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Messenger: citadelofserenity Sent: 6/20/2005 2:00:50 PM

Blessed love to all the I dem out there. First off burn fiya on them
vibes where after all the works to bring medical herbs into the
forfront the Us government still come out now and shut it down. just
goes to show that the fight is no where near over. keep up the works
to anyone trying to make that a reality and if you just sitting home
smokeing a spliff meditate and say a prayer for all the I dem who
are locked away and cant draw from the chalice seen. dont forget
that as I&I sit and relax with I herbs nuff idren will not have that
ability this day. Rastafari
open up the prison doors and set the captives free.
next vibes here Citadel of Serentiy is expanding I want to get into
delaing with soaps and oils and things I have a link on natural
soaps and a link on real black soap Just want to leave a message
here to find out what the intrest in that would be befor I start to
put out the money to get all that stuff so just take a moment to
hail I up and reason about that vibes give thanks. I have added nuff
beautiful items and thank you to anyone who has come through and
supported the vibes. also I now have google ads on the page and if
everyone would stop in the shop and even just click on on of the ads
one or two time each time the I visit I could pay for the store. so
give thanks for the vibes and blessed Love to all the I dem.
Rastafari Vibes and Tings

Messenger: the rock Sent: 6/20/2005 3:45:35 PM

JAH works, step by step.If i have anything to add i will send it to your site.Keep the fire bruning.Rasta in this time and the nexted....


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Haile Selassie I