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Where are you from

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Time Zone: EST (New York, Toronto)
Messenger: Bongo meca Sent: 8/25/2021 10:05:58 PM

time to chime in y'all . where are you from ,me I'm from Canada .

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 8/27/2021 10:00:31 PM

In Southern California here, near San Diego.
What part of Canada the I stay? I know Ark I the owner of this website is in Canada too, I think in Toronto.

Messenger: Thinking Of Jah Sent: 9/12/2021 7:05:41 AM

I'm from New Zealand bro (and sisters). But I only just recently moved to Australia to be closer to my mother, as she lives here and I can spend time with her.

Canada is a cool country from what I hear. Cold, but many many rich lands and resources. I think they grow the most amount of lentils in the world.

Messenger: King Jam Sent: 9/12/2021 10:45:49 AM

south cali must be nice,,.. lovely and warm.

im from strange weather england.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 9/12/2021 5:42:37 PM

Iman from Charlotte North Carolina but born inna California. I went to Toronto one time it was a pretty cool city.

Messenger: Bongo meca Sent: 9/13/2021 10:53:59 PM

Toronto Ontario rasta

Messenger: Issachar Sent: 9/24/2021 11:39:26 PM

Indiana, USA

One Love fellow Rastas!

Messenger: Honourablemiriam Sent: 9/25/2021 10:15:36 PM

Blessed love. Greetings, peace and love mylord and empress. I hail from South Africa. Everyone done know Africa South is the world number one producer of gold and diamond. We live in poverty here. I grew up here, was manifested here In the flesh 39 years ago, 1982..yes honourables.. life is hard UP South and so it a go because by nature we are the richest people and so ita go allover the diaspora

Messenger: Likkle Ithiopia Sent: 11/25/2021 12:20:44 PM

Bless in the name of JAH RASTAFARI KING OF KINGS LORD OF LORDS CONQUERING LION OF THE TRIBE OF JUDAH,, I'm from Missouri, USA InI believes not in Haile Selassie but KNOWS HAILE SELASSIE sits in Mount Zion and rules all Ireation which is RASTAFARI, glory be to Holy Emmanuel Charles Edwards and John the Baptist Marcus Mosiah Garvey, Savior of the Black Race and Her Hola Ipremacy, have an I-ney thANKHSgiving where INI Ilabrate the Inity of the Indians wit the Pilgrims at an I-ney feast. BLESSED LOVE AND INITY IN THE NAME OF JAHOVIA GOD JAH RASTAFARAI. I'm back in Rasta and ready to bang pon dem babylonians that is a door peep, that SHALL NOT ENTER, as I sip from ah cup of peace yuh know wha mi ah seh, HAILE I MENEN I the Irator. ITHIOPIA IS HEAVEN. And in the sky is only terrorism

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 12/21/2021 12:48:16 AM

Greetings well beloved.

Rastafari strength and love and inity from
Jungle a east Afrika, visore falls,.
Choma village,
uluguru mountain cloud forest...
yall dont know,lol, karibuni sana, Morogoro region, Tanzania.
Was called ithiopia at one time from Sudan to Malawi . We are pamoja na Waluguru, masaai, chaga, buntu people mostly.
Natural ital vital Rastafari people

Among the most blessed and most grateful/ thankhfull to remove ourself from place of birth in the belly a da beast, to find real life in zion. Thankhs JAH!

Big up unconditional love,
to all Rastafari royal Kings and Queens worldwide in a oneness global citizens

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