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The Nazarite vow

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Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 1/2/2022 12:33:05 PM

Nazarites avoid dead flesh and fermented liquor and grapes. The nazir way is more of a LIFELONG COVENANT and livity than a vow with expiry date. This is the overstanding Iman get from the Spirit, that the Nazarite livity is more of a lifelong commitment than a vow with expiry date. The nazirite is supposed to abstain from flesh and wine all his life, and is much more than just a vow with expiry date, after which one returns to cannibalism and bloodbath and drunkard.

The Israelite Rabbis were probably selfish and interchanged the scriptures about the Nazarite vow where they prevented people from burying their mother and their father and eating fresh grape so less people would choose the Nazarite vow. It is common sense to bury your father and mother because as Selassie said, everyone human will be replaced by coming generations and no one is immortal, in the sense of the flesh. Also drinking fresh grape it will not fermented in the stomach but will encounter a highly acidic environment where it will be immediately digested and excreted. Any other fruit juice left to ferment over days will form alcohol. Scientific facts tell us all sugary fruits will fermented over days to create alcohol. I have heard of Banana wine, Apple cider, there's a popular alcoholic drink in my country made of fermented mangoes! People make rum out of sugarcane and beer out of papaya, so wine-making is not limited to grapes alone. Any fruit can make alcohol. So eating the fruits them ripe and fresh won't curse your Nazarite COVENANT.

This is all a matter of selfish, flesh eating Jewish rabbis who through their mix up writing prevented people from taking the Nazarite LIVITY.

Imagine a community of Nazarites living together. Who would bury their dead?

You realize the Nazarite is not supposed to come close to dead carcass and human corpse, but some nazirites of the bible slew people with the SWORD, like Samson and Samuel, Maccabees and David and Solomon.

therefore making the whole point useless as they came close to dead human ghost and did not denounce their vow. The major thing here is not to ingest (eat) dead carcass and human corpse, but if everyone was a Nazarite, then who would bury the deceased? The Nazarite Livity is for each and every of creation, however God limited the human lifespan, which can be prolonged by use of herbs and spice; but until the return of Ras Tafari Makonnen in flesh then the foolish will die at a hundred.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 1/2/2022 12:49:28 PM

David had an army of Nazarites and mighty men. Solomon too was a Nazarite but the Selfish Jews and Hollywood portrayed them as pot-bellied obese men who indulged in cannibalism every other day. We all see the extend of the Selfishness of the Pharisees who were in charge of the scriptures, how they altered it to keep people and the Christian population in bondage of alcohol and it's confusing elements. People loved meat. That is a fact. And they still love meat and death.

Messenger: King Jam Sent: 1/2/2022 5:13:46 PM

is being a nazarite viable intoday ? to be saved from christ/selassie one doesnt have to be a nazarite. Heck, even selassie wasnt a nazarite,
christ wasnt a nazarite, He drank wine ate fish,

if you are following this vow, then if you did break it by doing one of these things, which the bible says u shouldnt do.

are you going to burn your hair, burnt offering
bring two turtles and two young pigeons,
or are u just going to pick and choose what works for you?

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 1/3/2022 3:07:08 AM

I think you missed my major reasoning here. Please read again the whole post and understand. I mentioned that the Nazarite way is not just a vow with expiry date for a few percentage of humans, but it is the LIVITY (or lifestyle) that was intended by God for all men and women and children of creation. Therefore it is not about suddenly denouncing your vow and cutting ones locks, but it is a COVENANT that is supposed to be honoured from the dawn of Consciousness of an individual until his death, or passing of the flesh.

So even though King Selassie did not honour the Nazarite Livity, he is still much greater and much more spiritual than any Nazarite who ever lived because He did not shed his flesh or die and can only be compared to Enoch and Elijah, who did not pass their flesh but went to Heaven flesh and blood. Selassie is still greater than them because of the numerous prophecies alluding to the coming of God Almighty upon the throne of David from Genesis to Revelations.

Christ was definitely a Nazarite because he was a man but had miraculous powers that cannot be achieved by ordinary man. I believe the excerpts about Christ eating meat and drinking wine were fabricated by the Pharisees because no ordinary man could achieve the miraculous heights of Christ without adherence to the Nazarene principles that bring man closer to God. Furthermore at the last supper of the Passover Christ mentioned that he will be drinking new wine in the Kingdom of God, and not old rotten wine that has alcohol.
New wine actually means fresh grape juice from the press. Christ never consume dead carcass otherwise how could be overcome death with carcass in his belly? Christ never eat fish or deadass.

Furthermore I mentioned Nazarites of the bible who came close to dead human corpse yet they did not burn their hair or sacrifice pigeons.
Samuel the Nazarite killed the king of the Amalekites who was spared by Saul, while Samson the Nazarite killed thousands of people. These deaths were performed by sword and meelee weapon meaning these Nazarites came closer to dead people but did not burn their hair or sacrifice pigeons. David and his mighty men killed hundreds of thousands yet we never find them cutting their hair. Solomon was a dreadlocks and this is evidence of the Nazarites teachings of his father David.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 1/3/2022 10:43:52 AM

I have Read that many of the early Christian groups were vegetarian prior to the establishment of Orthodox Christianity at the Council of Chalcedon in 451 AD.

