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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 7/6/2022 6:06:55 PM

I as a womban went almost entirely emotional with my advice, IPX ninja went almost entirely logical with his advice, but I think a mix of those will give some pretty good advice.

Yes GARVEYS AFRICA, while I have to respond to the pain she is feeling I still agree that she responded unnecessarily harshly to the I. I questioned that statement also about creating this site and I have seen her also say some things about how she created the rainbow flag for the gays.. but since she always uses the word "I" I did question does she mean SHE created this site, SHE created the gay flag, or did she mean the I in the all encompassing "I"? When I read over olivebranch posts from her first appearance til now, a lot of what she says seems confused or confusing, seems to be coming from a place of hurt and a place of mental disorientation.
When I saw olivebranch and Feels good mon started debating I was like oh man this is about to get weird. Because almost nothing she said addressed anything he was saying, and he was not even sure what to do with that. Maybe that is the best way to deal with an agent, just confuse them!

But honestly tho Olivebranch I think a lot of what you're saying on this site is making it hard for us to take you seriously yet we are still trying to, I personally would like to see more female presence on this forum - but in a positive way and less of the confusion.

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