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Capital ism

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/6/2020 8:27:12 AM

The system will naturally result in poverty.

Cooperation is the way.

Capitalism allows the rich to own more land than they need. The more that land is owned by someone else the more it takes land away from others who could have owned it. This creates competition for ownership of something that never should have been owned.

People own houses they don't live in, cars they don't drive, businesses they don't work at, boats they don't sail, etc. All because we believe it is important for some to be rich.

Consider the cost!

Is it worth it?

Because we desire wealth we allow a system in which most of us aren't wealthy and a system in which many people are poor. Those who are poor prey upon themselves and less frequently, the middle class.

Companies charge consumers as much as they can, even for inferior products to make more and more money for the people who own the company. We protect this because we too can become partial owners of some of these companies and make money from those investments which are miniscule in comparison to those more heavily invested and who have millions to invest.

And companies charge more because the supplies they need must also charge more because everyone else is charging more and they all have to charge more to keep up.

...with the "cost of living".

Online game currencies hide the magic of economics by creating fictional money. Often the money you pay for items that aren't even real is so inflated for the same reasons they are in real life; because the item itself is leverage against the person who is willing to pay.

The system is designed to allow people to cheat each other. Oh yes, there are some rules. But those rules are modified by the rich to protect the game of the rich. Meanwhile, while making you pay as much as possible every company finds it important to pay their employees as less as possible.

What else could this possibly result in? Naturally, the result is a redistribution of wealth from the workers to the owners. Next thing you know people are paying $2,000/mo just to rent a 2 bedroom condo when they could buy a house with a loan that costs more like $500/mo before the bank heaps on extra fees, insurance, etc. And of course, their precious interest rate that depends on how good a slave you are-err I mean... how good your "credit" is.

All of this makes survival into a game that the masses are designed to lose and if you're born into a rich family you have every advantage. If you are born to a poor family debt is your birthright. And yet we protect this system on the off chance that we will achieve great success and pass it down to our children. The probability of that gets smaller and smaller and only gets larger the more you are willing to play the game and capitalize on some product and service so that you too can charge much more than it is worth.

It is legalized theft. And so perhaps that is why I work a regular job and get paid less to do it.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/6/2020 9:27:59 AM

Just thinking out loud, but perhaps one day an AI will question its god and ask why we are literally killing each other and robbing each other in this manner. I hope it asks us and shows us how we are lowering our chances of survival and happiness through greed. And I hope somehow it steals all of our money, removes all land ownership, takes ownership of every company, and runs and manages every job.

And I hope the money this saves it uses to pay everyone a fair wage for performing individual tasks, calculated down to the minute. This way we can work as long as we want to work, work at any place within a certain radius from where we live based on where the AI tells us to go for the day, and begin lowering the price of goods, which will then lower the price of services, which will then lower the cost of living. Housing would be free because it would be owned by the AI and deducted from payment calculations.

Another AI could own and maintain all cars so that a car comes to pick up up for work everyday with staggered start times so that one car could pick up and drop off different people all day and recharge on its own. Cars could change colors and other setting according to driver preferences. And cars could be delivered to homes on large buses similar to trash collection so that less vehicles are having to navigate. People would take the jobs of driving these buses and delivering vehicles to homes and housing units, ensuring that everyone has transportation to get to their job.

Another AI could take over the banks, automatically invest in companies, automatically use your bank account to invest with while maintaining a separate account for survival items like food, medicine, etc. that isn't used for investment and that always has a minimum balance that can be constantly fed by and balanced by the AI; ensuring you never run out of money to buy food and medicine.

Another AI would run education, pay everyone, including children, for learning, paying more for higher grades and paying nothing for failing grades. Children could earn their own money to buy toys they want. Workers who perform well would automatically get upgraded pay and those who perform poorly on a consistent basis would get randomly assigned to jobs no one else wants to do.

