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I wanna talk about black people acting combatively in police encounters, making things 10x worse.

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Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 5/31/2020 11:56:02 AM

Take this video for example...

Ignore the text and go to the second video. It's the long version where on the 911 call she is threatening to shoot the cops, which the dispatcher relayed to the cops. After they tackle her, the cop explains to the boyfriend that she flung something at him with a spoon and that's why he waited for backup to arrest her. As they move in, she tries to retreat into the house where they know she has a gun, so they tackle her and in the process her teeth get broken. Now it is being shared far and wide as a case of police brutality, but she did everything in her power to get brutalized, by some stroke of luck only losing some teeth. Did he decide to read his emails in her driveway because she was black?

Seems like a better reason to share it would be to say, "Kids, don't be like this idiot if you get stopped by police." I don't think most black parents do that. I've been arrested multiple times hanging with more trailer trash higher-criminality groups of white friends, and NEVER have I seen anyone sit there refusing to cooperate with every request, or struggling against arrest and yelling "GET OFF ME" when they pull the handcuffs out, or actively fighting police. This is a STUPID way to handle it! In white circles, sure you run from police, in an extreme case you might even kill police, but when you're CAUGHT by police, you just know you're caught, there isn't this weird entitlement where you think a cop isn't legally allowed to arrest you. During the encounter isn't the time to fight that fight!

So... anybody understand this "GET OFF ME" mentality? I only understand, "Whatever you say, boss. You tell me lie flat on my stomach, I'm there in half a second." It's really just WEIRD to me.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 5/31/2020 2:35:56 PM

First of all, this shouldn’t read as “black people acting combatively in police encounters” but “PEOPLE acting combatively”... This reaction / interaction is not race dependent. It happens all over the place with all kinds of people in all kinds of communities.

Secondly; I believe it was during the Obama administration that police were widely equipped with body cameras to document what was seen as an unusually high amount of deaths at the hands of police and hopefully lead to more prosecutions of police brutality.. Instead, what was found was that 90% of the shootings and deadly force were justified because people were CLEARLY shown to be attacking using deadly weapons against police.

There are 1000’s of videos on YouTube showing the situations police are put in. This is one that I find extremely pertinent to your post..

In this video, a white man is being question about a robbery attempt at a restaurant. The police find him in the bathroom and escort him outside to talk. With a relaxed body posture and no sign of pending violence, he reaches in his back waist band and pulls out a pistol, swinging it around to shoot the female officer point blank.. before he can get a shot off, the male officer pushes him back and fatally shoots him. Afterwards it was found that the man was only wielding a BB gun.. Now think about that, in a split second a seemingly cooperating man turns to violence and the officer must react accordingly. I step back and think what the hell was that guy thinking? Surely he knew he only had a BB gun and couldn’t inflict any damage or get away.. Was this suicide by cop? Not sure.. Now imagine rolling up to a scene where someone has made it very clear that they do not intend to “go quietly” and what position that puts an officer in from the start..

NONE OF THIS is to paint Cops as the victims in the MANY instances where non violent people are killed via police brutality. It happens A LOT. But there is a reason why the vast majority of deaths at the hands of police don’t make a media splash.. And body cams have shown why.

The recent situation of George Floyd was particularly brutal and a completely unnecessary use of force. I am in full support of the peaceful protests for this tragedy.. Not the riots that have cost several more people their lives already and only serves to make police even more on edge. There is a video of police in Chicago being attacked and dragged through the streets by a mob of violent rioters... This does nothing but promise more and more violence and deaths by police..

This thing comes full circle. People are so saturated with seeing this police brutality highlighted and politicized by the media that they feel any interaction with police will cost them their lives, act nervous and on edge in these interactions and cause the officers to be on edge as well.. Each interaction is different and the circumstances vary wildly. Sometimes people are completely cooperative and still end up being brutalized and killed (like George Floyd) but this is very much the minority of cases. It’s just that these ones get ALL the media attention and cause people to carry signs saying “All cops are bad” and have black people calling black officers traitors to their people and communities.. It’s extremely sad that this is the current landscape. We need better trust between communities and their police officers.. Not sure if that will ever happen tho. This crap happens all too often, and the media capitalizes off of it.. The system wants this destruction and works to make it happen.

