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Coming to terms with Eldridge Cleaver - so called "Interracial Porn"

1 - 1011 - 2021
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Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 12/22/2019 1:13:37 AM

The way I see fetishes is like a brain glitch, where some wires get crossed and you associate one thing with another unrelated thing. Example, one person could associate the color brown with chocolate, wheras the other person could associate it with poop. They aren't even doing it on purpose, it's just random experiences imprinted over their reproductive instincts. Racial stereotypes are another story, I guess they are usually annoying... sometimes they are true of something, but it's not always clear what, or why the hell it should matter.

I think being embarrassed by your sexuality is psychologically damaging. I've been pretty much incel damn near my entire life, because I was too uptight to just say "Yes! You are hot!" in my young years when I was supposed to be learning about girls. I dealt with a lot of insecurity from being bullied... parents, teachers, peers, pretty much everyone was treating me like I wronged them. If I would've had better mentorship, I would just be another sellout in the capitalist system. But I survived their rejection by disregarding their opinions of me as being irrelevant, because they didn't care about my wellbeing anyway. I started focusing on the things I enjoy, instead of what others told me I should be doing with my life. Eventually I realized they are all slaves, and that I wasn't willing to put forward the gallons of effort required to be in their chains. The payout I'll get won't even be as rewarding as they advertised.

And that applies to everything in this system. Getting married is a chain. Paying bills is a chain. Having a schedule is a chain. Sometimes limits are healthy, but I wanted absolute freedom, so I had to simplify my life. I don't really care where I'm going next, I know I'll be able to face it, but I will make things as easy as I can. Communicating your feelings right away is just easier than dating a girl for 3 weeks until she finally admits you don't excite her. So once I internalized that mindset, all sexual insecurity went byebye. There are absolutely no secrets about my needs or intentions, and that is liberation of the spirit.

99.9% of women want nothing to do with me, I am judged as a deadbeat. If I communicate attraction, they will most likely find it awkward, even offensive. Does that mean I should feel insecure and hide the fact that I have sexual needs too, or that a certain woman is sexy? Hell no, a baby doesn't get his needs met by acting aloof and above the fray, he screams his head off until mama has no choice but to shove a titty in his mouth. I just do the adult version of that, expressing my needs so loudly that the 0.1% who are interested have no choice but to know exactly what I need and how to give it to me. Usually I express it silently, but there is no doubt what I'm about.

If I was gay, it would be the same thing. If I was into trannies, same thing. I think most people's opinions are borderline retarded, so how they judge my sex habits means nothing to me. I have nothing for them to take anyway. They can either care about my needs or do what they were already doing.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 12/26/2019 8:25:15 AM

"Personally, I think that if you are fetishized as some stereotype and you don't conform to it, it makes you feel uncomfortable, but perhaps that's just me being insecure."

I have yet to meet any brotha who has complained about being stereotyped as having a big dick. I wonder why. Now, if I were Asian and women assumed I was tiny and I wasn't, that'd be a problem. This stereotype, in some small way, helps to balance out some of the other stereotypes where black men are scary. If white racists were spreading this rumor, and I believe they were, they probably should have done some focus groups first because that was some serious advertising. Kinda like the Joe Camel of sex.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 12/26/2019 9:52:37 AM

"Hell no, a baby doesn't get his needs met by acting aloof and above the fray, he screams his head off until mama has no choice but to shove a titty in his mouth."

Have you tried Tindr or Bumble?

I feel your pain bro, but that whole strategy is, fortunately, becoming irrelevant. I've never liked randomly approaching women. Attraction, "out in the wild" is a very subtle dance of body language and cues that escalates into an exchange of words and (phone) numbers which then escalates into an exchange of more ideas, thoughts, feelings, until eventually you exchange bodily fluids. While this description lacks all romance, the point is that from the first moment to the last it is about an exchange of ideas and how you communicate or express them.

What you're communicating is to see there is enough "vibration" between you and that woman. Does she resonate with you and you with her? It's the human version of animals sniffing each other's butts.

Part of that resonating is exchanging a "value proposition". You have needs. So what? So does every other guy. The thing I find dangerous about current incels is that some reach this point where they think their needs are to be met and women "owe" them that. Doesn't work like that. In reality it's like physics... or better yet, chemistry. An atom doesn't be like, "hey gal, mi haffi get an electron wit a negative charge mon" (ignore how terrible that sounds) and removes the electron from the first atom it sees in order to become a compound with little atomic babies and a dog. Has to be compatible. Otherwise... boom! Not good.