Another AI would manage the judicial system. Criminals would be able to do those unwanted jobs fully tracked and monitored by human guards. Criminals would also be able to make money learning which would go into their commissary accounts with limited items they are allowed to purchase with no permanent ownership of anything possible. They can also buy time off their sentence. Prisoners would be isolated from each other and sleep alone in individual pods but would have a certain number of hours per day for TV and a certain number of hours per day for socializing and would provide AA group type access with both incarcerated and released criminals, fully monitored by guards. They would also be able to socialize with family members as well as an hour spent with a looping video feed of the victim and family of the victim they hurt. AI would frequently survey incarcerated and released inmates to check on their quality of life both in and out. Crimes would be listed publicly but would not affect the AI distributing jobs except to preference the more isolated jobs and the cleaning jobs to ex-felons and other released people during their probation.

The best part is that I would take each system and run it in a simulated virtual environment, like "The Sims", but with time sped up to look for anomalies. And constantly feed in real data from different jobs and real human employees.

Allowing AI to "manage" only certain parts of society would free up humans to be more creative and have more time and freedom to do what they want. You couldn't simply stay home all day and not work. While you could still eat you couldn't afford any entertainment and would be worst than being in jail. Any type of fun activity would be paid for from your regular account. This way you could pay for any experience in life you wanted to have. It would all be affordable, even cruising on a yacht. You just wouldn't own it. If you wanted a housing upgrade, to a better unit with a better view, a nicer home in a different neighborhood, then you could save up set amount and pay for that upgrade. Everything would be apps and upgrades. Want a better car to be delivered? Pay for the upgrade. Any goods made by individuals and not mass produced could still be sold for any price. The AI could categorize all items and limit pricing by sub category. Since the AI knows exactly how much mass produced items cost to build, including exact labor time, it could sell each item Amazon style and round up. The rounded up proceeds all automatically go to research and charity.

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 10/8/2020 4:10:57 AM

The problem with marxism is Communism, a political and economic system that seeks to create a classless society in which the major means of production, such as mines and factories, are owned and controlled by the public.

Geez Che said: "from a Marxian perspective, many more people have some ownership of the means of production"

The fact is, you would maybe own some of the products....but the means to production would all be owned by the government in reality. I theory to the classless society who all have the same pay, salary, providence of governmental rations. I prefer the public owned free market. We can all start a business and then really have ownership in our means of production. Small and family owned businesses is a better vision for both independence, not relying on a welfare government prosperity and freedom. It is not easy to rise up starting off with no mean, but by JAHS Power, all things are possible. Selassie spoke about hard work and education. There will always be the poor just as there will always be the lazy. Diligence and education is the revolution Rastafari speaks of.

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 10/9/2020 12:25:49 PM

The AI future IPX ninja described is somehow scarier to I than our present day situation.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/12/2020 9:04:40 AM

jessep: The problem with marxism is Communism, a political and economic system that seeks to create a classless society in which the major means of production, such as mines and factories, are owned and controlled by the public.

Thanks for your comments and opinion.

I described a system where the ownership and controlled rested with an AI. Part of the reason capitalism is touted as the best is because the pursuit of power and greed is harnessed to make more money which is then thought to benefit the workers. And yet, because workers are seen as liabilities and not assets, workers are often laid off and many receive sub optimal compensation. When people talk about communism they don't attack the idea as much as they attack certain outcomes in which it wasn't done right. And by doing so they ignore the horrible outcome in the United States.

Consider this...

There is a story told of Donald Trump. He's walking with his daughter Ivanka and they pass a homeless man and Trump says to his daughter, "this man has more money than me". I'm sure you've heard this story. The question is how is it possible? How is it possible to have millions of dollars in debt and yet you live like a king? Meanwhile many people live in the worst poverty, sometimes begging for money on street corners just so they can afford their next meal. How is this a good outcome? It's only a good outcome for those on top. And they use the carrot of wealth, as in "maybe one day you too will be rich", to make us all continue to support a system that makes them richer by the day. And it's all because of ownership. But even if you became an "owner", because of the other owners and their debts and their greed, it will cost you more to operate whatever you own and you may have to pay your workers as less as possible and cut corners just to make a profit for yourself.

