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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/5/2020 1:50:54 PM

If God was an immortal magician tell me why he didn't make every place into an Edenic garden. Do you know how many murders that would have saved? Even the first murder, if Cain and Abel were allegorical we can still use it as an example... even in this... it was God who asked them to sacrifice without telling them what to sacrifice. They both made choices and neither choice was wrong because Cain's sacrifice was as precious to him as Abel's sacrifice was to Abel.

Imagine God was a regular dude named Larry and Larry had two sons. Imagine if Larry told his two sons to bring him some fast food. They both went to different places. Maybe they should know what Larry likes but in reality if they aren't told what Larry wants, shouldn't Larry eat whatever they bring? And if Larry didn't need both to bring food because he only accepted one, then he should have either told them both to bring the same type of food or had them take turns at different meal times when Larry would be hungry.

Instead, Larry created a competition. A war is just a larger scale competition that is violent. Why would Larry do this? Why would Larry set the stage for his two sons to compete against each other? Larry could have imagined that one son would be jealous if he showed favor to the other. So why set them up like that? This is, of course, the second set up of Genesis. The first set up is man and woman competing against wisdom, represented by the serpent.

Here you might think I'm changing the story, but think about it...

Humans had zero experience, zero knowledge, zero. Even the ability to trust the word of God... Even if you believe they were created by this person, how would they have known? Did they have a bible to read? No. So if you believe based on a long history of reported miracles and interactions, why should they have? They were new to everything and the second "person" they met claimed the first person they met was lying. But if you don't know... what is lying? what is the truth? You were told you would die but what is death? We hold Adam and Eve to an impossible standard because we blame them based on everything we know and believe happened as a result. But they didn't know anything.

...because they weren't taught. They were kept in ignorance with God only telling them, don't eat from this tree or you will die. They weren't told they were immortal. They weren't told they weren't. We're left to imagine what they were told but the truth is that this test (and obvious that it was a test) seemed to have come relatively early. But it wasn't the 2nd or 50th generation of humans that were tested with life and death. It was the first. How is that not strange?

And what? They were expected to outsmart a snake that was lying to them? Did they know who the snake was? Were they warned? And because of the results of this mythical story we believe we must blindly obey, unlike Eve and unlike Adam who listened to Eve. Who should we listen to and believe?

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/5/2020 1:51:48 PM

The people who wrote and use the story against us. The people who basically represent the serpent.

woah... c'mon... how do you go from the bible being the story of the good guys to the opposite? How is that not confused?

Ah yes... it sounds quite confusing to those who aren't truly allowed or free to think on their own. In other words, there is a garden and everyone is kept in that garden in ignorance while the people with knowledge, wisdom, and wealth are the ones giving you the story so that you will accept, not having knowledge, not having wealth, and getting your wisdom from them. Where does their wealth come from? It mainly comes from a system of extracting wealth from the masses. The masses, even the ones in the bible, even Adam and Eve, are victims. The bad guys are the ones with the wealth and power, because instead of sharing it they increased their ownership and participated in a system of ownership which always negatively impacted the ability of others to survive.

Multiple people lived on Abraham's land. And he had so much land his brother had to move far away just so that their lands wouldn't be in conflict. All these people living on Abraham's land... could only eat what they were given or what they earned while Abraham... could eat as much as he wanted. If he paid them well they wouldn't complain, just as we don't complain now if we have decent jobs and make a decent living. But it doesn't change the fact that we're having to work for everything so we can buy things other people own. But who gave Abram the right to claim all that land? Hmm? Who was it that gave Abram the right to say that all this food and cattle that grows here is mine?

The creation of gods was inevitable.

People had to convince each other that they had a right to own the land just as the Israelites claimed that God had given them the right to own Canaan even though it was already inhabited. So why didn't God simply notify the Canaanites and evict them from the premises? Why did they have to fight for it?

Superstition. Because they also believed that if they won... then God had sanctioned their fight. And guess what? They weren't the only people to think this way. Everyone who was superstitious thought the same way because what have I kept saying? Superstitious people believe people are always responsible for what happens. So if they win then God helped them win. If they lost then God was punishing them for some sin(s).

But how do you rationalize every culture thinking the same way in spite of having different gods?

Because it was never about those gods. It was always about the superstitious nature of those who believed.

