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Middle Eastern Religion 101

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Messenger: Geez Che Sent: 8/14/2020 3:36:26 PM

It's very simple really, Muhammad's mother was African, they say sayadina Isa (Jesus)'s mother was African too, but I suspect it was his father who was, Bob is certainly a profit, but I have to wonder if he Taino rather than African, or maybe Arawik,

The reason I am here is because the invasion of Cyprus was precipitated by a fight between Cat and Bob,

I would like to know more about Bob, Peter was my favourite, but it was Bob that started the war,

Many Rastas do not understand that Greeks (the English term for east mediteranean and turkish inhabitants, including the mongols who now run everything they can, if given a chance) have been in Africa since ancient times.

Before the Italians, there was always a Greek quarter in what is now called Ethiopia, indeed Ethiopia is a Greek name. Orthodoxy was not a conspiracy, at least not a recent one, it had been there since the start, ever since the Lower North Africans including Southern Greeks converted and started to worship Mary and her cuckolded husband (it's not blasphemous, just rude, and Joseph was a good man who obeyed the Lord and cared for the child), it may even have been that Jesus was born in what is modern day Ethiopia.

The Greek quarter was disbanded with the death of Selassie. The Derg thought it was a sign from God, but in reality it was Bob's doing. Thus Ethiopia payed the heavy price of famine in the Eighties.

Both the Eastern and Oriental churches have now agreed to recognise each other's marriages, which is my doing, I think (it just happened after I slept with an Oriental Orthodox prostitute, at least hat is what the English are calling her :(-...

I am not in the least bit offended, but as I said, I would like to know more about Bob, was he Taino, was his father Syrian as I read somewhere on the internet,

In Camden I heard a real Rasta say that he was a profit, I doubt that, women of all races are real,

The personal choice is always the woman's as far as I can see, that is why prostitution is the oldest profession,

However, the personal ethics of men is not something that should be questioned,

Give thanks and praise to Grejah,

Rasta and Peace,


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