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Capital ism

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Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 7/25/2020 11:54:50 PM

Ises I

Capital ism

is this the best way?
When I and I think about the ultimate pinnacle of a advanced human society, I dont imagine capitalism as the system in use. The I them do ?

It does seem to help keep rich people, their friends and family in the money. Equality and fairness remain in check, as more poor slaves to them shitstem die or live w very little quality of life.

Seems like we've given it a good run, it hasn't really worked out, time to try something new. I think part of being wise is learning from mistakes and then being brave and strong enuff to mek changes.
its obvious only a tiny wealthy click of technocrats, politicians and corporations are benefitting from this shitstem.
(and a few lucky entrepreneure who will most likely be initiated into them.)

Is this how we want our descendents to live? working daily to pay bills? are we all not doing just that now? (most 0f us).

Paper money îs not worth the amount printed in it. Any I ever try to exchange it w the government who issued it for the currency it represents? they give you a gold nugget or more paper? what does it actually represent/worth?
Illusion of value .
At least the coins were made of valuable elements initially but now its mostly cheaper junk filler like tin and lead with almost 0 silver, nickel etc. as far as i overstand it.

I do not advocate or advise slackness or laziness in anyway. That is NOT what im suggesting or promoting.

Just because a Ras can be "successful" in this system doesnt mean we hafta approve or like it. Ras will find a way even in a unfair game. But them made the rules.
Just becos a Ras can mek nuff money to feed they child doesn't mean we hafta rationalize or defend a shitstem of greed we fallen victim to.

Does the USA alone not produce enuff rice in 1 day to feed the whole world a bowl?
This mek Iman ti realeyes we dont have a shortage of food, we have a shortage of love and sharing. They would let some one die before giving them a bowl of rice if their not making a profiton it. Thats the way this system of ism works.
Money or sufferation. Best we can do...

I don't have all the answers. I call pon JAH people for knowledge increase
please mek we reason


Messenger: Kiwiman Sent: 7/26/2020 2:44:25 AM

Nature is capitalistic.

The stag that eats the most and gets the largest will mate the most.
The weak and dumb males will not breed.

The creation has sharks and lions to remove the weak.

As humans, the system we currently have rewards co-operation, or cunning psychopathy and brute strength, depending on where you live, 1st world or 2nd world.

A rich and/or well employed kook has a greater opportunity to pass on their genes than someone of color without access to education.

If the capitalist system was fairer regarding this, it would be closer to gods plan. But it often favours deceit like the beasts world.

As humans we should not encourage deceitfulness and guile, as this will lead to global destruction. Humans are not originally of earth.

The shitstem tempts and encourages DNA damaging lifestyle decisions, and those wise enough to use good judgement will inherit the earth.

The stars, destiny and the hand of the almighty play a much bigger part than most people realise. But subtly so, we make much of the future by our decisions, capitalistic or not.

The creation should stay capitalistic, but man needs to rise above it if we are to survive on earth. For humans, becoming big and strong is not as effective to a good life as being wise, clever and good.

Being genuinely kind to others brings many other benefits too.

I think the Dao Te Ching is a good read for those wanting to understand what good rulers need to do to keep the people happy.

I spent time in a matrilineal society, and there was zero rape, theft or murder. Wombman into power can fix this mess better than males.

Messenger: Evison Matafale Skræling Sent: 7/26/2020 6:01:55 AM

Kiwiman, I give th ankhs for the I rasponse. Very interesting perspective the I relates. I find it especially noticable the i brings up patriarchal vs matriarchal relating to Capitalism.

"I spent time in a matrilineal society, and there was zero rape, theft or murder. Wombman into power can fix this mess better than males."

Thats the Ori ginal Afrikan way no?
Many Native American Tribes are/were Matriarchal, Many Peoples of the Mountains of the Moon are/were Matriarchal. Like the Waluguru I live with. But they are slowly changing. How about the big change from Aten to Amun? In time when King change they names to satisfy the new system.
Tut Ankh Aten changed to Tut Ankh Amun.
Aten system was matriarchal and Amun is Patriarchal. No? I maybe could be mistaken but I feel we are still experiencing that system that crept into control then. They used religion. Thats why they say "Amen""Amun"
after praying. No?
Good reasoning!


