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The ways of men

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Messenger: Alabaster ointmnt Sent: 10/28/2022 7:53:10 PM


I want this a clean post Iím just curious. I know many are married and many claim not to bow . I feel like itís such a superficial thing to say because while your in the moment with your loved one all kinds of crazy things can take place . So I believe that a woman can be righteous within herself and a kingman be righteous within his own self and they come together in fruitality fruitfully so. and this IS different from a woman laying with random and multiple men, like a lady of the night of a wayperson . so many lines about slew dem and skettles , and who bow and who nah bow . is all funny business to the I .

so what is best to teach the little sistrens about this topic ? I may seem very liberal in my thoughts but I donít think any marriage should have boundries such as those and perhaps the ones n ones who are saying that arenít in marriages and happy committed relationships thatís are longer than just 1-3,1-5 years , like theyíre in something serious .

ok so what to teach a little empress , that all fornication is unruly and Unrighteous outside of a marriage with her king and that her body is a sacred place of the Devine in which must be cherished and covered over like diamonds and rubies . My baby is still small but big in mind and big in heart and I believe that these teachings should be happening now . Iím also wondering if the bobo shanti women train their daughters to wear skirts and head tie/turban at a young age say toddler age ? wondering how to go about this . if u have experience chime in meh wan kno how to set up the ting nice for my little Empress so that she can be brave and courageous in herself and body but also respectful and utmost respected in her community !

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/10/2022 3:13:39 PM

This is a good topic.

So what I want to talk about is "aversion" and how one person's aversion can creep into cultural thinking.

Let's say that you have an allergy to shellfish. Many people do. Keep in mind that there were hundreds and thousands of years before benadryl so for eons animals and people had to build up immune systems reacting to the presence of bacteria, poisons, and all kinds of other things. There's a point to this, I promise.

Many members of a species died because of these allergies. Many humans today would die if they couldn't get the right medication soon enough. It's crazy to watch how some people's bodies respond to a thing they're allergic to. But I want to hammer the point that this was life and death. And if you didn't know or understand the cause then you would simply demonize whatever fruit or thing you saw that contained the allergen.

What happens overtime is that stories of different SOURCES of allergins get group together and people decide what's dangerous to consume based on that. But something else happens... Evolution. So when enough people died their inability to handle the allergen or virus died with them and the ones who survived were less likely to have children who couldn't handle the same diet. And so they grew immunities. But this doesn't stop the stories and so certain things were simply avoided rather than allowing themselves, as a community, to build up an immunity to those things.

What the hell does this have to do with aversions? Slowly getting there.

Again, when we don't know the real source of something we demonize the vehicle. Are there not sexually transmitted diseases? Yes there are. Could ancient peoples test for these diseases and isolate them? No. Could they give each one a name and study them under a microscope? No, they couldn't. Can you get an STD from having normal sex? Absolutely. But all STDs aren't fatal. Some simply give you a rash or some kind of irritation.

So let's think about this.

If our ancestors... were going down on each other... and we do have reason to believe this from ancient artworks... then they also experienced sexually transmitted diseases. And we know that many "pathogens" are blood-borne. (You can google all this if you want to learn more)

Now if we look at the bible we can see that the Israelites were afraid of women who were on their periods. Why? Because they were afraid of their blood getting on stuff and spreading sickness or disease from the contamination. Hospitals are careful about contamination, especially bacteria, because it can find its way into open wounds or surgical cuts which can cause patients to infect each other without even coming into direct contact.

Now... today... do we force our women to spend their menstruation in separate rooms like they did? No. We have so many new products to disinfect and make sure the blood is controlled. So we can understand their aversion to women on their cycle but we don't have to share or copy that same aversion.

At the same time, people can have STDs. But likewise, we have tests for that. And if we avoid having sex with people who have STDs or STIs then we can avoid spreading them. It still happens but we're getting better at it.

So do you talk to your children about not kissing, not having sexual contact? Or do you talk to your children about the dangers of diseases and how they are transmitted? If you simply say "Don't do this." and your child doesn't understand why... you are being naive if you think you are protecting them. Why? Because if you don't give them a good reason or they come to a better understanding than what you (previous gen) display, they will either do that thing out of their own choice or they may do that thing out of rebellion. Some won't. Some will not do the thing because they simply accept the cultural bias or narrative that its just "bad/evil". But you should teach them how to protect themselves and teaching them about virus, bacteria, and things like that, IMHO, is extremely important.

Do you just tell your children to wash their hands before they eat? Do you just tell your children to cover their mouths when they cough? Or do you explain why? It's the explanation that gives them the real understanding that they can carry on. Otherwise, it just becomes a bandwagon that people run after blindly.

So when it comes to oral sex/stimulation... why is it wrong? Does the bible even say its wrong? According to the bible ALL sex is considered "unclean". This about that. Why? Why is even the sex between married people considered "unclean"? It is simply because of the exchange of bodily fluids. People who had sex were considered unclean "until evening". How do you fix that? Wash yourself. This is easier today than 2000 B.C. in the desert. Trust me.

And this physical cleansing became a ritual that symbolized spiritual cleansing as well (baptism).

