LIVED DELICIOUSLY, AND SAT ARROGANTLY SAYING I AM A QUEEN AND CAN BE NO WIDOW meaning no calamity can come to her. So Revelations 18 says for that reason her destruction comes in ONE HOUR! HER CITY (TOWERS, ie WTC) is to fall , and the angel says it is as if a great hailstone is cast down to the waters, and she shall be utterly burned with FIYAH!
Now imagine you are John seeing this vision. You are standing afar off looking at New York City which appears to rise out of the water, a big xobject from the air comes and hits hit, there's a FIYAH BALL EXPLOSION, and then in one hour, she falls. ISN'T THAT WHAT HAPPENED ON 9-11? So understand, the command to "come out of her" is given at that time, when we see the smoke of her burning. Which part of the world didn't see pictures of the smoke coming from the WTC?

So what does one think about the year 2004, a year of Grace for America, seen? Can you imagine what will hapen at the end of that year, when the veil of Grace is removed, and GOD HIMSELF, HAILE SELASSIE, looks down and sees that no one commemorated HIM visit, no one remembered his grace then when he made a provision in the Revised Ethiopian Constitution to give all Repatriates instant citizenship? Will it not be righteous for HIM to say, since they have not remembered my grace, I will remove it from them!! Who wants to be here on the first day after the Jubilee Year. Certainly not I.

Those who have eyes to see and ears to hear will understand. I&I don't have no choice. Either we rally around HIM Jubilee Commemoration, and use that coming together to finalize HOW WE ARE GOING TO MOVE OUT BABYLON AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE BY SEPT 11, 2007 AT THE LATEST, ELSE WE PERISH. SIMPLE AS THAT. WE DON'T HAVE ANY OTHER CHOICE!

Somehow, I&I have to communicate this to the Rastafari Family Worldwide with the understanding that there will have to take place some sort of EMERGENCY EVACUATION. The more planning, the less chaotic, seen? Rasses worldwide should understand that this is not something that is too fantastic to do. Remember Operation Solomon, when Israel AIRLIFTED 10.000 ETHIOPIAN FALASHA JEWS TO ISRAEL? I&I must quickly study the circumstances of that event and find out why it was done, who was convinced that there was an emergency situation calling for the evacuation of 10.000 Falashas. I&I must overstand that a precedent has been set for this kind of thing, and I&I situation is no less important or of lesser magnitude.

I&I must also understand that a precedent was set for moving people into the Horn of Africa. In the 1970's, Russia brought 10.000 Cuban troops into East Africa to support its geopolitical interests and spent US$12 Billlion over 17 years to keep them there. THIS SAME THING MUST HAPPEN FOR I&I RASTAFARI PEOPLE, and it will only happen when I&I BOLDLY PROCLAIM without fear or APOLOGY why this must happen as I have explained above. And I&I are running out of time, seen?

Whoever overstands this will be confronted wiith a frightening shock, the same kind of shock the I was speaking about, only greater in magnitude. Without the shock and the realization of the magnitude of this whole thing, I&I will not recognize the EMERGENCY SITUATION WE ARE LIVING IN, and will consequently, FAIL TO TAKE APPROPRIATE EMERGENCY ACTION.

Think about this. If I am wrong, then all the preparation will still serve to organize and centralize the Rastafari Family in America, and elsewhere, too, and the failure of any such calamity will come as a BLESSING, A DELIVERANCE, seen?
However, If the prophets are right, and I am only connecting what the prophets have said to the present, well, then it is self evident what must be done.

WITHOUT VISION I&I PEOPLE PERISH. FOR LACK OF KNOWLEDGE I&I PEOPLE PERISH. So I&I can go on and act like everything is ok and can continue to make lesser things our priorities, or I&I can put HIM first. This is gonna shake up a lot of people. What, for example, if saving I&I selves through Repatriation means that a family must pack up and move to a staging area where I&I will be transported? Are people at the point that they will move on a moments notice when the trupets are blown? This involves very real LIFE CHOICES. What if, since there is not, at yet, a strong enough Rasta community anywhere in the usa, what if it will mean that I&I have to make one, a strong community, very quickly, in order to build the solidarity and
inity of purpose to actually make this happen? Who will make that sacrifice? Rastafari people are gonna be confronted with such awesome dilemmas, seen.

Rastafari Bless the I and stand firm in the faith of Rastafari and the saving grace of HIM Haile Selassie I until that time.
Most Heartically and Raspectfully,
Ras Nathaniel"
(in Dec. 03)

Messenger: IRIE LION Sent: 7/22/2005 12:31:30 PM





Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 7/22/2005 5:16:21 PM

Mark 13 says we know not the day or hour, however it does not say we know not the year

what if events of 2000 USA calendar colide or align with events of 2007 Ethiopian year 2000? that would be a 7 year interval which is a masonic trade mark as seen in various events


Messenger: nazaritepj Sent: 7/23/2005 5:01:27 AM

kemet, egypt. Seven.

Messenger: jahlove_72 Sent: 7/23/2005 12:18:02 PM

Seven chakras maybe?

Seven seals = seven chakras

Haile Selassie I practiced a form of Hindu meditation.

Haile Selassie I opened the seven seals within man.


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