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drinks with alcohol innit

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Messenger: Ras RunMan Sent: 5/27/2020 2:09:21 PM

Hi everyone

InI a rasta and I want to ask what you feel about beer and wine

Rasta normally reject alcohol to the fullness and I look down completely on the intoxication of alcohol, but very rarely do I take a beer for pleasure because I like the taste. I might take a beer once every 2 months and I never drink more than one item. I wanted to ask what your thoughts were on this topic?

And should I stop and blush fire on all drinks with alcohol and why?

Hope you can answer


Messenger: Kiwiman Sent: 5/27/2020 2:39:12 PM

InI make my own Kombucha which has less than 1% alcohol. InI also wanted to start a thread here and ask Rasta about it.

I think the Nazarite vow states that all fermented products be avoided including fermented vegetables [even with no alcohol] is not recommended.

The yeasts that are added to ferment these items break down living cells and create dead things and bacteria in the foods and drinks. Many people consider these unclean foods due to the presence of tiny insect like critters. Some say these improve gut health. But bible talks much about avoiding eating crawling things and unclean foods.

Statistically, those who drink 1 small alcohol a day live longer than those that dont, but I think there is much more to these 'statistics' that babylon tell everyone.

InI prone to excess glutamate, which is an excitatory neurotransmitter. So fermented items and even ripe tomatoes, mushrooms, kiwifruit, oranges tend to unbalance my mind. I avoid onions an garlic too like most serious Hindu and Taoist do.

I think if Ras Runman very serious Rasta, avoiding all things like in the Nazarite vow is best.

But if Rasta is also eating foods that affect the mind like processed foods, caffeine, or meats and onions etc, an alcohol drink now and then is the same

Messenger: Ras RunMan Sent: 5/28/2020 8:03:47 PM

Bless Up Kiwiman

InI still drink coffee as many studies also show that ONE cup of coffee clean your system in a healthy way. I made it with a farmer man in Jamaica straight from the earth so InI donít see it as a problem.

I plant food, but as InI live in a city Its hard for the I to live fully ital. I have to buy food too living in the middle of Babylon, but I try to eat as local and natural as possible.

Messenger: Kiwiman Sent: 5/29/2020 8:18:11 AM

Word Ras Runman.
InI wish it was warm enough here to grow coffee.
InI would grow cacao as InI like cacao. It is the unfermented pre processed raw chocolate.

I remember a coffee manufacturer telling me the very lightly roasted coffee that still looks brown but not the darker roast, is the healthier coffee.

I think it comes down to quantity. Many things are good for Rasta till Rasta have too much.

Messenger: Kiwiman Sent: 5/29/2020 10:54:41 AM

Been thinking.

If person who never drink coffee start drinking one cup of coffee each day, his urine urgency and output would cause loss of many minerals from the body. His mind would become unsettled and prone to anger and incorrect thinking

I dont think babylon coffee fact '1 drink a day is good', is correct but is actually a lie.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 5/29/2020 8:26:18 PM

The key is BALANCE.

When you judge a society and culture you get forced into a box. In that box you tend to treat everyone the same. However, we aren't carbon copies of each other. Some people have allergies and some don't. I can imagine someone allergic to shelfish saying that Israelites shouldn't eat shellfish because it is unclean. And when we talk about unclean foods we should really be talking about bacteria and other microorganisms. During this age of corona I've said a lot on the subject on this site about transmission. Imagine us having the same conversation but without any ventilators at all, no hospitals, maybe a few doctors, but no real medical technology to even dream of a cure or even testing.

Think about that. Just let it sit in your brain for a minute.

That means, if you got corona and your immune system wasn't strong enough you were going to die and possibly take a few others with you. Sickness and disease are not new concepts to the modern world. They had to exist in ancient times. And we know the average life span of humans back in those times was much shorter. I was watching a YT video talking about eternal life and the different types. It was shown logically that even if you couldn't grow old and die, at some point the likelihood of something else killing you would eventually catch up. It might take another 100 years but there are many other ways to die. For people in the ancient world it is more likely that they were easily killed by disease. And so then, the best way to handle those diseases would have been not getting sick in the first place. So if you wanted to write laws that helped keep people safe it would make sense to tell them to avoid things that could spread sickness and disease. And even the allergic reactions to certain foods might look a hell of a lot like a scary virus if people didn't know the difference between that an and allergic reaction. So if you saw an allergic reaction you might assume those foods were unsafe.

I think this is where the idea of "clean" vs "unclean" foods comes from.

Making assumptions based on how something affects one person is based on the idea that it's bad. But it's not bad if it affects different people differently. Each person needs to know their own body and tolerances. Everyone is not the same. So it kills me how we're constantly trying to tell each other what not to eat or drink. The real question is whether that food is good for you, not whether was good for Moses or Muhammad. And as Yeshua said, it is what comes out of your body that defiles you; not what goes in.

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 6/10/2020 1:40:55 PM

Blessed Love Idren

I like to reason on this subject. I personally do not drink any alcohol. I find that the way it affects my thinking and motor skills is not desirable for I.

I sight Kiwiman's reasoning that the Nazarite vow specifically lists not to use wine or strong drink or anything fermented. Even to avoid anything from the vine in case it has fermented on the vine. I sight this includes tomatoes. I have not heard of reasoning by Hindu or Taoists to avoid onions or garlic, I will try learn more about this.

I sight the reasoning that if Rasta lets other foods into the I temple like caffeine, processed foods, meats, than an alcoholic drink in moderation will not be much different. I think any work that InI do to stay healthy and limit harmful chemicals into I temple is beneficial to InI.

