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Magic in the 21st century

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Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/8/2020 10:35:21 AM

For years and times magical happenings have occupied a special place in human talk. While most of it is rumours, idle talk and imaginations - read creativity, magic is actually a reality, abd in the 21st century magic has been disguised as good. A basic note is that I am distinguishing between miracles or acts of God from evil powers, or magical abilities which are not from Almighty God.

Politics is magic. The very core of it is evil. Magic has been disguised as politics so many kinds of politics will confuse a nation to kill one another, of which racism, the highest form of politics, is very imbalanced because the stronger side hates the weaker for no good reason. It is a blasphemous magical act that calls insult upon JAH Rastafari and fire will surely burn.

Lower forms of political magic exist like tribal war, civil war and other wars, where civilians kill off each other, in most cases it is soldiers and people with political links and networks killing off defenceless civilians, while greater wars, or greater evil magic where dog eat dog. Soldier kill soldier and politician a get murder, or lion get crucify.

The church plays their role in this dark magical works by casting the spell that keep the people dumb, not to realize who their real enemy is, that WE, I AND I ARE GETTING KILLED BY THE HOUR BY A ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT. Baga wire is bent on destroying humankind and even the environmental pollution is a hoax, there are patented technologies in secret labs to fix all this. But judgement will befall them as the earth is cracking in various places under the weight of the sinful works and happenings going on at the surface, and they cannot fix that.

Jah love will Itect I and I sheep of the pasture from the wolves them and from the destructions that cometh.


Messenger: Kiwiman Sent: 8/8/2020 2:03:58 PM

Amen Brother.

Brethren need to guard one's mind, the enemy Satan works through others, especially the media in these times.

Ital livity is most important to guard the mind.

Iman just ate sugar, wheat, dairy and Iman now feel strange/sick.
Pure livity is very important, to avoid evil.

Temptation is the ultimate test, much evil comes from our bad choices. Do not always look outside of I-self.

Evil lives inside us all, if you feed it it grows, if you starve it it shrinks to almost nothing. Almost.

Messenger: Black Christ in Flesh Sent: 8/8/2020 8:22:37 PM

Iman just smoke me chalice and Iman feel Irie. I advise you take a sip of my chalice

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Haile Selassie I