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~The color of your skin~

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Messenger: ZenPan Sent: 6/13/2020 9:50:36 PM

To my basic understanding, the khazarians did had allot of influence and managed to change the human course, to compete and fight each other because of skin color. There is nothing like black, white or brown. We are all human beings. The issue of colours was introduced by people that are so wicked. These so-called satanic agents can’t fool me, because I know we are all unigue under the sun and the moon. Osho stated ‘’ nobody is superior, nobody is inferior, but no body is equal ei-ther. People are simple unigue, incomparable’’ Therefore my vow is in unigueness of each individual and I will never be a slave to colour. There is only one Race and that is the human Race with different colors and flowers in the garden. Black, White, Red Indies, German eye or nose, Asians, South and North Americans, Caribbeans, European's, Africans , Catalonians and Biafrans are all from existence/godliness. Being a slave to non-sense colour comes from one own misunderstan-ding. JAH JEHOVAH YAHWEH is not black or neither white.

ᅠ;;Color can be a hang up, but only because of the racism that was born out of colonialism, classism, and racism. Not because the oppressed can find comfort in seeing through the indoctrination of and misrepresentation of the African origins of Christianity. Before we do away with race and color talk, let’s get right into the root of this problem, this small elite group called Sabbateans persisted until at least the second decade of the nineteenth century. It operated clandestinely, created false borders, european imposed countries, tribes, and regulations to further enslave mankind.
Haile Selassie said, until this happens there will be war and perpetual fear and loathing of one man against those that they see as other.ᅠ;;;;;

History tells us that we all come from the african primordial mother womb yemaja, Goddes of the ocean. So let us all give thanks that we come from the beautifull divine mother who is linked to our cosmic origins and the mysteries of the universe itself.

Hidden history shows, that the Sabbateans influenced and used the arabs to start the African atlantic slave trade. later on they inspired the european christian leaders and catholic leaders to follow the arabs example. So see for yourself throughout the window in life, facts are; Africans are killing Africans, Europeans are killing europeans and asian people are killing fellow asian people. How can that be the solution, if we dont unite together as one? Now that we are talking abouth this gruesome history, this Satanic mafia khazars, hides under the umbrella of Judaism and benefits from unrest into chaos. By `` divide and conquer politics `` do give the world a opinion and they put the Russians on against the Europeans and the Americans and vice versa, with the aim that the whites kill each other off. (see kalergi plan) The Khazars have absolutely hate to the ancient Babylonians, Akkadians and dietse peoples, the Sumerians and the tribes of Israel. They want to eradicate the whites and one of their priorities is to set up the Muslims against the white and black Christians, in order to deposit with the world into chaos WW III as ultimate endpoint. The Khazars want their old Kingdom again and that can only by taking over Russia with militairy action. Only then they can occupy and inhabit the Ukraine and the Crimea again.

Leonardo Da Vinci who used his talent, painted Christ-like to spread the Gospel- GoodNews through art. Until the evil sabbateans on purpose mis interpreted his REALISTIC painting to deceive the worlds population (Revelations 12). If you say he was black or white then paint your version. Until today there is no direct evidence that jesus walked on the earth. The Khazarians created a world race to make people compete and be devided.

Lets take a message and look beyond race please. First man and woman was neither black or white. The world was one big piece of land and over time the rivers divided the land. Our skins changed and adapted to the environment and climate conditions over years. People in cold and icy places have ligtht skins because of the exposure of the climate conditions. People in Africa especially near equator have darker skins because of the hot climate conditons and the enviroment. Human body feature adapted through ages e.g people living in the desert and icy places where there no much of green field have bigger nostrils to inhale as much oxygen as required for their bodies. This adaptability takes thousands of years. We are all one people originated from one source and that is existence thats why we can make babies with nutural skin colour without any complications. the most high is trying to show us that we are one. The skin is just a pigment.

The food that we eat in that particular environment have ability to alter our skins depending on the environment to protect our cells. Dark skin occured to must the harshness of the African sun. You even put shade sometimes so that you can protect your eyes. That's that's what nature does for our skins. Let's unite and fight these evil khazarians in flesh form who is dividing the world through race, and religion and politics. We are all equal before our existence, sun, moon, stars, father, mother, brother and sister! or choose the creator of your choice.

as asked to osho: Are not different races of man really and basically different?

man essentially is the same, but essentially, intrinsically, centrally. On the circumference he is not the same, and there are millions of varieties. In fact, it is not a question of different races ... no two individuals are alike, how can the whole humanity be alike? People have lived in different climates in different situations, facing different challenges; of course they have grown different circumferences, different minds. As far as minds are concerned people are different, and each race has a certain kind of mind.