No matter if we like it or not competition is built into nature. Before the egg is even fertilized you, in your single spermatozoa form, had to beat out millions of other sperm cells. And since you're here, that means you won. You accomplished that. Procreation, as a biological imperative, doesn't end with just that one race. To a large degree survival of the fittest is applicable. Men compete for women like sperm compete for eggs.

But just as the fertilized egg is naturally nourished inside the womb, women have a natural instinct to seek out an environment that will be advantageous to themselves but primarily for their offspring. If you're introduction is "Hi, my name is Billy Bob, and I'd like you to live in this cardboard box with me and scavenge for ramen noodles between sessions of mind-blowing sex" that probably isn't going to work. Back in the day, a lot of men were older than their women, not to be creepy, but because getting "established" as providers, having that financial security, made them more eligible bachelors. "Gentlemen". This was simply survival of the fittest in a world dominated by coin.

So you have to balance all that communication of your own needs with hearing the needs of women. And if you expect them to stick a titty in your mouth you need to be prepared to stick some money in their pocket. For the ladies that might read this and want to vomit, no, I'm not reducing the needs of women down to money. I'm simply saying that financial security is a part of the equation of overall security that women instinctively desire. There's also physical security which is why women tend to seek taller, bigger men. Is she some kind of mafia boss who needs that? Probably not. She may never actually need him to fight for her. But... he should "be able" to fight for her if the time came because he is her protection. Same thing for lions. Yes, female lions hunt. But male lions defend their hunting grounds.

When Beyonce asks "Can you pay my bills" it doesn't mean she can't pay her bills herself. So in my mind, and I could be totally wrong, but my sense of the incel community is that they're still wanting the benefits of gender roles without necessarily playing those their own role and communicating that "value proposition". Subtly... of course.

Modern apps like Tindr and Bumble make things 100 times easier for both men and women.

They act like a broker, allowing both genders to put their cards on the table. You can get an overview and "swipe right" on people you could connect with while they do the same. If there's a match, there's no need for any awkward approaches because the match already finds you attractive enough to talk to. Why are men attracted to breasts? Why are women "somewhat" attracted to abs? What is it that we really need from each other? Because these needs feel real but its also very surface. What's beneath that? And can you provide that?

A lot of people who reject the system because they see it as chains need to reevaluate what a chain is. And I say this purely out of love. I was married to a woman who didn't want to have a job because it was "mundane" but she didn't have the knowledge and experience to operate her own business to a level that was self-sustaining. So guess what? Eventually, she became homeless and she had 3 kids. So one must consider the alternative. Work is natural. As society advances, work doesn't go away. It just changes forms. Like all energy. If your body stops working, guess what? You die. You have to seek BALANCE.

You need a job, BUT... the balance is choosing a job that doesn't cause you that much stress, even better, if its something you actually like doing. You need a place to live. BUT... it doesn't have to be huge or tiny. It should fit you and... if you don't want to be alone... it should fit someone else and be able fit in with what they need. Again... value proposition. What do you bring to the table? Bills? Schedules? This things are as natural as rain and the seasons. There is a time for work, a time for play, a time for rest. And to not be outside in the rain... you have to pay bills. Absolute freedom isn't not having all these things. Absolute freedom is having all these things in abundance. Financial "freedom" doesn't mean free of having money. It means having the ability to buy the things you want and need. If you're poor and have to worry about where your next meal is coming from, that aint freedom. That is a chain. The less you have the more chained you become because the fewer options you have to getting your needs met. Basic needs like food, clothing, shelter... everything becomes more difficult to obtain the less you have. This is the plight of the poor. Not something a person should choose willingly.

Again... its about balance. Am I a capitalist? Not by choice, but by participation. I would prefer that we migrate to a resource based economy with elements of capitalism, socialism, and communism. Competition is good for certain things, bad for others. Some things should be individually owned, others communal/shared. Some things should be supported by interested individuals, other things should be supported by everyone. But participation in the system isn't selling out. Selling out is changing who you are, giving up your morality or ethics, to prosper at the expense of others. You can survive without doing that, but a lot of people are overcome by greed. This makes them lose their connection to the greater humanity, to the people, the earth; to our place in everything and in everyone. As one denies these connections, it is easier to become racist, to become elitist, to become a Scrooge. And then you become the system. You perpetuate it. You force people to participate in order to survive so that you can keep having more and more and it's never enough. You're like a vampire, sucking the life blood of the whole planet.

