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Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 7/17/2020 12:26:49 AM

I dont believe in same pay for everyone.(UBI) That sound like a dead end road and taking away freedom of both the marketplace and these who work and run it. We shall reap what we sow, every man shall get his pay according to the work he has done. Bun out vain imagination. Lazy fools ones should not be paid the same as the most diligent and wise.

Hear the words of HIS MAJESTY and stop this Marxist bumboclot
"Every labourer is a father, his labour is his child. Choose your project carefully and achieve it worthily.

Once a person has decided upon his life work and is assured that in doing the work for which he is best endowed and equipped, he is filling a vital need, what he then needs, is faith and integrity, compiled with courageous spirit so that no longer preferring himself to the fulfilment of his task, he may address himself to the problems he must solve in order to be effective.

Rich and poor have always existed and always will.

Why? Because there are those that work and those that don't, those that wish to earn their living and those that prefer to do nothing.

Those that work, that want to work, are not poor. For it is true that Our Lord the Creator sends us into the world as equals, but it is also true that when one is born one is neither rich nor poor. One is naked.

It is later on that one becomes rich or poor, according to one's desserts.

Yes, we too are aware that giving alms serves no useful purpose. For there is only one means to solve the poverty problem. work.

We have said that whoever doesn't work because he doesn't want to is poor. We have said that wealth has to be gained through hard work. We have said those who don't work starve. And now We add that the capacity to earn depends on the individual: Each individual is responsible for his misfortunes, his fate. It is wrong to expect help to fall from above, as a gift: Wealth has to be deserved. Work is one of the commandments of Our Lord the Creator!

If each and everyone endeavours to cooperate and work in as much as his capacity permits, our faith rests upon the Almighty God that he would bless the results for us.

It is not sufficient simply to see and admire the natural beauty and fertility of Ethiopia.

It is our obligation to work upon and benefit from this country whose fertile soil has been granted us by the Almighty God. We have to gain honour and pride for the country.

Whatever the task may be, man may begin it but he cannot complete it, unless God sustains and supports him. If he fails to accomplish the task on which he has set out, having worked to the best of his ability, he is not to be maligned by being called lazy."

-King Of Kings Haile Selassie The 1st

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 7/17/2020 7:08:43 PM

Blessed Love Idren

IPXninja, Bless up and give thanks for another informative post. I man have only heard of idea banks in name, I have not really studied them or how they could relate to co-ops. Give thanks for incorporating co-ops into the Iís examples, and sharing the Iís knowledge on the subject. On another note, as the I has stated that the I works in IT, I think it carries extra weight when the I tries to warn InI of the increasing possibility that InI livelihood may be forever impacted, altered, or destroyed by a robot labor force.

Jessep86, I think robot labor was ultimately the reason IPXninja included support for UBI. I man not trying to respond for any of the Iís. I sight babylonís endless search for profits at the expense of InI lives will inevitably lead to a world that robots do as much as possible, if not all, labor for humanity.

Give thanks for sharing the quote from HIM Haile Selassie I promoting hard work that InI must do. This idea should be taken to heart for InI, and InI should Iditate on this frequently. Not to mention Itinually sighting reverence for HIM Haile Selassie I guidance.

InI blessed to still live in a world where InIís physical works can support Iself and InIís families. If InI are far sighted and sight babylonís operations before they are downpon InI, we can get a head start to defend against their program. Sometimes far sighted Idrens can seem to contradict HIM Haile Selassie I, but I donít think InI should blame Idren for sharing warnings that they might see on InI horizon. If babylon society die-gress in their technological advancements, while perfecting their ability to continue subjugation of InI without crossing InIís breaking point, they will create a society where InI will either need to be computer programers for their program, living somewhere on this earth totally self sufficient and without needing to pay into their shytstem to live in that location, or InI will starve, or be imprisoned, or worse. At that point, it will be too late for hard work or the potentially troubling notion of picking oneself up by their bootstraps, because InI will be further entrapped in a program that InI have no representation in. If that time ever comes to pass, I think it would be good for InI to have worked for the groundwork of UBI to become a reality.

This again goes to prove the european world-view that promotes the untrue notion of limited resources and required competition is inadequate for InI. It is completely designed for benefit of the 1%. It has 0% benefit to any other person living on this earth.

The earth and Nature is bountiful in its gifts to InI. InI would not have to work to live if the prevalent world-view could acknowledge these facts, InI could instead live to work! Think of what InI could accomplish! Think of the creativity that InI would be allowed in arts, science, health, food, study, life, etc. That is what true harmony in Nature represents to I man. The lack of that reality is being perpetuated by a failed world view that tries to keep InI oblivious of truth.


Messenger: Kiwiman Sent: 7/17/2020 10:29:21 PM

Many lazy people not lazy of their own making.
Many have invisible disorder.

In nature when sub optimal animal or bird be born, nature come and wipe them away. Maybe this sub optimal animal say 'bloody babylon!' lol

If you are weak and the system that made you weak, exposed your ancestors to toxic chemical in babylon factory or slavery job,

that system owe it to you and your children to make things ok for you and your family.

You would never have been lazy if these babylon events not occur long time ago.

However, many can do better for themselves for sure

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