But the difference is only in the mind and mind is not very substantial; it is a shadow. Your shadow is different than my shadow, but the difference is only of the shadow. In fact, my own shadow is not the same the whole day: in the morning it is different, in the evening it is different, in the afternoon it is different.

Only one thing can unite the whole humanity, and that is meditation.

Only one thing can make the whole earth a family and that is meditation. All other religions have been quarreling and they will go on quarreling; they have divided humanity. There are three hundred religions in the world, and these are the big ones; there are small sects and sub-sects. If you count them all then it will come to near about thirty thousand -- but three hundred divisions in humanity And they all look at each other as sinners.

No Christian believes that anybody else than the Christians can ever enter paradise. On the last Day of Judgment you will be sorted out, who are the Christians and who are not the Christians. And the same is the idea of the Jains and the Hindus and the Mohammedans. Everybody will be sorted out. Mohammedans will go to heaven and the non-Mohammedans, the kafirs, they will go to hell. And Hindus have a birthright of course, they are the most religious people, the most sacred people on the earth. And so are the Jews, the chosen people of God; nobody has been chosen by God except the Jews. These are all egoistic ideas.

But on the circumference people differ In their philosophies, in their ideologies, in their moralities in their minds, they are bound to be different. But as far as the essential core is concerned they are one.

our shadow changes; even your own shadow is never the same. Every race has its own shadow. In other words, every race has its own history. In still other words, every race has its own mind ...the past. Of course, the past of the Jews is not the past of the Hindus. How they can have the same kind of mind? They cannot. The past of the Christians is not the past of the Jains. How they can have the same kind of mind? That is impossible.

But these differences are only on the circumference, remember. At the center, the consciousness is the same. Whether your skin is black or white or yellow or red, it does not matter. It is only a question of a few color pigments; it is not much worth either. In fact, between a black Negro and a very very white man the difference is only of such a little pigment of color, worth four cents only, not more than that. And remember, the Negro has four cents' more pigment than the white men; he is far richer, he is not poorer in that way. The white man is poorer in that way. But the difference of skin and the color is not the difference of consciousness.

all colors of the color spectrumn exist within dark light. Dark matter and white light can't exist without each other. It is just an picture, the inkt is black and the page is white together we learn to read and write. Instead let´s talk abouth the beautifull colors of the universe and to keep childlike wonder alive in adulthood.
-Scientists Have Figured Out What Color The Universe Is-
Looking up at the sky on a chilly fall night, the universe looks like a big black curtain dotted by pearls of ivory and glimmers of sparkling diamond white. in reality, those tiny spots of light represent the actual average color of the cosmos. We are cosmic people from different parts of the world. The scientists who discovered the average color of the universe named it Cosmic Latte. Alternative titles included Cappuccino Cosmico, Skyvory, and Big Bang Buff.

Don't let that blind color fool you, however. If we were to take the same light, but instead of looking at it all at once (which gave us the average we saw above), put it through a prism, it would produce a rainbow of nearly all of the colors we see here on Earth, from deep violet to ruby red. Prisms work by separating the visible light into the different colors of the electromagnetic spectrum, resulting in the characteristic rainbow of colors. A prism separating all the visible light from the universe would give us a slightly different spectrum than the one we're used to.
To get a picture of all of that light, scientists looked at data from a large light survey of more than 200,000 galaxies. Then they built what they call "Cosmic Spectrum," to represent the sum of all of the energy in the universe that is emitted at different wavelengths of light.

Messenger: patsm00re18 Sent: 6/13/2020 10:45:38 PM

Full correspondence may stay a removed objective, yet the sexual orientation fairness development has gained extensive ground universally. The equivalent can't be said of racial equity. Crusades will in general stay territorial or national, as opposed to worldwide, because of the intricacy of ethnicity and the nuanced idea of racial classifications. Just like how equal you pic any games between pubg on pc and avakin life

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