So, without knowing you, I care about you because we are still connected. And as such, my desire for you is that you will find balance and not chain yourself to poverty. And if we ever hope to change the system, we have to do so from a position of strength, not of barely surviving. So I hope you stop doing that and choose, instead, to prosper. Not just for yourself, but for the other lives that you can touch. For each one of us is a link in a chain that connects us from past to present to future.

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 12/26/2019 4:00:59 PM

I never really identified with the incel community, I guess I was exaggerating there. When I was having those frustrations, there was no community for me, I was just on my own. By the time there was a community, I had already made peace with myself.

Yeah, the incel part of Youtube is full of absurdity. Then you have the mgtow, which is basically incels in denial. They have this awkward mix of patriarchy and the male equivalent of feminism. They can't realize they are literally that ugly fat lady they make fun of. Why don't they "love her for who she is" or whatever? Instead they trash each other and are both miserable.

The best online community I joined was Good Looking Loser, they keep it real and give you things you can do to increase your value as much as possible. But eventually, I realized I was just not willing to put in the work. I'm not hungry like that, I would rather look around at what I do have and be content with it.

I haven't personally tried Tindr or Bumble, but some people swear by them. I tried Plentyoffish and Okcupid a while back, and it was the most shallow shit I've ever seen! I believe once a woman takes a bite of that, she is already poisoned. You can probably date a few thots if you have good pics, but finding a functional woman there is like winning the lottery. As far as Tindr or whatever, I don't even have a smart phone. I just imagine a chick telling me to text her, and spending 20 minutes typing out "Wanna talk on the phone?"

At this point, I only believe in real life approach, but that's because I focus heavily on pheromones and compatibility of moods. I learn a hell of a lot more from a hug and smelling her hair than I do by looking at a dolled up pic, or texting back and forth for an hour plus. Sure you can meet women online, but then you still have to do the real life approach anyway, and if there is no connection, all that build-up was for nothing.

So much of what I do is about giving myself more free time. Taking the path of least resistance. If there is resistance, fine, we don't fit. I have a million ways of filtering out certain women, and have no problem being filtered out myself, that just helps my process. There is no being "owed" anything for me, I am genuinely looking for those who need what I offer, and expressing my own needs rather than hiding them. Lol, the baby thing was an analogy, don't walk through the mall screaming "I need a blowjob!" You are right about a time and place

On the other hand, if you keep it natural, you probably don't need to worry about that. Most people won't get the urge to flirt with someone who has already shot them down and is acting coldly. If my urge really is to scream, I don't think I will care about the time or place, I will just let them have it. I've tried walking on eggshells already, and it was never enough to please the crowd, so there is no incentive to keep doing it.

As far as work, I'm currently helping my mom breed shih tzu puppies, so there is plenty to do around here. I worked in Hawaii as a parachute packer/rigger, but I didn't really fit in there. People were a lot more disconnected from each other than I expected. Before that, I lived in a tent on a dropzone in Florida for 6 months, working on my jump licenses and rigging license. I would like to get back into rigging, but you have to go where the work is, and I don't feel like it. I'm pretty lacking in the motivation department.

I do find that I'm less giving than I could be. Not just with women, but in general. I think after so long being treated like an inconvenience, I stopped feeling like anyone wanted me to do anything for them, I just kept my head down. Even now, people have to be very specific with what they need from me, or I'll sort of overlook it, and that's something I would like to improve. I think people see what I offer and respond to it, but I need to offer it more freely so they can actually benefit.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 12/30/2019 2:34:50 PM

Dude it sounds like you already do have a lot to offer. Women are not the same. Just like men are not all the same. They're looking for different things and a lot of it is seeking balance based on what things they already have. Yes, in general women seek financial security but it's almost 2020 and many women are already more successful than men and there are more men than ever who are "stay at home dads". Then, depending on age, you have women with grown kids and often they raised them without much help.

The reason I recommend Tindr or Bumble (but mainly the latter) is because this has become the primary tools for narrowing down applicants. Imagine it as a bunch of jobs that primarily advertise the position on various job seeking or recruitment websites. Advertising these jobs in other ways is often inefficient and lowers the quality of the people who show up. Some jobs aren't very technical at all and they often will advertise in the paper. High tech jobs almost always use recruiters.

