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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/23/2022 10:30:38 PM

Artists are just as subjective.

For BC Flesh viewoint Id offer some Sizzla tune over Vaughn. With Sizzla theres no confusion he is NOT interested in anything other than Literalism, fire on Egypt, Bible Bible Bible

As opposed to a Jesse Jendah you get Israel story you get Planet Ritz

Or a Kabaka Pyramid or Mutabaruka (post 1990s) you get no Bible and pure noninfiltrated Ancient African

Then lets STICK A PIN

InI Can't forget man like Bongo Wato and the many Ras dem who burn a fierce Fya on all 'Reggae dreads' all electric music and all of babywrong including the computer-web-forum digital interaction we are having right now.

InI give thanks and thanks and thanks for mi trod

All necessary elements

Back to Vaughn.....

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 2/24/2022 5:52:43 AM

Relevant to the topics and original post
This just re-emerged for I on the algorithm

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 2/24/2022 7:08:47 AM

The Christian Religion is not the same as the original christians of the Bible. All the Christian Churches have bowed to the idols of Rome. All Christian Churches have bowed to the pharaoh of Egypt. All Christian Churches are in unity with the harlot Babylon the Great. All the Christian Churches have slept in bed with the harlot of Babylon. All the denominations have bowed to the idols of the Babylon and are in bed with the pope of Rome. All Religions, not just the Christians, are in bed with the harlot of Babylon. All Religions have bowed to the pope of Rome. All the Religions around the world have sent representatives to bow to the Babylonian idols of Rome. All the Religions in the world are in bed with the pope of Rome. All Religions around the world are in bed with the harlot of Babylon. All the Religions around the world bowed to Babylon. Blessed love

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/6/2022 10:49:04 AM

Wherever Christmas is celebrated, imho, simply shows the reach, corruption, and power, of Christianity and shows that the very roots of Christianity are pagan. I know some will try to use the Ethiopian church to argue otherwise but even the name "Christ" and "Christian" speaks of the Greco-Roman truth of the influence.

Yeshua Ha Mashiach was not born on December 25th. It was simply merged with the birthday of all the pagan solar deities.

The Hebrew word for "messiah" is important to understand (especially bringing the focus to Rastafari) because it allows the word to sit in its original context, instead of what "Christ" has become to mean for Christians. In other words, over time, Christians change the meaning of words. In the last 20 some odd years they have even changed the meaning of the word "religion". You may have to take my word for this if you hadn't seen the previous definition before. This changing of meanings is much easier when they aren't changing the original Hebrew word. Feel me?

This is why the article above felt the need to say "The word mashiach does not mean savior". This is how Christians have changed the meaning so that it only applies to "Jesus" and is removed from the context of the NATION of Yisrael. In other words, they don't care that ha (the) mashiach (anointed one) was supposed to be KING of Yisrael. THEY... only wanted a savior from their sins. We should probably dedicate more threads discussing the differences between Christianity and Hebrew Israelites to which Rastafarians represent. Because if those differences are lost over time because of changing meanings and the like... Rasta will be flooded and taken over by Christians. And that is worse than having LGBTQ Rastas.

The messianic movement is what our beloved Haile Selassie I fits into. Because when the prophets choose people to be kings they were anointed on the head with oil. This is the origin of why the word mashiach is used. The anointed one was to be KING.

Christians hide this part of the story. But when Yeshua received the crown of thorns, and was mocked as "King of the Jews" it was because they were told that he believed and the people believed that he was chosen to be the next King of Yisrael. It was NOT simply a religious movement as Christians would have you believe. It was a socio-political REVOLUTION.

The change was to start with the people; returning them back to a spiritual kingdom of priests, preparing them to be more evolved in their religion and not a slave to the traditions of the elders of the tribe of Judah, who had taken religion to its physical/literal extreme to the point where people simply gave up trying to follow all their rules and doctrine. It was a power trip. It solidified their power but made people feel farther away from Jah. And this is the truth of the priesthood. When a person stands between you and the most high, that is a position of power, and power is a corrupting influence. So what they were teaching the people was that Jah, through his Ruach ha Kodesh (the holy spirit) would come upon them and link them with the divine; removing the need for priests and their system of power.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/6/2022 10:49:21 AM

You see priests in the Catholic church though right? And are they Hebrew? Are they Levites? No. This is how Europeans worked to establish their own power, the papacy, to replace Yisrael and Jah. They say it's the same God as El as Allah but is it?