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 5/31/2020 9:01:41 PM

Gotta admit, when I saw your name on my post, I expected you to make an ass of yourself, but I didn't roll my eyes once. I feel a little bit let down now.

I respect that any race can pose a threat to police, but the video you showed doesn't really show an example of the type of combativeness I'm talking about. Like, he doesn't squirm around and refuse to leave the bathroom, yelling "I didn't do anything!" and have to get dragged out while screaming at the top of his lungs, messing up everyone's dining experience. I guess I've seen videos of crazy white women reacting that way, but it's like two videos, and will be an obvious mental patient or something.

I bet a huge aspect of this is mental disorders going undiagnosed and possibly being more prevalent in the black community. PTSD, etc. That could explain the disparity.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 5/31/2020 9:16:57 PM

“Gotta admit, when I saw your name on my post, I expected you to make an ass of yourself, but I didn't roll my eyes once. I feel a little bit let down now.“

Weird flex but okay.. You’ll find I make a lot since most of the time... besides the point.

“I bet a huge aspect of this is mental disorders going undiagnosed and possibly being more prevalent in the black community. PTSD, etc. That could explain the disparity.”

So you’re saying that black peoples *tendency* to react more “combatively” is based in a higher rate of mental disorders within the population?? Hmm.. can’t say I agree with this one bit. Or the video you just linked in the George Floyd thread. Why are you being these things up? If you want to know why black people tend to have a disdain for cops, look at the history of this country.. Of course not ALL or even most incidents are or have been drenched in racism but to deny that there have been eras / cases where this is absolutely the case is disingenuous. Not that you have denied that, but I would say THAT is the most logical reason for what you call is a tendency for black people to act out with desperation and occasional combativeness towards police confrontations... Maybe this is what you meant by saying PTSD, but idk.

You seem to be on some other shit with this..

Just saying

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 5/31/2020 10:41:38 PM

Not just racism, but growing up in an environment where there is a lot of violence and danger, and even the black parenting I've seen in my area is very abusive, physically and psychologically. I'm very much about solving these problems, and sometimes it might come off impolite, but these are real issues. To say someone has PTSD isn't an insult, it's a legit medical condition brought about from traumatic experiences.

As for the Garveys response, he was suggesting vigilante justice, and there are already many countries without a heavy police state where this is common. I wanted him to see it and decide if that's what he wants or not. Admittedly it's quite disturbing, but I used the tamest video I could find. Usually I go to sites that show the whole thing.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 6/1/2020 5:56:42 AM

I Overstrand any form of reaction from black people to police aggression. I back a time to wait and a time to attack. Black people will decide the course of action mongst Black people

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 6/1/2020 5:51:09 PM

First of all,

We really cannot play "whataboutism" with every case involving a black person. That's part of the problem. Black people are not a monolith. Our skin does not define our actions, attitude, etc. We're not all violent even if someone keeps using the word "thugs". And we're not all peaceful either. We are people. And some people will always see violence as a solution to what they consider a threat; especially a physical threat.


As the home/property owner you have rights. And black people are supposed to have the same rights as anyone else. The only time your rights are like legally suspended is when you're in custody. This is why you should always ask "Am I under arrest?" and "Am I free to go?" This forces the officer into a legal question where he has to consider if he has enough on you to justify what he's doing.

In the case of this woman, the officer is on her property. She has a right to ask why he's on her property. She did that. But obviously he wouldn't leave or tell her what police business he had there. Police should never be made to feel like they own the place. You have to defend your property. And you can legally shoot anyone on your property if they have no legal right to be there.


If you are black, especially in certain areas of certain cities, it may be extremely threatening seeing a police officer sitting on your property. Because you don't know why they are there or who they might be coming after. It could have been her, her boyfriend, or someone else in her family. You don't know. And all cops act like all cops are good cops so instead of knocking on her door, and giving her the courtesy of letting her know he was there and why, he just acted like her property was his property.