Women are the same way. "Applying online" helps them weed people out without asking potentially tough questions early on and having that face to face rejection. Most women would rather not take the time to get ready for a date only to find out within the first 20-30 minutes that a relationship with this person would be impossible. A dating profile is just like a resume (except you don't list past relationships or include exes contact info as references lol). Virtually every woman wants to "pre-screen". Just like how we wish every phone call from a telemarketer said "Telemarketer" on the phone's screen so we didn't have to pick up the phone at all. Yes, it's a matter of convenience and in America convenience is a way of life.

As such, most people have smart phones. You can get a prepaid smartphone from Walmart for $20 with pre-paid minutes. And you can use local wifi hotspots for data connectivity.

And texting... is another one of those conveniences that has become... even more than that. There's a whole language renaissance of sorts just based on the sharing of emojis, emoticons, and memes. So if you're not part of that and you're not part of all these other "spheres" of community, for each thing you don't have or don't do you are reducing the number of women you can potentially connect with. Which I think is crazy because I think a lot of women would find you interesting just from what you said in your last post. I simply think you're a 50K modem in a 4G world that's about to be 5G. YOU NEED AN UPGRADE! I say this purely out of love and concern for your life and happiness.

Now if you hate technology, then it is what it is. But that would be giving up a whole hell of a lot just because you dislike a particular medium that has become almost essential to modern life. So unless you want to hit up Amish women... please consider a few survival basics that even kids today have.

Once, your dating profile is out there, women can like you and wait until you "like" them back before the app actually allows communication. This protects them to some extent and women are looking for that. Just the fact that you're online reduces the risk of predatory behavior because there's a thread of information connecting that person that can be traced. It also gives them a chance to vet you with text messages before actually giving you their actual phone number. Last phone number I got was AFTER our first date. That's how much security means to many women. And they have to be very protective of their phones and who has access to them or their information.

I think a lot of people misunderstand this whole dating thing. They think its about them finding someone. No... this is not the 1950s. It's about women getting to find men as safely as possible. So its far less about random connections than it is a mixture of random resumes, random matching, and an non-random interview process. The more you do it the better you get at it and the more dates you'll get. The beauty of Bumble is that, by using certain tags, its easy to see what women are looking for and which women are more compatible with what you're looking for too. With technology, people just aren't interested in wasting time. Companies don't look for people to hire in bars. And the reality is, the more women use websites and apps, the less available women you will have to meet outside of these methods.

It's kind of like that scene when kids are picking teams for dodge ball, and you're the last to be picked. Now complicate that by them doing that selection on their phones, swiping through profiles, and you're the kid that doesn't even have one. Not only are you the last to be picked, they may not even know you're playing. And the only people left may be the other kids no one wants on their team. Again... this is all out of love. I want you to be happy and have someone where you can share in each other's happiness. I'm sure your mom enjoys having you around for the help, but I'm sure she wants that for you too.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 12/30/2019 2:37:09 PM

and now that I think about it... if you're limiting yourself on basic survival technology (ie. smartphone), it makes me think you're unnecessarily missing out on jobs as well. Upgrade, my friend.

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 1/1/2020 2:28:36 AM

Yeah, for traveling I have a laptop, and at least a tracfone. What I like about the tracfone is I can put a year of service on it for like $60, then pay for the minutes separately, so I never get trapped into monthly bills. I wish it was better for texting, but there are pros and cons to everything. Texting and pics eat up the most minutes too, one chick I hooked up with would send me these pics trying to be sexy, even on a 2 inch screen you could see they were not very good pics, and I would get a little annoyed at it wasting my minutes. Lol.

Messenger: Geez Che Sent: 1/4/2020 4:40:49 PM

Before looking at manga I was drawing picture, me as a seven year old boy having sex with twenty somethings, I was Asian and proud though I didn't know it yet, am I ashamed, was it illegal, never drew young girls, being more advanced, but me as a child having sex with grownups, it's a pity I kept the pictures to myself, I was only a child.

Messenger: Geez Che Sent: 1/4/2020 4:54:10 PM

The first picture I drew was in Cyprus, a UN truck and a giant Cypriot woman with red toes, you could only see the feet.

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 1/4/2020 10:34:17 PM

Maybe you should've kept working at it, then you would've had a successful manga series by now. :p

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