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African Bible

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Messenger: Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth Sent: 3/11/2020 12:41:27 PM

Why do many I's believe that jesus was black.
We know for sure that he ain't white
But in the original bible he is middle eastern. He is brown.
Why do so many I's say that the bible is taking place in Africa. I know for sure the bible is taking place in Africa right now and that Israel is africa in the situation we are in now. But do the I's also believe that the first story of the bible was taking place in Africa. And why do you believe that?

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/11/2020 1:53:38 PM

I believe its a mixup heavily tainted from all kind of nations, story of mainly lie.

Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 3/12/2020 1:45:04 AM


Messenger: Black Christ Salvation Sent: 3/12/2020 1:46:38 AM



R 7


Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 3/15/2020 7:20:11 PM


The foundations of all spiritual systems and religions are found in Afrika. As brotha Black Christ Salvation mentions above in the PERT EM HERU, the MEDU NTR and Ancient Afrikan Mystery System.


If one adheres to biblical teachings and UNDERstands it and it's charactersfrom a LITERAL perspective, then let us not forget that both "Jesus and Moses" we're taught in the wisdom of Ancient Egypt/Kemet (which is the eldest daughter of Kush/Ethiopia)

Let us also not forget that ancient Israel was also the daughter of Kush/Ethiopia, which even the Bible let slip through in Amos 9;7: "Are ye not as children of the Ethiopians unto me, O children of Israel? saith the Lord."

Lastly, (and again for those who need biblical reference to deem something as "Truth"), even Genesis gives it up when clearly showing the "Garden of Eden" being in Ethiopia. Aside from the obvious genetological, historical and archeological records.

We could go on and on, however best to do further research on your own, especially if you are among RasTafari, fundamentally and unequivocally an Afrikan movement. The information is abundantly available. Just be wise to wisely discern between Western miseducation and misinformation versus the records left by our ancestors and pieced back together by our Afrikan scholars, historians and educators.


Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 3/16/2020 5:25:16 AM

Blessed Love King

"Why do many I's believe that jesus was black?"

The Bible says that Jesus was black. Jesus, according to the Bible, is from the Solomonic lineage. Solomon, in the Bible says that he is black. Jesse, Solomon's grandfather, has been said to be "the blackest jew the world has ever known".

The Bible also prophesize that the color of the Messiah's skin looks like "brass burnt in the furnace" and his hair is like "wool".

"Why do so many I's say that the bible is taking place in Africa?"

Again bredren it is the Bible that tells us that the Bible is taking place in Africa. Most of the Bible takes place in Egypt. The original 12 tribes of Israel, the 12 sons of Jacob, had lived in Egypt. Moses had lived in Egypt. Jesus had lived in Egypt.

The Bible makes several mentions of Ethiopia and other African countries.

And the Bible itself also describes the true land of Israel as being Africa and Arabia combined: check the video

Messenger: Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth Sent: 3/25/2020 6:31:15 AM

I give much thanks to you and will seek further. Damn InI love when knowledge hit I

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 3/25/2020 8:21:01 PM

To base "Jesus was black" off that scripture is a stretch. It says his FEET were the color of burnished bronze. Why would it specify feet if his whole body was the color of burnished bronze? It also says nothing about his hair being the texture of wool, it says it was white like wool. This doesn't tell me they are describing a race. Also, they are talking about Jesus' appearance AFTER resurrection, not before.

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 3/25/2020 8:42:34 PM

Actually, it doesn't just say his hair is white, it says his whole head is white.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 3/26/2020 1:23:00 AM

Ask Zion-mountain the last time it Snow where he is.

John the Elder was probably as aware of Snow as he was of Snow White.....from his Middle Eastern location. Where was the Biblical winter?

These words do not mean what unnuh argue about according to common sense. Also according to their Strongs correspondence to the original translation.


To infer LITERAL as opposed to FIGURATIVE meaning from Revelation 1:14 yet AUTO-matically site the figurative with the rest of the verse is inherently wrong:
Or you really believe his vocal cords could only produce the sound of water? His tongue was 'tied' .. split into two like snake tongue? Flammable eyes?

Unnuh can do better with this Revelations

And then we can discuss how it may be a constructed lie to keep you enslaved.


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