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Rastafari and Capitalism, Socialism, Monarchism

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/11/2022 5:28:21 PM

you have to shift the culture.

I used to head up a black walls street organization. It was an interesting and educational experience. The thing is that the original black wall street in Tulsa was forced to actually have an economy where their money circulated. Racism and segregation created the environment for this.

However, it cannot be overlooked that the people didn't all start off in poverty and thrived by this method. BWS requires investment and ownership. It was two black men who were already wealthy, who invested in Tulsa and created businesses and those sparks were like lighting a fire with flint.

Now, I'm not so sure this is even the right strategy.

Of all people, Jay Z is in one of those rare positions. He's a talented businessman. And when I say that I'm not saying he's talented in music and he's a businessman. I'm saying that the brotha has business skills. That's what we need. But you also have to have leverage. And Jay Z was able to leverage one successful business in order to get a stake in something bigger ie Cashapp.

It was actually Paypal that really got Elon started toward where he is today. When you can create something and then leverage it... it's kind of like the Rich Dad Poor Dad method of moving up to larger and larger assets. My thing is we all need to leverage our positions AND money and get ourselves into higher positions of power so that we can create positions for our people and make sure they get taken care of.

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 10/15/2022 4:50:14 PM

Yes ..... how does one leverage their position or money if they are poor in both?

Playing sports like soccer basket ball or hockey one must always be moving with awareness to getones self into the best position to make a play, earn more money and win, win as in being better off than the day before.

Just cant be stagnantation in sufferation
Must be forwarding center of balance
Finding the way that is progression
Study I surrounding, studing I inner being
Applying the truth of the findings
Self detemination to uplift one self and the many
And consistiency as the earth is in cycles of life

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/21/2022 1:45:15 PM

jessep: Yes ..... how does one leverage their position or money if they are poor in both?

I can think of a number of things. Short answer.

Group economics.

Crowdfunding to create a bigger pot that can be leveraged to create a corporation headquartered in Ethiopia. Then switch to investors using Ethiopian citizenship. Use said corp and multiple subsidiaries to build a pipeline between new sustainable/green factories in Africa and point of sale fronts in the diaspora. Through this one corporation, we can eventually level the playing field.

1 - 1011 - 2021 - 3031 - 33

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