The Roman emperor Nero was a hardcore tyrant who ruled with fear (AD 54). He persecuted anyone who went against Rome. But it wasn't until Constantine that Rome began to adopt Christianity. Problem was that Constantine had spent most of his life as a pagan and there's really no reason to believe that he wasn't doing this to unify Rome as one of his reforms.

Of course, Christians will say he was Christian. But this is what gave Christianity its (European/Roman) power.

"Constantine was the first emperor to stop the persecution of Christians and to legalize Christianity, along with all other religions/cults in the Roman Empire. In February 313, he met with Licinius in Milan and developed the Edict of Milan, which stated that Christians should be allowed to follow their faith without oppression.[234] This removed penalties for professing Christianity, under which many had been martyred previously, and it returned confiscated Church property. The edict protected all religions from persecution, not only Christianity, allowing anyone to worship any deity that they chose." - Wikipedia

It would be easy to stop at the first part... stopping the persecution of Christians... and miss the next part (legalizing Christianity and all other religions/cults in the empire). When taken as a whole you can then start to form a picture of how many religions were merged into one. This is HIGHLY ILLEGAL according to real biblical law. There were times when the Israelites brought in other gods or brought in the divine feminine concept as a consort of Jah. However, this came and went with different leaders who were strong enough to purify the people of foreign beliefs. At the same time, mergers of beliefs were commonplace as people traded goods and stories. The bible contains some of these borrowed stories too. Most people don't know this.

The real trinity is "man, woman, and child" and it comes from pagan religious concepts. Because the reality is that everything was worshiped.

But the best political way to unite people was to unite their traditions and cultures. So that is what December 25th represents. The day is chosen because of the winter SOLlstice. SOL = sun. The ancient mythology connected with the solstice is that this is when the sun dies for 3 days and is reborn (

To be a little more precise, the sun "stands". The solar deity "dies". See, the story of the deity is made to match the cosmological events.

Constantine was a sun worshiper. This article explains why he decreed that "Dies Solis" - the day of the Sun, or "Sunday" as the Roman day of rest which became the Christian "sabbath" (sabbath means rest). And it continues to be the day of rest for Christians today.

"Against this view, Mettinger (2001) affirms that many of the gods of the mystery religions do indeed die, descend to the underworld, are lamented and retrieved by a woman and restored to life. However, Mettinger also disincludes Christianity from this influence.[7]" -

The dying and rising coincide with the sun during the winter solstice. Constantine, again, was a pagan sun worshiper with the power to legalize Christianity and give Christians Sunday to be their Shabbat. "Jesus" is the "sun" of God. So basically they wanted to turn "Jesus" into a solar deity so that paganism could be merged (a less hostile takeover) with Judaism resulting in Christianity.

"But Christianity existed before this" you might say. And so they say. But Christians are the ones creating their own labels. The word Christian is only mentioned in the bible 3 times and 2 of those times it is spoken by non-Hebrews. The 1 time it is mentioned by an apostle is in response to being called this term by non-Hebrews. This is what other people (Greeks/Romans) called them. Christ was their word, not the Hebrews word. It wasn't even Aramaic which was likely spoken by Yeshua. Why would Hebrews abandon their own language and culture by adopting a foreign word to call themselves by? This would be like English people calling 'Tafari' 'awesome' and then Rastafarians calling themselves 'awesomeites'. Why?

So the likelihood that the early followers of Yeshua called themselves Christians is EXTREMELY low as most of them couldn't even speak that language.

So in conclusion... Christmas and Easter (primarily) are really symbols of Rome (The Beast) and the Papacy's (The Harlot) power (influence). There is no such holy day or feast day in Israelite culture. So depending on how closely one chooses to align with the bible as an Israelite or as a Rastafarian specifically, it is one's choice to choose the biblical holy days and celebrate them. But if that is the level you are on and you are trying to be the best biblical follower you can be? You should shun these pagan holy days that modern society and the media have made people love.