Do we know for sure she threw something? If she did, no that isn't smart. Obviously. And we don't know everything that happened before that. But we do see an officer walking towards her door. They're on her property. At her home. Do I come to your house to do my job? No. If they had no right to be there in the first place they can't just cry about how they were treated. Now you cannot threaten to shoot the police. However, you can shoot anyone who is illegally entering your home and causes you to fear for your life.

Cops really need to think about what they are doing that is threatening to those around them instead of only thinking about what they feel is threatening towards them. They don't know who has a gun or not and that's understandable. But we ALL KNOW THEY DO have guns and what we don't know is when, if, and how they'll use them. If I had a gun and I was truly in fear for my life I would shoot as many others would. You think, no don't because you think that cops always want to bring people in unharmed. That's not true. Some of them are looking for a reason to kill you and who knows what they will consider a threat or what they'll consider resisting arrest. We live in fear of that; terrorized by that, terrorized by the idea that all they have to do is lie and say that they were in fear for their lives so they can get away with murder. It takes a cold blooded person to do that. They are murderers; those who do. And we're allowing them to walk around with a badge and a gun. White people don't really know how dangerous they are because they don't go around looking for excuses to kill other whites. Why would they? But if they are racist, then they have a motivation to take their issues or hunger for destruction, out on brown and black people; especially when they think that person isn't important, wont be missed, is a blight or drain on society, etc. It makes them feel justified. And in reality they're morally worse than those they're killing.

We're trying to tell people how dangerous they are but it hasn't gotten through because its not happening to them. And since they cannot feel the pain we feel, riots create a pain everyone feels. I don't like riots, and especially not looting, but there's a voice in that too.

Messenger: MELCHEZIDEK Sent: 10/28/2020 1:57:09 PM

The real terrorists are in Africa ruling and robbing with corruption those countries. In USA, that looks like normal domestic problems. They are supposed to take down and arrest the real bad guys in Africa and around the world that are pure evil, stealing from and killing innocent people.

Why can't they defeat the real bad guys?

Why do they support terrorists from Africa?

And why do they like shooting someone with dreadlocks?

Something is not right. They shoot someone because of a domestic problem.

Why don't they go after the real terrorists, those in power that be, the corrupt politicians, especially the corrupt politicians of Africa, these are the real terrorists that an African can be.

Not some guy in USA with his house violence. In Africa and around the world, you get these corrupt politicians that are the real terrorists. The USA cops should get that in their heads. It's the corrupt politicians in Africa that are stirring up violence. Not some normal person at their house in domestic violence. And not someone that has dreads. You can't say because a person has dreads he is a racist and a terrorist. That is not true. It was the communists that stole and killed Ras TafarI. So how can I and I be a terrorist.

Be humble I and I.

It's the communists that are in Africa that are the real terrorists. Not the holy religious person.

Please know the difference.

The police must just walk away from such mad people. Now they killed a man with a knife. They could of just go back to their office and eat some snacks.

The real bad guys are the ones that are with guns shooting. Not some domestic problem.

Do you understand what they are doing?

They are not going after the real terrorists in the politics of Africa.

No, they are killing sick, mental, people that they think is you and me.

That's right, I believe it's the Pope coming after I and I.

They won't go after the real threat and terrorists on Africa and ruling the world.

No matter who you vote for, they still will come after you.

It's Rome and will continue to rule the world.

Rome hates innocent Ethiopians and will destroy I and I.

They won't go after the terrorists in power ruling in Africa. They won't go after the corrupt politicians in Africa that are causing innocent people to die.

The world is set up like this and will remain like this. Rome rules and InI will always seem to be an enemy.

Just because you look like I and I they will shoot you dead. Be warned. It's the power that be which is Rome.

They won't go after the real corrupt politicians in Africa, that are the real terrorists.

Instead, they go after innocent or mentally sick individuals that they think is the threat.

The real terrorists are in Africa. These are extremists and radical leftists. Go after the socialist leaders and not some mentally sick individual that the cop thinks is a terrorist.

The real terrorists are the corrupt political leaders in Africa and abroad that are extreme leftists, socialists and murderers. These are the real evilness of this earth.

But they won't go after them because the whole world is corrupt and is of the devil.

Yes I

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