I sight IXPninja's reasoning about the origin of the definitions of clean and unclean foods. I sight that each of I need to look inside ourselves and make our own judgments on what is good for I. Not to get off topic but I do think there is good ancient knowledge in the kosher dietary laws that is still accurate today. Specifically on the subject of corona virus. Science tells us at the moment that this new virus origin came from a food market that was dealing with non kosher meats. I don't want to change topic so I will consider posting my reasoning about this in a new topic so we can continue to reason about alcohol drinks here.

Ras RunMan have you every tried ginger beer? I injoy ginger beer on occasion, as it tastes like a strong ginger ale. It is non-alcohol and carbonated. Does not taste similar to beer (even though I don't drink alcohol, I have when I was younger) but maybe the I would injoy it. I know some have non-alcohol beer that maybe would taste good if the I drinks it only for the taste. Malt beer is another non-alcohol drink I have tried that I injoy, imagine similar to root beer except with a heavy malt flavor.


Messenger: Everton I Sent: 6/30/2020 10:54:30 AM

No alcohol for the I

We humans have natural cannabis receptors, but do we have alcohol receptors too?

Then why does it affect our mentality?
-Lets take a look

Why do many people use alcohol to clean their homes?
-It is used for dissolving fat

what does the brain consist of?
-Human brain is one big lump of fat

Why do so many people become violent and foolish by alcohol?
-Because the alcohol dissolves your beautiful fatty mentality just like when it dissolves the grease stain on your window

One of the greatest killers in human history. A form of suicide. Certainly not an Afrikan tradition. Just another babylonian poison.

Look at South Africa how it's often the cause of the most brutal black on black knife crimes.

Even if you only drink one beer I personally would still drop it. It's still a poison to a lesser degree.

People also like the taste of capitalism, heroin and batty business because the devil is tempting.

keep it divine and spiritual

That's my advice rasta

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 7/1/2020 12:41:43 AM

Cedric: Not to get off topic but I do think there is good ancient knowledge in the kosher dietary laws that is still accurate today. Specifically on the subject of corona virus. Science tells us at the moment that this new virus origin came from a food market that was dealing with non kosher meats. I don't want to change topic so I will consider posting my reasoning about this in a new topic so we can continue to reason about alcohol drinks here.

Your reasoning is as good as always. I would say though, as I've said before, the Hebrews had a tendency to paint everyone with the same brush. So for example... a lot of people are allergic to shellfish. You could say that they are bottom feeders and imagine that to be the reason. But so are chickens and goats. Especially if you've ever lived in the country, you know these animals are basically no healthier than bottom feeding fish. Whatever they eat goes through their own immune systems and digestive tract. But all they are doing is converting one form of energy into another (their own physical mass). And then we convert their biomass into energy (and more biomass if we're "full").

But I think that when people got sick they assumed that food was dangerous or "unclean". But again, if it makes some people sick does that mean no one else should eat it? Some things didn't need to be a law but rather "medical science" so that people could understand their own allergies and separate allergies from the concept of universal right or wrong.

Because then what is the point of avoiding a food you might be allergic to if someone stones you to death for eating it? I guess no one was allergic enough to stones for there to be a law against stoning people.

There's also a false sense of security one can get because...

let's say the virus came from bats. It wasn't necessarily eating the bat but rather coming into contact. H1N1 is believed to have started from chickens. Chickens are a "clean" meat but improperly prepared can cause serious problems. You can also get serious problems from lettuce and other veggies if they are infected. I remember years ago when Jamaica was littered with infected fruit trees. We got some diseases from primates and others from mosquitoes. Viruses are a fact of life. We can try to avoid them but I don't believe in social distancing from nature to accomplish that end, especially when our bodies are built to handle many diseases and we simply need to build up an immunity.

Messenger: Cedric Sent: 7/2/2020 7:59:36 AM

Blessed Love

Everton I, give thanks for the Iís reasoning on alcohol. I man sight it is poison and sight it turns people against people. I had never heard the comparison to dissolving the brain, makes sense from the way it distorts I manís ability to think and reason! Long time I ever tried alcohol but normally I man can strategize very well in all types of practice. But with one beer I man couldnít even play dominos but by one play at a time. I man felt so stupid! And to think some Idren drink nuff beer!

IPXninja, give thanks for the Iís reasoning about Koser dietary laws. I overstood the Iís reasonings in the earlier post too, that the I was saying that the dietary laws should have been considered more medical science of the times. HAHA no one was allergic to stones. Even if they were, none of them lasted long enough to say anything about it. I feel sad when I think of all the good brain power that has been lost from InIís blood lust to ďupholdĒ The Law. And so many talk about preserving life. Sometimes I fear people still want to choose killing and bloodshed. Watch them try to start the war over identity politricks. Babylon has devised a politrickall shytstem that divides us on matters of opinion, based on interpretation of selections of The Law that are barely relevant, in order to blind us to the possibility of living unified. InI could be working for spiritual advancement and more life for all humanity in cooperation and harmony with Nature and the Iniverse.

I man sight how bringing up the market in Wuhan as dealing with non kosher meats cannot be considered completely accurate, as all InI would need is contact with bats. And that nuff viruses come from Nature that can harm InI, from what would be considered kosher meat or fruits and veggies alike. I man sight it will never be worth social distancing from Nature for anything! Personally I feel this virus has been sent from Nature because InI mashing up the world so bad and with so much hatred and are so out of balance in our minds and hearts and actions, that Nature is fighting back because even our collective thought is turning negative.

Haile Selassie I Bless Inity

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