Messenger: Ras Richard 2022-51 Sent: 9/2/2022 11:08:46 PM

i n i have problems with christianity, too...but, the bible is a part of rastafari- including the new testament. i try to focus on it and not my resentments

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 9/8/2022 1:11:15 AM

"By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another." - Christ, (John 13:35)

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 9/8/2022 6:19:03 PM

Maybe I should let this go but... I think it needs to be said that Christianity did not exist in the bible. It did not exist in the OT or even the NT. There were a total of 3 times the word "Christian" is used in the NT and it was a word used by the gentiles to describe followers of Yeshua. Calling someone a Christian doesn't make them somehow a member of a whole new religion. Yeshua was Jewish. He kept Jewish laws. He observed Jewish holy days and feast days. His goal was to reform Judaism. He may or may not have claimed to be the messiah which would be a claim of being the future king of Yisrael. This has nothing to do with Christianity or their version of "Christ".

Christianity is the religion created by people long after Yeshua AND his disciples were all dead. The story was popular and had become so larger than life that it became mythic. Mythology mixed with history and the greeks and romans ran with it. It was the gentiles who used the name "Jesus" to create a religion. That doesn't mean that the man... the object of their cultish devotion... had anything to do with it. He didn't even know it was going to exist. The truth is that they robbed the graves of these men to steal their influence and it gave them what they wanted; power.

So please understand. You can have a problem with Christianity that has NOTHING to do with the bible. Christianity is only LOOSELY based on the bible. The key tenet that separates Christianity from Yeshua's religion (Judaism) is the Trinity which is completely against the bible.

Now I understand the difficulty for Rastas, in general, to see Christianity in this way because H.I.M was a Christian of the Ethiopian Church. And that is better than the Roman Catholic Church by far, including all of its protestant offspring. But like Yeshua, Haile Selassi I was also a man. And as a man he was also fallible. And as a man he wouldn't necessarily see everything we can see with the hindsight and new tools that we have. We are armed with the internet and live in the Information Age. It's not the same. It is much easier to see the perversion of Christianity now than it was before.

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 9/10/2022 6:31:03 PM

We live in an internet information age but it does not change the ancient livity, only complements it. Christianity and its denominations are man made but ones soul in a relationship with the Lord of Lords Christ Jahoveh is not. Its a personal experience and this relationship will reflect into how one lives and how they mature as a human being in this world of confusion. To have clarity and peace, joy, wisemind, balance, the fruits of a true Christian or Rastafari or Israelite or any authentic spiritual trod are undeniable to those who bear witness. Religion is personal as Haile Selassie said. The fruits and works of that personal inner life show up everywhere. So do what you got to do to live more righteous, dont waste time judging illusions of groups because the Father judges each as individuals. Some are real, some are fake, some bear the image of God but deny the power thereof, Churches have helped many as they plant the seeds of Truth and Divinity in our hearts and mind, some so called Churches are the synagoge of Satin in disguise, wolves in sheeps clothing, the blind leading the blind off a cliff to eternal destruction. So live by faith and not by sight, labels and catagorizing JAH people serves only to divide and rule, but we are not babylons fool, we are JAHS tool, iron that sharpens iron. Big up your self, find that soul inspiration where ever it is for your benifit and spiritual growth that is more contagious than anything out of satins science lab. Dont let them fool you or try to school you with false doctrine. The way to Salvation and Zion is simple, a child can understand. Some say Christ is the only Christian, well the origional man is in all our DNA.

Messenger: seestem Sent: 9/11/2022 7:55:52 PM

Greetings Idrens

@jessep86 I wish I could like your last post.

I think we waste too much time with this fussing and fighting. Drive the vehicle that you can drive or the one that is available, the goal is the destination, but also try to enjoy the journey. If InI all end up Hailing Rastafari does it matter how we got here?

If a Ras ends up hailing Rastafari from reading the Ible does that make them lesser then one that got there from studying kemet or reading the Gita?

Do you recognize a Ras from what they have on their bookshelf?
It should not matter what you have read. It is how you treat others and the earth that counts. Your vybe is what counts, Rastafari is a vybe, a positive one, do whatever you can to sustain it.

So let InI speak about the vybe, or the destination. If your car is faster and you reached already tell us how is that place, it might help us navigate there faster and not get lost, but please stop making fun of our slow cars, they are all we can afford.


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