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Messenger: Jah Light Sent: 2/27/2020 6:16:44 PM

so ill be posting after Reading and not really knowing What i am doing here anymore. i am a Black woman. darkskinned. some of you Will believe me some of you wouldnt. i say that because i know How it is to be Black darkskinned being treated differently here in Europe or what so ever with the bleaching preferences I donít care. I donít want to be judged I just want reasoning for the first time in my life with actually some Iím gonna say some people that I can relate to because Iím very disappointed in what Iíve experienced opening my heart to Rasta music , livety and so on for over one or two decades in my life so it is very unusual to change that most of the time I am just a mess or just lost in my identity and my energies are all over the place. like you wouldnít even understand but Iíll try. this is way harder than Iíve imagined. and in the same time very disturbing for my wealth well here it comes. my first love was a Jamaican artist, I then join singing and whatsoever I was very much in love with him but we didnít last. Iím not Jamaican myself am African 100%. proud more or less. my second relationship was another Jamaican artist (I known those people very well during my journey) I thought I knew him tho. but yh he raped me one day at my parents house which I cannot run from my beloved sisters and brothers am tired of lies and denials with everyone of this supposed to be okay ? then am fine with this am gonna cut my locs change my name never sing again and thatís it for me worldwide! ya feel? ya not the police but what do I do from here? the thing is my hair !!!!! I started my locs after I got raped I feel so much negative energy I am lost I canít believe that has happend to me in this community. my spirit. my vision. i was hurt even before I started to listen to the Rastafarian family now I am destroyed i. the family completely alone ashamed i just wanna go back to what I was before coming in but my god is a living god and I find myself coming back to Rasta but then I feel so mad at Rasta man then I canít bear it and I just wanna excape from this world... I am going to stop here for now. pls help.

Messenger: Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth Sent: 2/28/2020 5:38:29 AM

Dear jah light

I'm so sorry to hear;-(

Your a strong woman coming to this forum

If there is one who has to cut the locks off, it's the nasty man who raped you. I can't see how a rapist in anyway can call himself Rasta destroying sisters. But promise me you will not be ruined by a fool like him and not let it go beyond Rastafari culture. Keep it strong Queen. This has never been ok in any form
and especially not in this culture!

Let jah be with you <3

Messenger: Jah Light Sent: 2/28/2020 7:37:12 AM

Effortuanally Iím opening my locs already. I just couldnít bear it anymore. The rapist is a bobo shanti and back then I was hoping that I could myself confront him because I see him now a day to events and so on, but Iíve never had the courage to ask him why he did this to me, he then never greets me and had me blocked everywhere which itís very strange but he must feel guilty at the same time he was someone Iíve really looked up to Iíve heard similar stories with other women... Iíve let him live because of his pickneys and his reputation itís not fair that I have to suffer I am a sufferer but to still feel that energy in my community and so on I just need to remove myself from it. I admit that your post and what I believe itís reasoning had made me feel some type of way.. positively because itís not my goal to put the Rastafarian family down. But I understand that rapists come in every shape race and forms and itís not an excuse I hope truelly that with that post I can enlighten other Rasta women who has been in similar situations to be able to speak up for them selfs because itís very hard to be a black woman in this world. I am strong and passionate and thatís itís just how I am. So I hope to get more reasoning from this hopefully we can make a better world and understanding ovastanding for our community. Bless

Messenger: Ignorant/Wise Rasta Youth Sent: 2/28/2020 7:53:51 AM

Yes Rapist is in all races, but Rasta as a liverty rape goes against any kind of rasta. Judgement day will burn him. Don't be afraid to give Rasta a bad reputation because of a bobo who claim rasta but deals with nasty fuckery. Anyone can call themself rasta. I would say you should confront him. you've never done anything wrong so its a crime against yourself if you don't search for justice.
A naasty rapist need a judgement!

Keep your head up queen

One Love

Messenger: Jah Light Sent: 2/28/2020 8:28:38 AM

Believe me I still want. When it come to justice I did go to the police but it was years after it happend so there were no evidence for me to win the case so I closed to case but the police told me that I can always come back and reopen the case if necessary. I am a person of justice unfortunately those vibes were massive strong and having to stand alone again ( I was also sexually abuse as a child) now I just feel like thereís two rapists going out for free and I havenít got my justice from any of them. I ainít gonna lie it hurts a lot. So when itís says, with no support with such a topic that is a massive problem in our society everybody is blind at this point. Iím struggling with knowing what to do to have a voice in my life unu wondering how and why itís weight so heavy on my chest. Yh Iíve had to spend time in a mental house for years feeling no one could understand me being on meds and even suicidal and just that my rollmodel just treated me like trash am absolutely in shock, Iím tired . Any good advice I should take with me? Oh yh so I was afraid that the whole Rastafarian family was going to stand against me I e never fear any man until that day!

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