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Cultural foundations

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Messenger: Alabaster ointmnt Sent: 11/16/2022 11:31:31 PM

how does one acknowledge black history+black culture outside of black history month ?I personally seek knowledge about African women on the continent and how they lived . I seek out knowledge of Rastafari , video authors such as Selah media , I never knew tv and the likes for cultural perspectives . and search this forum for personal perspectives or a rasta eye . But I seek more , I’ve read African authors such as chancellor Williams and was greatly inspired . black culture is so rich in heritage . many of us here have very grand opinions , was just wondering.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/17/2022 2:13:44 AM

I apprecilove the Chancellor Williams reference. What a perfect place to start. InI must acknowledge it first by living it, common and daily practices expressing our African identity over any given product of slavery. All what you mentioned is right and true

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 11/17/2022 3:36:05 PM

Went to a Ethiopian Church during Christ Mass Eve. All were dressed in white, I wasnt. Took off shoes. Not fluent in Amharic. Know a little. I was defiently a outsider but welcomed as family. Could tell they were glad I was there in their celebrations.

Children were sleeping, old men leaning on sticks. Inscence filled the air as the ancient drums beat. The thanks and praises were not hinder by language barriers or any differences. Humanity sancified by the Allmighty God was all.

I assumed it was a hour or two but it was a all nighter. No leaving cookies out for santa anf going to bed. Singing loud. Praising. Remembering who we are and why we are here. Contemplation. Meditation. Love of JAH and one another connected us. These were not strangers they are distant kin.

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 11/17/2022 3:42:36 PM

We got it immerse our self into the cultural foundations. Get out of comfort zone. Music, books, media....but most importantly life. The roots, sitting, eating, working, praying in the ancient paths.

Museums are frozen in time. But culture is time itself.

Messenger: Alabaster ointmnt Sent: 11/17/2022 10:30:25 PM

Apprecilove all the posts seeking more answers Ase

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 12/8/2022 12:16:59 PM

Black History month was designed to recognize the contributions of black people. It wasn't meant to be the only time black contributions could be recognized. Everyone has a birthday. But what if your friends and family are unavailable that day? You might celebrate it on the weekend after or before. There's no science for when you should. There's no one telling you when you have to. It's simply your choice. If you want to celebrate your birthday the whole month who can stop you? All you need is people willing to celebrate with you.

I don't recognize February as overly special. That's because I don't recognize the authority of anyone telling me when to think about my own history and the contributions of my people. I'm thankful for black history month for those who need to be invited to take a look and to try to understand or relate or simply learn more about black people and the ways that we have moved our societies forward.

But black history... is history. And history is always relevant. If you're interested in learning more about history there isn't a specific time to do it. Do it whenever. You can do it every day. There are radio shows and places that give you facts about black history every day. The information is out there for anyone who is interested. And anyone at any time can share something they learned. Maybe some might be more receptive in February but should they be?

The truth is that no matter what color you are or where your family calls home, black history is everyone's history. Black people were not the ones who created the separation. So when we talk about roots and culture... yes we recognize the blackness because someone tried to take it away from us. But at the same time it is for everyone to know and share and the more it is shared the less ignorance there will be and less time that racism will stain our shared history.

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 12/12/2022 1:10:38 PM

I really do love what you just wrote here, its awesome. I give thankhs.

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