The gods weren't necessarily created for this purpose in the beginning. I think in the beginning the gods were used as science props. They used these props to understand the environment and the different interactions between the elements. You had gods of earth, air, fire, and water. He had gods representing the sky and gods having sex and spilling semen because humans had sex and so they could understand different concept using their own experience.

But as new words were created to represent the environment and these words weren't religious or superstitious they were less reliant on the gods. The gods were slowly replaced by science and that's why believers still treat science with hostility. The truth is that superstition devolves into science because science is simply knowledge that is divorced from superstition.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/5/2020 1:53:31 PM

Believers think this is a bad thing because they are afraid of all the thing religion says that increasingly divorces itself from science. What's left of religion is mainly the control... of other humans. Always remember that knowledge is power. But knowledge doesn't have to be truthful to be powerful. You only need the perception of truth to have power over those who perceive it to be true. That's why Trump is so powerful. Not only does he lie but he benefits from other people lying on his behalf. And because of their beliefs they're willing to throw things like climate science and medical science out the window. It's incredibly frustrating to me because I see humanity choosing a path of ignorance because they think they will find bliss.

We personify imaginary gods and put our own emotional and psychological issues on them, all of which develop under certain conditions and if you change those conditions there's no reason why a god would behave as humans do. But we're supposed to believe God gets jealous and angry and all these other things that we WANT him to feel because we want his love. And instead of getting different things from different gods that all wanted offerings, people found it better and more efficient to have one God who played all roles and who, because of that, because of that consolidation of power, could be thought to be more powerful and more able to protect.

But was Israel protected? No. So the reality is that when a few farmers traded stories their lifestyles were very different from the cities. But when they grew in number they began having all the same problems. They thought those problems could be blamed on people having false gods but the problems have nothing to do with gods and everything to do with the system of ownership we have created, allowed, and supported. We created the system that oppresses us. Ironically, we always have been responsible, just not in a superstitious way. So when people traded these stories the result were many things that were true and many things that were fiction and many things that were exaggerated.

The more you learn history and the intersection of different peoples and cultures the more you see the truth; that God is what we make him. But, God, as the bible says, "is a spirit". The bible also says "let this mind be in you that was in Yeshua". The NT is not religious like the OT. The NT is spiritual and it's all about God being inside you. And if you follow in righteousness then that spirit will be in you. It is the seed that is planted. Why do I use the bible? Because anyone who has experience can have wisdom. And the older I get the more I can appreciate that. Just because someone is wise doesn't mean you can believe everything they say. The serpent in the garden was wise too. But Yeshua was a reformer. I truly believe he was trying to undo the damage of religion upon the mind and soul.

Damage. Because people didn't love each other. The religious thought they were doing the right thing and they excluded and pushed aside anyone who they could say was guilty of some sin. But they, as the bible says, had a larger obstacle to their own vision. And Yeshua choose to hang out with the sinners, not because they were is worse condition because it was the religious hypocrites that were really in the worse condition; thinking that they knew everything because they were religious scholars. But anytime they wanted they manipulated the scriptures and found justification for their characters.

They were not good people. They just pretended to be; just as priests pretended to eat the food sacrificed to idols to make it look like the idol had eaten the food. The ones that really know? They know it's a lie. But they use the lie for different reasons. Perhaps some use lies for good. After all, priests often get to advise kings.

And kings, often claimed God (or the gods) was with him. Some even lied and said they were the children of the gods. This story isn't new. It's simply misunderstood in the case of Yeshua. I believe that Yeshua had superstitious believers who wanted him to be supernatural and therefore that's why he has the reputation of a miracle worker for those humans who need miracles. For others he was a political chess piece to save them from Rome. And so, to them, he was the Messiah. King of Yisrael. For others he was a spiritual son, to show them what God the Father was like because they had the same spirit. There were at least 7 different views of Yeshua and his divinity and different groups based on these beliefs. The Trinity won out only because of the Council of Nicaea.

But the truth is this. He was, in people's minds and hearts, what they needed him to be. God or man. And the truth is that Haile Selassie is the same. But since we created God to represent us and project ourselves upon God, it is accurate to say that H.I.M had the spirit of God and that is why he too had many followers who worship him and his memory. Haile Selassie represents what many desire to be. His words. His deeds. They are considered divine and heroic. So whether or not he said he was God... doesn't matter because Yeshua said no such thing of himself either. But anyone who has the spirit God can live up to, not only their own potential, but the true potential (probability of spiritual evolution) of humanity.

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