Messenger: Kiwiman Sent: 7/26/2020 7:48:00 AM

Greetings Evison, Iman give appreciation to I's overstandings esp history, Iman has only little reading there.

Lake Toba in Sumatra was where I know Batak matrilineal society.

One of the few places in Indonesia where one can easily buy and use ganga without fear.

Batak very old neolithic people, very small in size, even smaller than their non-matrilineal neighbours.

Because wombman choose husband, larger stronger males not top selection then childrens smaller.

Also Batak are outwardly Christian due to Dutch Missionaries from very recent.

But really animist, have a party with ancestors bones every year, then return bones to tomb.

Very peaceful community compared to patriarchal Indonesia. But Sumatran guys are usually cool headed, carry long hair, and they use the herb more than any other Indonesian.

Culturally forced from the home at 15 yrs old by their mothers and sisters and made to fend for themselves in the world.

Makes them better men, and keeps the bloodlines mixed.

Give thanks

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/27/2020 10:29:52 AM

Good thread.

Evison, everything you said is on point. I think capitalism is actually a slight bit worse than you describe. Because I feel like we also need to talk about credit vs debt (although this could be its own thread) and how there isn't enough money in the world to pay back all the vast amount of debt owed as there is interest attached. So it is more like a system of debt management. You have the countries debt on one side, which helps to manipulate the value of that currency internationally so that it can be artificially inflated or deflated. And then you have private debt on the other side and a process that literally creates new money, even as that money is a federal IOU.

One thing we must realize and understand. Any system, government or computer, CAN BE HACKED! So one group is always going to be able to hack the system to their benefit. The only thing different between different systems is who can more easily do the hacking. Is it people at the top of the political structure? Or people at the top of the financial structure? Each system seems to provide benefits for those at the bottom. These pyramids place people at different levels of income and lifestyle. Life is hard at the bottom because you're literally carrying the weight of those higher classes on your shoulders. And it's actually more expensive to be poor because you can spend more money on the same items, not because the item itself costs more, but because you are judged on your ability to buy it/pay back whatever money a bank will lend you for it.

Someone like Trump, and this is not a political attack, is able to get a bunch of loans which he can use to buy a bunch of assets. When those assets generate money, like a house being rented out, business, etc. that person makes a profit off their ability to borrow money. So they can use debt to generate cash flow and that's what their actual living and lifestyle is based on, not so much whatever money from the work they do. Of course many people also have high salaries and just put all their disposable income into longer-term investments so by the time they retire they have all this money to survive on. The less you make the more important the latter is.

Again, any system can be hacked which means the more you understand the system the more you can use it to your advantage and the less likely that system will run you over.

The system redistributes wealth from the poor to the rich through commerce. The poor masses need to buy products. Those products, even if cheap, can create millionaires and billionaires if the quantity is high enough and the cost of labor is low enough. Because they pay you as little as possible to charge you as much as possible. That offset between your income and spending determines your quality of life. Because not having money when you need to have money? That's expensive. We look at celebrities and imagine they're just shelling out all this money constantly when in reality they get a lot of things for free because they are not the target market. They are people who might be seen wearing those clothes, driving that car, wearing that watch, etc. Even if you just have a large following on social media, people, regular people, today are getting free stuff from it.