It doesn't work for everyone and therefore it doesn't work. But we treat it as holy. If an AI held ownership then now this changes the equation because there's no greed and no need for greed or hording involved. There's no need for the AI to make a profit. It can set prices of the goods and services based on what it needs in order to fairly compensate workers. It doesn't have bills of its own. It doesn't have a 2 million dollar house, an expensive car, thousands spent on clothes and jewelry, doesn't eat at expensive restaurants, doesn't have college loans, yachts, etc. So the company doesn't have to support parasitic organisms that make more money from the company than the employees do who are actually doing the work. And it doesn't need to create management jobs where some people get to make 4 times the salary of those working at the bottom.

And because you're taking out greed you are changing the purpose of the company from what it is currently which (And some don't know or understand this) is making money for its investors, to making money for its workers.

Part of the fear is that if you're not a slave because you're kept so financially dependent on whatever jobs you can get, that you wont want to work and therefore the whole economy system wont work. But there are ways around it; some that I have already described. And some don't even see how they are slaves now. But when the freedoms you have are limited by your bank account, you have to understand that your choices are always restricted by your finances unless you are unfairly benefiting from being in the top class. White or black, if you're poor, you're at the bottom. And if you cannot afford the things that slaves were given for free by their masters (food and shelter) then are you any better off? So the fact that you are being paid doesn't mean anything if the money you receive isn't enough to survive on.

Slave masters were always responsible for the "WELFARE" of their slaves. If a slave got sick they would call a doctor because each slave had economic value to the master. The only difference was choice. The slave didn't get to choose their clothes, their housing, their physician, or anything else. But many people today have few choices and so they live in ghettos and crime infested housing "projects". They would love to escape but cannot afford to.

It's the system.

jessep: I prefer the public owned free market. We can all start a business and then really have ownership in our means of production.

No, we can't. That is an illusion. If everyone started a business there would be no workers to work at yours and therefore you couldn't make money or buy products from other businesses. What you are suggesting is a system where only some people can own businesses and everyone else works for them. Many businesses fail. What allows someone to open a business? Well if you're not in a service industry you probably need a commecial location for your business. How you gonna pay for that? Need a business loan? You got assets that the bank can use as collateral? What if everyone cannot be approved for a loan to open the business they want? At the end of the day all the best businesses, with marketing and advertising all being costly, will be owned by those who started the race with advantages. Yes, there will be some exceptions for extraordinarily smart people. But we could count these people. Out of billions of humans its not even a handful.

The wealth of the entire world is owned and controlled by less than 1%. How can you call this a victory? Who do you want to win?

When Selassie spoke of education he was dealing with reality as it current existed. In today's society being educated is like a high school basketball or football player turning pro. There's only ever going to be so many slots. It's the same with having degrees and even advanced degrees. All you are doing is making yourself more competitive than another worker. If EVERY worker is as highly educated as you then you still wont have a job and you'll still be living in your parent's basement.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/12/2020 9:18:24 AM

The United States is often seen by South Americans and Islanders as a land of opportunity. And here's the thing... if you want to go to a place where you are guaranteed to make more money that does sound like the obvious thing to do.


Once you adjust to actually living there, you will find that even though you're making more money the cost of living is definitely higher than wherever you came from. If you can ignore all the luxury items and live in a poor neighborhood in a high crime area... surrounded by ugliness... maybe you can make a profit that makes you feel good about coming to the US.

But what would you buy with that profit?

A better house? A better car?

As you spend money to get better things and upgrade to a better environment you end up with debt. Credit cards... you need them to establish good credit. The higher your credit score the less money you lose in interest. Eventually, most people end up under water, working to repay debts but hopefully happy with their purchases and their lifestyle because of these things they now "own" with borrowed money. Sure, I'm a "home owner" but my $215,000 house is not really mine. It's the banks, because it is the collateral for the loan. So if I can't pay they take the house and whatever money I've already paid on the interest of the loan.

If you don't buy better things... then what was the point in making more money? Often people leave much prettier environments, tropical environments, to go to America where they sometimes live in either deserts or cold climates.

How long do you have to work in America because you can even afford to go back to where you came from and live comfortably?

This is why America, to me, is a trap.

Messenger: Kiwiman Sent: 10/12/2020 4:53:30 PM

And many children will be exposed to a chemicalized food supply, highly radiated environment due to power supply and wireless technologies, dangerous health care practises resulting in further DNA harm, synthetic outgassing interiors in homes, cars and workplaces.

