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Messenger: Cedric Sent: 7/5/2020 6:16:57 PM

Blessed Love Idren

Data worth more than oil.

What are InI doing to protect InI data from babylon?

Do InI try live Ital in virtual reality as well? Do InI Iditate on the many forms which babylon takes our data and uses it to better target InI?

Do InI sight that every time InI click on a link or become another "view" we put dollars in someones pocket? Most often babylon's pocket?

I have reasoned a little about this off topic on other posts, but I man want to start reasoning about it here.

They building a profile for InI. Right now I think InI are blind to it in a big way.


Messenger: Kiwiman Sent: 7/6/2020 3:45:55 AM

Many thanks Cedric

I recently acquire much more gigabyte than I ever have before and went ballistic on click click clickity click.
Govt give me much gigabyte for very cheap, an many poor peoples here get cheap gigabyte now.

Like Obama-phone which was free mobile phones to homeless and poor people in USA, around 12 years ago I tink.
'Obama-phone' code for govt geolocator in pocket an also spy in you [and your friends] voice box and mind thoughts.

Cedric, its a hard one because here we are talking about the man while the man is listening in.

Old time ascetic would poor wax in their ears, gouge out their eyeballs so as to not be tempted by Babylon image and sound.

Maybe saying 'be in this world but not of this world' could be useful?

Recently I want to throw away tell-vision and now after too much gigabyte, IanI want to go back to just 1gb a month.

1gb a month is enough, maybe even too much.

Like ital livity, moderation, Jah bless.

Maybe if Rasta have no data trail at all, Babylon make life even harder for Rasta, believe Rasta hiding someting, acting suspiciously lol

All the while Rasta just feeling Irie in the sunshine talking with the birds in the tree.

Praise Jah and Praise Creation

Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 7/6/2020 8:24:34 AM

Greetings Idren,

True what the I say, "They building a profile for InI. Right now I think InI are blind to it in a big way."

Ever heard of China's "social credit system"? The United States has similar things going on. Every click and every purchase with a debit/credit card, or any and all activity online; all data they be collecting. And all the biometric technology popping off; facial recognition aand such.

And they build and discover the algorithms that are created with all that data. It builds a map for them. Or more like they can see what kind of web people weave, the patterns of their actions, social interactions, and purchaces.

Here is quote from the document, "Quiet Weapons for Silent Wars". It was written in 1979, computers and technology have come along way since then:
"Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars
Page 25
the technical coefficients governing the economic structure of the hypothetical single-
household industry...
Notice in the industry flow diagram that the values for the flows A, B, C, etc. are
accessible to measurement in terms of selling prices and total sales of commodities.
One method of evaluating the technical coefficients of the household industry depends
upon shocking the prices of a commodity and noting the changes in the sales of all of the

Economic Shock Testing
In recent times, the application of Operations Research to the study of the public economy has been obvious for anyone who understands the principles of shock testing.

In the shock testing of an aircraft airframe, the recoil impulse of firing a gun mounted on that airframe causes shock waves in that structure which tell aviation engineers the conditions under which some parts of the airplane or the whole airplane or its wings will
start to vibrate or flutter like a guitar string, a flute reed, or a tuning fork, and disintegrate or fall apart in flight.
Economic engineers achieve the same result in studying the behavior of the economy and the consumer public by carefully selecting a staple commodity such as beef, coffee, gasoline, or sugar, and then causing a sudden change or shock in its price or availability, thus kicking everybody's budget and buying habits out of shape.

They then observe the shock waves which result by monitoring the changes in advertising, prices, and sales of that and other commodities.

The objective of such studies is to acquire the know-how to set the public economy into a predictable state of motion or change, even a controlled self-destructive state of motion which will convince the public that certain "expert" people should take control of the
money system and reestablish security (rather than liberty and justice) for all. When the subject citizens are rendered unable to control their financial affairs, they, of course, become totally enslaved, a source of cheap labor.

Not only the prices of commodities, but also the availability of labor can be used as the means of shock testing. Labor strikes deliver excellent tests shocks to an economy, especially in the critical service areas of trucking (transportation), communication, public utilities (energy, water, garbage collection), etc.

By shock testing, it is found that there is a direct relationship between the availability of money flowing in an economy and the real psychological outlook and response of masses of people dependent upon that availability.

For example, there is a measurable quantitative relationship between the price of gasoline and the probability that a person would experience a headache, feel a need to watch a violent movie, smoke a cigarette, or go to a tavern for a mug of beer.

It is most interesting that, by observing and measuring the economic models by which the public tries to run from their problems and escape from reality, and by applying the mathematical theory of Operations Research, it is possible to program computers to predict the most probable combination of created events (shocks) which will bring about
a complete control and subjugation of the public through a subversion of the public economy (by shaking the plum tree)."

Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 7/6/2020 8:24:38 AM

Woops posted my post multiple times...


Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 7/6/2020 8:24:38 AM

Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 7/6/2020 8:24:40 AM

Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 7/6/2020 8:24:41 AM

Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 7/6/2020 8:41:45 AM

*I didn't mean to copy that first paragraph that I quoted. Best to start reading it where it says "Economic Shock Testing"

Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 7/6/2020 10:14:07 AM

Here's a quote from an article about social credit and their data collecting:


Nobody likes antisocial, violent, rude, unhealthy, reckless, selfish, or deadbeat behavior. Whatís wrong with using new technology to encourage everyone to behave?

The most disturbing attribute of a social credit system is not that itís invasive, but that itís extralegal. Crimes are punished outside the legal system, which means no presumption of innocence, no legal representation, no judge, no jury, and often no appeal. In other words, itís an alternative legal system where the accused have fewer rights.

Social credit systems are an end-run around the pesky complications of the legal system. Unlike Chinaís government policy, the social credit system emerging in the U.S. is enforced by private companies. If the public objects to how these laws are enforced, it canít elect new rule-makers.

An increasing number of societal ďprivilegesĒ related to transportation, accommodations, communications, and the rates we pay for services (like insurance) are either controlled by technology companies or affected by how we use technology services. And Silicon Valleyís rules for being allowed to use their services are getting stricter.

If current trends hold, itís possible that in the future a majority of misdemeanors and even some felonies will be punished not by Washington, D.C., but by Silicon Valley. Itís a slippery slope away from democracy and toward corporatocracy.

In other words, in the future, law enforcement may be determined less by the Constitution and legal code, and more by end-user license agreements."

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/6/2020 8:04:56 PM

Data is mostly only valuable for commercial purposes, but you should be aware and practice some safety precautions.

Your data really isn't valuable to most people unless it's in bulk. There is a certain percentage of people who view any advertisement, that are likely to buy. Data is just a means to an end. What they want is your money. The data simply tells them how to get it more efficiently. This is "big data".

They have been selling this for years and if you have been using social media there's no point in worrying about big data because they already have yours.

Your data exists in a variety of different databases. For example, people could find a lot about me based on my Amazon purchases and wish lists but its not necessarily tied to other databases. If someone commits a crime then virtually any database could be subpoena'd so that they could then find out whatever they needed to know about you. But other than that most companies keep most of your data private. They are required to tell you when your data can be shared with a 3rd party. And when you accept terms of service you are agreeing to it.

New rules are coming into play though so security standards are changing on the side of more protection for your data. But the threat from hackers is bigger than the threat from governments and corporations in my opinion.

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