So you have a privileged class of people that then become the idea; "The American Dream". The brochure for this dream doesn't tell you what it takes to run that circus behind the scenes. The side facing the consumer is pretty and well manicured. Behind the scenes you don't know if its slave labor, child labor, forced prison or camp labor, etc. And America has been like that since cotton and the time of slavery. So almost from the beginning. Breaking from the crown came with a vacuum of power that new people could seize and be corrupted by. Once that power was seized it was exploited.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/27/2020 10:30:19 AM

This goes back to the essential foundational question in genesis which is "do you eat the fruit or not"? Do you destroy yourself in the long run (everlasting life, or generational legacy of birthing an infinite number of offspring) in order for a sweet but temporary reward? Or do you avoid that pleasure or privilege because it will be better for society. And this is where I feel like we need more understanding when it comes to how we love each other as human beings because most people, including me, will take the fruit when offered. If the fruit is hanging on a tree far away, we may not venture out of our way to go to that fruit. Some certainly will. But most people, when offered... because we're talking about power in different forms... will consume it. Even if you think you wont, if you haven't had the temptation then you don't know. Human nature "capitalizes" on opportunity. You can call it exploitation but it is written into our DNA because in evolution, indeed there is a capitalistic element to natural survival because we live in a world of predators and prey.

However... if one truly sees nature in all its glory, predators eat to live. They do not live to eat. Their consumption takes in energy and continues to build their own body and that body can be food for another animal. There is balance and harmony in nature. There is both chaos and order. The chaos is created by freedom but the order is created by necessity. If animals ate too much what would happen? They may run out of that species so either them or their offspring would have nothing to eat and would starve. We humans think we're so smart but ignore nature and fall into traps most animals don't fall into.

If you're a tiger. Be a tiger. If you're a tiger and you live in the wild, you must, to some extent, accept the skin you're in and the environment around you. A penguin can't pack up and move to Texas. It wouldn't survive. The problem is that in capitalism some lean to be tigers while others learn to be gazelles and the gazelles and zebras are just running. They eat what they can but they get lean and muscular from running away. If they didn't run they would be more like a cow. Cow just sits there waiting to die. So no matter what you think of the system you have to have to choose how to live in it. I complain about it. But I choose complain while exploiting it for my benefit, knowing that it is trying to exploit me at the same time. The more I can exploit it the better the balance, the better the "Debt to income" ratio. You need more money going into your family than going out.

If you want to be poor I don't understand that but you can do what you want. It's your one life. If you allow the system to only take from you without you taking something back then you are allowing yourself to be exploited... prostituted... enslaved. The playing field isn't level. However, it's level enough that our people can be competitive in the world; in capitalism. That doesn't mean we have to worship or like it. I hate it. Selfishly, I might hate it a lot less if I was rich though. And that's the thing. When people see a pathway to fame or fortune, it often motivates them to rise to higher heights to the point we call them stars. Bob Marley was a champion of the poor and one of my idols; a star I feel is justified and worthy of that high level of respect. His estate, according to Forbes, continues to generate more than $20 million a year, making Bob Marley one of the highest paid deceased celebrities. The estimated family fortune is worth more than $100 million.

So understand... the fruit is there. Most people are going to take it. But taking it isn't the end of the story. The question is what do you do with power once you have it? Do you simply enrich yourself or do you seek to help others as well as yourself? Maybe a good family would do more good than a government given the same amount of money to distribute. But do you take the money and run with it? Or do you take some and try to give back; even trying to use some of your power to influence the system to make it even a little bit better, even a little bit more fair, even a little bit more just. But is that your responsibility? Or is it the responsibility of everyone in that system... that social ecosystem.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/27/2020 10:30:29 AM

I see a lot of followers wanting and waiting to be saved instead of becoming and giving birth to the saviors. We should be constantly becoming and giving birth to the solution. If it isn't us, then we must create a better version of us, more educated, more talented, more advanced, more advantaged, more loved, healthier, happier, etc. As the saying goes, those who cannot do, teach. Program your children to excel and escape any poverty you might have lived in so that their children don't know that life, and their children can be millionaires and billionaires. Because we need them too. We them to have great credit and build schools, help fuel our banks, and do all the things that whites do in order to give their own the same advantages we should all want for our children.