So oral sex isn't wrong, but you need to limit your exposure to disease, bacteria, etc. And we all know that women can have bacterial or fungal infections. Consider the "yeast" infection. Women have healthy yeast that normally live in their vagina. There can be an overgrowth of this. Good bacteria live all over our bodies and they fight "bad" bacteria. We also have bacteria that live in our mouths and digestive tract. So what happens when an overgrowth of bacteria in vagina meats bacteria in mouth? A man can get a yeast infection in his mouth. So yes, if your woman has an infection or doesn't do anything to keep her vagina clean, then that raises the likelihood of infection spreading to the man. And sometimes you can smell it because its actually bacteria that release odor.,and%20either%20gray%20or%20white.

So if your woman smells like fish... there is an overgrowth of bacteria. You may want to leave it alone.

In general, I like to use mouthwash afterward. Why? It's not the act we should fear. What we need to understand are the RISKS that come along with the act. So instead of just simply having that aversion to the act, think about why that aversion exists. It's not simply because your ancestors thought it was nasty. Are you going to teach your children not to use tongue when they kiss? No, because you're not worried about that. So it's not that our ancestors thought it was nasty. It's that they knew it came with risks and they didn't have products back then to clean and reduce the population of bacteria in the vagina.

Again, today we have antibacterial soap, mouthwash, anti-microbial douche, etc. So teach your children about SAFE sex, don't just scare them with general boogeymen that they will grow out of. Teach them about the dangers so they can limit their exposure and keep themselves clean. Once they know the risks they may choose not to do it at all on their own. Or maybe not. But they'll be safer and they'll understand the reasons behind your concerns. And that's what will protect them.

All children think it's nasty growing up until they get older.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/16/2022 7:40:17 AM

All kind of crazy things will not take place in the moment. What does that even mean? In a moment of passion its acceptable to lose meditation and discipline? This would be a red flag.

Maybe the bredda and sistren who have seperated themselves from Sheol and decided to be Conscious of what they consume, ital in thought and livity, dont want to then put their mouth and entrance to the temple on other peoples exit to their temple. I know people who would claim BIG hypocrisy in that alone.

It isnt a part of Rastafari culture and livity. Thats it. So if one claim Rastafari wants to do such a thing just know you gaan far as a personal choice and nuttn to do with Rastafari livity and arguably in opposition to Ital livity.

Curiosity only comes around after someone has planted the seed of curiosity in your psyche. Too much blue movie pushed mainstream. You cant be curious about what you havent been exposed to.


Edit: Bro IP be careful. Mouthwash wont save people from hpv. 1 in 10 people are said to have oral hpv. Hpv is indirectly responsible for 70% of oral cancer and is almost always a result of Bowing. Just to clear that up, Aversion I.... Cultural aversion meets natural selection at some point

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 1/28/2023 7:20:44 PM

Hail sister I see why the I bring this up, I would also be interested in how to approach that subject with my children, however coming from a different side because it seems the I is in favor of oral sex, from the context anyways that is what I am getting.

IPX Ninja and Garveys Afrika both of the I have great input and I can wholeheartedly raspect both for the opposing views. Just to point out I am pretty sure IPX Ninja has been married and monogamously so for a long time, so I doubt hpv or any other std is a concern for him when it comes to any of the sexual acts.

Yet I am more on the side of Garveys Africa on this one. Not necessarily that I care what other people are doing in their own bedrooms but just in my own relationship I'm very glad, and my Kingman and I have discussed this many times how we agree we are both very glad to be practicing "vaginal sexual intercourse" as it can be called, and not any other forms of sexual endeavors. It's a weird crazy world out there. I am shocked how "eating ass" (puke puke puke) has become like a normal thing in the babylon world, that both men and women are expected to do this in the dating circles. It's shocking, it makes me think, where is the line, is there a line at all, where will this madness end, what on earth is going to be next after this. I just feel like drawing the line at vaginal procreative sex is a good place, personally, and really glad to have a partner who feels the same.

It is apparent to me that these sexual practices and trends can arise pretty quickly, in the span of just a generation. It became known to me recently that my own parent's generation (both americans btw) did not engage in oral sex nearly as prolifically as my own generation does. And now this anal sex trend, anal/oral combination, I can assure you this was not going on in any great numbers at all during my parents generation either. So it's like first oral sex became accepted/even expected in some crowds, now anal/oral sex has become also the norm (to the extent that people use it on dating apps as a way to get the other person to even be interested in going on a date with them?!?), so I can only point out that this is a quickly accelerating trend of sexual departure from actual procreative sex, and it does alarm me.

Garveys Afrika I agree, "in the moment" is no excuse to do things, it's not an excuse for murder nor is it an excuse for acting outside one's moral principles in any way. We have to have better standards for ourselves as humans than to say that "the heat of the moment" got the better of us. Have a morality code and stand by it in all circumstances. That being said I am not going to judge someone for having a different moral code as long as it is not affecting me.

On that note I'm not sure it is my place to say if my children, when they reach adulthood and are engaging in sexual activity of any kind, should agree with me that oral sex is beyond the line. As much as it won't be my place to impose veganism on my adult children, they will have to make their own choice on that, all I can do is tell them why I live the way I live and let them make their own choices. Our children don't belong to us, they are free and eternal souls just as we are, so they have to create their own path in life just as we have done.

Give thankhs for the thought provoking reasonings, ones n ones. More Love to all the I's.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 1/30/2023 10:15:10 AM

Yes, to be clear, I use mouthwash to kill bacteria. Even if you are married, bacteria will always be a threat. STDs, on the other hand, should not. A couple should not get married without both being tested and examined for any and all health concerns.

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