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Safety of cannabis edibles vs smoking

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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 7/23/2022 7:54:13 PM

Greetings and thankhs Jahcub and Garveys Africa
Yes GA I prefer higher CBD too and right now I am using a tincture that is 30:1 cbd:thc and I find it very effective especially for stress relief and for sleep. But this is not a full spectrum tincture is it? It isn't coming straight from the flower at that ratio, is it? I dont know enough about making tinctures to answer that but I am pretty sure they have to mess with the quantities of each to get it to that ratio.
Jahcub its very interesting the chemical specific properties. I never knew that about CBC. It does make a lot of sense though considering the role that endocannabinoids play in the developing fetal brain! Imagine the applications that could have...

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 9/24/2022 9:00:23 AM

Its easy to overdose when eating ganja since d effects tend to delay, whereas smoked ganja is not easy to overdose, so its safer than eaten in as fa as overdose is concerned. Blessed is d hola cup of ishence, blessed is InI hola sacrament. More fire

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skrśling Sent: 9/24/2022 1:49:57 PM

i feel drinkn chai of ganja is ultimately safer bcus no smoke enters the lungs. and the benefits are still ingested without the carcinogens from burning seeds and leafs and oil and such what are reaching they smoking point temperatures.
research oil smoke point and come say somthn different.
whats the temperature of burning ganjah?
whats the smoke point of the oils inside ya spliffs?
Do we recommend cooking above
325 degrees w iconut oil? no. it burns.
but i know that and still be doin it!!

love and nuff raspect to all family who reason here.

Blackheart i give thankhs
for the i wisemind. Overjoyed to read the i again after long time

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 9/25/2022 3:38:52 AM

How good n how pleasant it realy is when I n I Idrens n Istrens dwell togeda in inity n love. Bless bro Evison. Raspect.

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 10/1/2022 10:48:25 AM

Avoid smoking ganja with paper, use ganja cup to get pure ganja smoke. Oneness

Messenger: Black heart Sent: 10/2/2022 10:17:31 AM

Prophecy: Ganja shall be legalised de whole world. Its prices shall get low. God Allmighty shall make it to be like so. Oneness

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 1/28/2023 5:59:28 PM

Love eternally my Idren, greetings again after my long absence.
Give thankhs for the answers and reasonings!

It's been a couple months now since I stopped smoking, on doctors suggestions while going through certain treatments, and I was using tinctures instead of smoking to help me wean off the habit.
There was one occasion where I had a panic attack on the thc drops, I know it was triggered by other stimuli but I think the high thc in my system definitely contributed.
At this point I'm using only the high cbd and only at night for sleeping. Some nights I don't use it at all.
After about 14 days with very little/no thc consumption my appetite finally returned and I can eat normally whereas I was not able to eat without smoking or high thc drops for.. honestly a few years there...
In honesty I think cannabis has some great benefits but it seems like I feel better not using it at all/only using cbd for sleep.
I am still not sure if I think smoking is safer or if edibles are safer. Or even tea as brother Evison suggested. It seems like a person can "overdose" either way to the point of paranoia/panic attacks because I watched my brother have a panic attack a couple strongs ago just by taking 2 tokes off my nephew's joint (adult nephew btw)... and I had dreamed for a long time of my adult niece using cannabis to combat eating disorder but it seems like her using it now has only intensified the binge/purge cycle so that's a huge disappointment and makes me regret her using cannabis at all.

Funny that after such a long time of being a proponent of cannabis I am starting to feel like it's better to abstain altogether. Just for me personally, not making judgements on other people and their cannabis use, just want to see people use it safely and not exacerbate existing issues.

Garveys Afrika I know the I had reasoned previously on being off cannabis for a couple years and I wonder where the I is at on that and what the I thoughts are now.

One perfect love I&I, selah say I

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 1/30/2023 10:29:27 AM

@JAH Child

I'm pleased to hear there has been some improvement in your health.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/31/2023 10:18:47 PM

Blessed Love JahChild

I am pleased to hear about the results of your journey. I do recall the one to two month serious issues with appetite sleep abdominal pains as my body got used to a lack of cannabis in the system. After this, I began to feel great and the need for ganja slowly disappeared. I too became an advocate of being off or away from ganja

I have to say I have since made a dramatic return to herb as a sacrifice and as a primary go to in almost every circumstance. And like a true hypocrit to the cause, can now start to once again see the definite benefits even to such excess use.

For anything there is always a balance, pros and cons, situations when it may be appropriate and others when it may not be. I also know my own limitations of my meditation and know that balance in this manner for me is unlikely as I am very black or white with little middle ground; As an all or nothing kind of individual.

For me the most important thing i at least have the knowledge that if I wanted to or had to I can effectively come away from ganja without any assistance or major issues

I do also now own a MIGHTY vaporiser for dry herb (from the makers of the Volcano) which will eliminate any smoke combustion problems with health. But retraining my mind to have this as a my go to instead of rolling a legendary spliff is something Iím working on
I currently donít smoke blunts only papers and average around 5-10 small personal sized spliffs per day with small amounts (but definitely there) of grabba leaf or tobacco. Protect I Jah.

Once again, I happy to see the I make a return

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 2/1/2023 12:11:45 PM

Give thankhs IPX Ninja, yes we have come a long way. We're still on the journey to our ultimate goal but I think abstaining from cannabis is going to help us achieve that.

Give thankhs Garveys Afrika for the I personal perspective. I totally relate, I am an "all or nothing" person too and when I am smoking I find great benefits from it. And eventually I do think I will be partaking in cannabis again, whether vape, tincture, or chalice (I've never been a papers/blunt type smoker). I overstand the I feeling strong benefits either way, whether all or nothing.

That's a good point too - it's definitely not an addictive type substance if we can go off it without any issues, no craving, no "relapse" type behavior. That is one of the unique things about cannabis which I think even other plant medicines like tobacco or opium definitely do not share in common. I do support the use of cannabis for people that it helps, in the ways that it helps them. Yet I also see how being off cannabis can have its own benefits. And like the I said knowing your own limitations, know thyself, that is always the key.

Give Ises bredren for the input, more health to everyone. JAH love always

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Haile Selassie I