This system is like a game we're all forced to play. The game is easy to some while others constantly throw the controller down, wanting to give up. But if you simply give up and your life changes nothing... then you doom your children to the same fate. So you can't give up. You have to try to make things better for your children so that they can play and they can win. And if you can't change the system you have to change yourself and your children so that they can adapt. How dare you not teach your children about finance and investment? How dare you not teach your children about money and debt? How dare you let them get credit cards under the belief that it's free money? How dare you let them go bankrupt? This is not a good game. At all. That doesn't mean you get to not play.

Driving last night, my girlfriend and my kids, one of the songs we played was "I believe I can fly" by R. Kelly. Powerful and inspiring song. Right after I turned the volume down and spoke to my 13 year old. I told her I believe she can fly. And I told her how smart she is and how a lot of kids limit themselves to the jobs they knew as children. They limit themselves to what they see. It would have been nice if I used more of the song lyrics (now that I think about it) to talk about how height affects our vision of what we can see and still looking up to aim higher. Maybe I'll remember that for the next talk. But also, I feel like if my kids didn't see success from me than my encouragement would be more hollow. Like how are you going to tell me to do something you weren't even close to doing? And how can you help me reach higher when you couldn't help yourself at all? That's why it has to start with us.

The answer to capitalism isn't communism or socialism. The answer is balance. How quickly you achieve anything is a measure of how much energy/work you put in. I mean... to some degree, it's physics. It takes energy to do things. The people at the top have more leverage. If the people at the bottom want to change the system they have gain more leverage; getting to the top if they have to. But once you get there... once you eat that fruit... do you even still want it to change? Or are you so comfortable that you simply find it easier to accept until you remember what it was like before and what it is like for other people you know? The more we care about each other the more "liberal" ideas we have; even for those who have money. They have enough that they want the government to use more funds for better housing and schools and healthcare, not necessarily for them because they can afford it; but in order to change the system to be more fair to others.

My father grew up in the country, in St. Thomas Jamaica. He believed in education. He would have made Marcus Garvey and H.I.M both proud. He truly was a man who did well and was successful in life, not because he became rich or famous because he didn't. But it's because he invested himself and gained power for both himself, his family, his church, and his community. He wasn't outspoken on anything. He simply raised a loudmouth who is. And I wouldn't be anything today if it wasn't for him being who he was. I am an upgraded version of him and I hope my children will be an upgrade version of me. But this system allowed my father to do this because it was able to provide opportunities that he was able to take advantage of. Many people don't even know what opportunities exist. They don't see them so they don't exist in their world. There is a PROBLEM when ALL you see is "Babylon" and you distrust even the very thing meant to save your very life; whether it's education provided by the government, or healthcare. Babylon still has many problems. Big problems. But is constantly changing. And we are all part of it. If you choose not to vote, not to turn those gears and pull those levers, you deserve whatever you get. Because the power the system gave you to change it, you rejected. If you don't like the system why would you do that? Why would you give up and reject that power to have any voice or any say? You just want to chant down Babylon from afar? That doesn't work. You can't move a mountain by breathing on it. Individually we can't do much. That's why we have to work together for the changes we want. Many countries have already found areas of life in which to bring in more ideas from socialism to try and bring their capitalism further into balance. It's not enough but it's a start to ease people's pain and suffering.

And then you have to "rise up".... wise up and rise up. Become the judges. Become the politicians. Become the police officers. Become all these things so that you can fundamentally change and make them better. In black America we are not just entertainers. We are doctors and lawyers. We are janitors and barbers. We are senators and presidents. We are anchormen and journalists. We are producers and agents. We are police officers and tax preparers. We are mechanics and engineers. We fight fires. We drive trucks. We build buildings and bridges. There's no limit to what we can be. But we must continue to rise.

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 8/26/2020 6:26:26 AM

Blessed I

It was better when Ethiopia was ruled by HIS IMPERIAL MAGESTY. When looking at the success of a system, then capitalism is far better than the forcible ways and systems. Like in China, they have ruled by communists and they don't have freedom of speech and religion or belief. Their way of life is forced on them by the government.