Messenger: King Jam Sent: 1/3/2022 6:22:39 PM

what your saying though is your opinion isnt it?

where in the bible does it say that?

doesnt selassie say we should believe the whole bible?

sounds to me your saying that these people changed this and that, but no evidence to prove it.

when you read this scripture in numbers/6
the vow clearly states what it is,
how can you then say it is something different.

i see where your coming from,
it would make sense to suggest this is the foundation for all life,
as it states the vow is to give yourself closer to god.

but i think now, how many people dont sin? or lust, or do things they know they shouldnt.

surly we should be looking at the teaching of christ
as selassie was always telling us to follow HIs teaching,

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 1/4/2022 5:24:14 AM

The reward of sin is death. 666 lake of fire. These are not my opinions but I am simply drawing reference from what is already written. Let me expound:

The Nazarite vow forbids one from coming close to the dead. Now, what good does it do if you abstain from funerals yet you still eat dead, rotting meat from animals. Remember we don't have some of these sinful carnivorous urges that some of these predators have that cause them to prey for meat among the living, and we certainly can't eat raw meat without suffering digestion problems. I and I are the perfect of all creation, and we certainly cannot be compared to bloodthirsty animals that eat others raw. Remember on when King Selassie I returns upon mount Zion Jerusalem Isaiah says Lion and Ox shall graze together, and the young wolf shall play with the kid.

I mentioned Nazarites who drew close to dead human bodies because they killed people and to kill someone you have to be in presence of their corpse. and they didn't burn their hair or sacrifice pigeons. Samuel and Samson, along with David's mighty men. You seem to ask questions of which you have no basic knowledge of the scriptures, making me to have to repeat myself over and over again.

Nazirite vow forbids wine and strong drink (KJV Numbers 6) . Strong drink certainly talks about alcoholic nature. Wine making is not limited to grapes. Any FRUIT HERE can make wine and please do your research. Any fruit can make drinks like Amarulas and Apple cider.

The bible forbids fresh grapes for Nazarite but common sense and simple sciences show us these are ORGANIC FRUITS like any other ORGANIC FRUIT and I and I don't different. ANY FRUIT can make alcohol and it's PLAIN DISCRIMINATION like Amarulas and Apple Cider. Many traditional cultures have FRUIT PUNCH WINE like Banana wine in Uganda and Muratina (Mangoes) in Kenya and have you heard of Mnazi (STRONG COCONUT LIQUOR) from Kenya?.

All of Nature's fruits are to be enjoyed by all of creation Nazarite or Not because GENESIS God says, ""I give you all Seed bearing Fruit Tree and herb Bearing Seed for your Meat"". God supposedly created a Nazarite who did not drink alcohol or eat meat.

ISAIAH mentions when Haile Selassie I returns upon Holy mount Zion Jerusalem NONE will harm the OTHER. Lion and Sheep shall graze together and WOLF shall eat grass like the OX.

So are you going to wait until Zion to declare your Nazarite vows? Or will you play the fool and be a winebibber ( like Jesus LMAO...)

In the scriptures we are told the Pharisees and Priests of the temple were wicked men, and it was an old practice, dating back to the sons of Eli (the priest who crowned Samuel in the Boboshanti Order). The temple was where versions of scriptures were stored and rewritten for storage so why wouldn't the wicked men alter the scriptures to suit their flesh eating behaviours? After all they are the ones who crucified Jesus. The wickedness of them all. Use your common sense

Messenger: King Jam Sent: 1/11/2022 2:12:19 PM

i hear the words of HIM Haile Selassie. And he spoke of CHrist and InI to follow christ.

Like the I pointed out, the bible says one thing, and does the other.

so what do you believe,
well if Ini sight HIM as the returned christ, then INI will hear to the words of HIM.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 1/11/2022 5:26:20 PM

The vow is for a time some say 7 years and then man and wombman will be free to make their own decisions in terms of livity with a new conscious perspective gained from years within the vow and not based off ego

But we nuh inna animal sacrifice.

Rather than argue on length of vow first ask, what is the purpose of the vow? To be seperated....a vow which can be crucial for many a young I dem early within the trod to shed certain mentalities produced from babylon, a template for clean living and shedding of the ego. I also site ones can achieve this WITUHOUT ever trodding nazarene

Giv thanx

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 1/13/2022 1:26:26 AM

The bible doesn't say one thing and does the other. It is the bible which says one thing and people do their own thing. Alcohol is a killer because Jesus only drunk new wine (fresh grape juice) and often spoke about new wine not fitting in old wineskins. During the last supper Jesus spoke of drinking new wine in the Kingdom of Selassie I.

Jesus apparently drunk only new wine, which is fresh grape drink from the press. He told about it in parables like the one of new wine not fitting in old wineskins. A wineskin was a bag carried with men to drink wine on journeys and special occasions. Sadly some men fermented the wine and caused people to drink rotten things which confused some and enslaved others. People drink all kinds of rotten drinks today which confuse and enslave them then claim them a Rastaman yet they serving their own gods. Jesus came to free us from the spell of alcohol with the parable of new wine, and in the Kingdom of Selassie there will be no drunkenness but only fresh drink.

The parable about killing animals is also found in the bible, where the Spirit insists that men altered the scriptures to suit their acquired carnivorous urges. The Lost Books of the Bible assert that it was actually Cain the favoured son who was bloodthirsty and ate the beast like the lion. It was Cain who offered sheep for slaughter while Abel offered aromatic herbs from the farm.

The book of Enoch gives a parable where sheep, cows and cattle are used for human beings, so if human attributes can be applied to these, I and I should not behave wildly towards them.

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