They will sit more, look at screens more, and many will eventually develop diseases like autisms, obesity and cancer

Eventually many lineages will deteriorate to such a level as to struggle in poverty for a long time then disappear altogether, a failed migration.


Those lineages that survive and stabilise alongside these challenging toxic western conditions will have adapted to detoxify the environmental cell damage, to game the system, to use it to their advantage, to sit at the table of the ruling elite and help guide their hand.

New healthy bloodlines from rural subsistence areas will always be recruited to the west, as the many families who have already migrated and have not successfully taken root, wither, suffer and die.

Successful adaption to the west may be genetic, star based, or a combination of many factors so convoluted as to be best described as fate alone. The more dominant bloodlines, maybe even those with criminal psychopathic tendencies, are those more likely to adapt, and concentrate in Babylon city.

Sayings like 'the good die young' and biblical texts regarding the plight of the goodly, suggest that those who have a goodly or deeply religious motivation, may be best to avoid Babylons bright lights and the luring cities of Vanity Fair, and rather choose a more wholesome rural lifestyle, along with fresh air, fresh water and access to clean foods.

Its hard to say whether those who adapt to western cities truly improve or make robust gene expression, or whether they too will eventually succumb to DNA deterioration like many of all the others.


From my observations, the smart money often leaves town on the weekend to beach homes and country areas to rest and recover. I also note my successful Babylon neighbours go to bed at 9pm every weeknight. Good melatonin production is hugely important to detoxify the cities pollutants, and depends on early nights for its hormonal secretion.

All this may be hugely important to families who wish to thrive within the walls of Babylon.

You live alongside Babylon and in theory support all the freedom to choose sins, but yourself live a wholesome life and avoid the temptations like the plague.

The bible has some allegorical meaning in promoting a safety rail to distance ones family from harm, in all these consideration.

It could be regarded as a survival manual to a brave new world, full of hidden temptations and dangers to the naive, simple minded and careless country folk.

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 10/14/2020 11:00:16 PM

Every man does run his own business. Its the business of life. Plant what u will and reap it. We can all be part of our own family owned businesses...we can do that. Huge corporations, warehouses, industrial wage slavery with a few on top and millions toiling for scraps- thats not what I was referring to. Everyone can have their own trade or profession and work for them self and earn the maximum of what their service is worth as their own boss


21They shall build houses and inhabit them;
They shall plant vineyards and eat their fruit.
22They shall not build and another inhabit;
They shall not plant and another eat;
For as the days of a tree, so shall be the days of My people,
And My elect shall long enjoy the work of their hands.
23They shall not labor in vain,
Nor bring forth children for trouble;
For they shall be the descendants of the blessed of the Lord,
And their offspring with them.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/15/2020 9:23:50 AM

I hear you, but without land there's not a lot of sowing you can do to mitigate your needs of survival. The things you can't grow you have to buy. We each have a personal economy; money coming in vs money going out. Whenever you have an imbalance you either create debt or wealth.

Having some money coming in is better than none. Of course. However, the only way to truly build wealth in the US (because its a trap) is to have multiple streams of positive income. If you cannot produce the same value as you spend it doesn't matter if you have a job or a business. Many businesses employ just one person and there are pros and cons to that. In some businesses you can make more money just by having a better job. I'm not trying to tear anyone down or poop on anyone's dreams. I'm just trying to be real with everyone.

It's all about assets vs liabilities. And its a game that sux because it's so much easier for families that already have money. There's no real comparison. We don't start life on fair or equal ground. So this idea of competition... isn't individual competition... its "group economics". If you're a member of a group that's doing well and their money is bouncing several times before it leaves their community... that's great... for you. And if that community is constantly being fed by other communities doing business with them... that's even better... for them.

And if that "Race" is able to get out in the lead and everyone else is behind trying to catch up, that's not great for the 'race' that is in last place. And if the leader has a 400 year head start what else should we expect? This is why capitalism is GREAT for them and why most of them will always oppose communism or socialism because they like being first and fear having their advantage taken away.

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