In capitalist countries, everyone must be free. There must not be racist or discrimination. If InI want to sell I herb then Babylon must not discriminate InI way of life.

Capitalism is to trade fairly.

So I trade I herb for some fruit or other thing the I have to swap.

Under the forcible ways like Zimbabwe where the food just became expensive and the paper money was opposed to what the I say not worth it.

With forcible ways and systems, when Ethiopia got ruled by the communists, many Ethiopians died. Millions died because of communism. I and I apologize for promoting Zimbabwe as an example. InI should look at Incient Israel Ethiopia. When the Kings was ruling Africa. The communists killed the kings. The kings put all righteous on the right and those that rebelled they put on the left. The left ended up killing the king. Fire burn the communists!

Haile Selassie I is King and ruler of this universe. We are all made free in JAH Ras TafarI image. We are all made Kings and Queens, rulers of our own way of life. We can trade fairly and swap things reasonably.

Capitalism just makes it easier for InI to deal with the sick and those that have cash and want herbs or other things.

Just no racism and discrimination against InI way of life and we Irie.

Also InI get to be respectful equally to treat every I King and Queen. And not slave or servant for the communists.

At least don't be racist and don't discriminate against I way of life. Capitalism can treat us all equally and fairly. It is proven to create jobs and benefit for all races.

A King and Queen rules InI and InI is also Kings and Queens. Therefore InI must be free to trade I ganjah and not be slaves under a communist enemy that enslaves human beings and deprives them of the rights and freedom.

All races should enjoy trade openly and live together.

More fyah for the communists because of killing millions of Ethiopians under their evil wickedness!

People in Hong Kong are saying they want to be free. They saying it was better when they were a British colony than being oppressed by China.

Lots of places where people say capitalism gives I a better way of life.

Render unto Caesar what belongs to Caesar and give to JAH what belongs to JAH.

Stay Blessed stay Irie


Messenger: Geez Che Sent: 8/26/2020 7:01:23 AM

The question is really between democracy and monarchy, theocracy and republic,

I will quote HIM from an interview already published on this forum:

"Q.: Your Majesty, of all the monarchs still occupying their thrones you are the one that has ruled longest. Moreover, in an age that has seen the ruinous downfall of so many kings, you are the only absolute monarch. Do you ever feel lonely in a world so different from the one you grew up in?

A.: It is Our opinion that the world hasn’t changed at all. We believe that such changes have modified nothing. We don't even notice any difference between monarchies and republics: To Us they appear two substantially similar methods of governing a nation. Well, tell Us: What is the difference between a republic and a monarchy?

Q.: Actually, Your Majesty, ... I mean to me, it appears that in republics where democracy reigns the leader is elected. But in monarchies he isn't.

A.: We don't see where the difference lies.

Q.: Never mind, Your Majesty. What is your opinion of democracy?

A.: Democracy, republic: What do these words signify? What have they changed in the world? Have men become better, more loyal, kinder? Are the people happier? All goes on as before, as always. Illusions, illusions.

Besides, one should consider the interests of a nation before subverting it with words. Democracy is necessary in some cases and We believe some African peoples might adopt it. But in other cases it is harmful, a mistake."

The market is a democracy but like all democracies it is not perfect. There is in fact no perfect democracy, a mathematical fact known as Arrow's Theorem, named after the 20th Century mathematician Kenneth Arrow.

When Marx was writing about Capitalism the democracy of the market in Britain was very unfair,

That was over a hundred years ago,

Revolutions have occurred to correct democracies and monarchies time and time again,

InI must deal with reality as it is now.

Give thanks.

Messenger: Geez Che Sent: 8/26/2020 12:49:13 PM

I think if we analyse Capitalism in the 21st Century from a Marxian perspective, many more people have some ownership of the means of production, at least as far as the knowledge economy goes, if not the physical economy, but advanced capital remains concentrated in the hands of the few, and this gap has been perhaps widening. This is just my perception, I don't know how accurate it is.

Give thanks.

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