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Genesis 1:26

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Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/27/2019 11:12:45 PM

Shamayim... a very powerful suppm. Higher level now.

If man is God and God is Man

Does it mean that Man a God from birthright? Or Man born as a man but must do something to raise up to a God?


Haile Selassie I and Rastafari elders are responsible for raising InI to self awareness, self identity, spirituality, cleanliness, GODLINESS

I encounter many a 'woke' bredda who nuh grasp the difference in concept between birthright and works. Some feel seh once dem gain some ancestral knowledge dem automatically a God or Incient King or Neteru


Give thanks for the point

Messenger: Shamayim Gihon Sent: 11/28/2019 5:50:27 AM

I give thanks for Jessep86 meditation on cycles bringing clarity to the title ROOT of David, First and the Last.

H.I.M. was found worthy to loose the 7 Seals. We know this corresponds to the 7 Chakras and the 7 Spirits of God. The 7 classical planets of Alchemy and the 7 Ancient African Powers. Coming out of the scripture from a yogic and energetic perspective.

Has Iman experienced meditating upon an image of Haile Selassie I and feeling the loosening/widening/opening of the Chakras?

I'd suggest the physiological and yogic maps in Revelations that point us to the Seven Spirits of the Lamb is what makes the Chosen One a complete Kadmon/man in the image of the Eloheim.

And the first Chakra at the Root is tied to direct actions and our works. Coming from the Heart Centre we are sure our intentions are pure. May InI act in balance for the betterment of Iration.

Messenger: Jahcub Onelove Sent: 11/28/2019 1:10:58 PM

There are stories of Osirus going into India and building a city/cities. And I have read that the Gods and Goddesses of India where actually Kings and Queens of Ethiopia. Durring those times, its been written that there were kings and queens that ruled over the whole earth; that these rulers would march there armies across the earth declaring their dominion/kingdom. The Indian scriptures of the Srimad Bhagavatam speaks of such Kings and in the book of Jasher, Nimrod is one of these kings who rules the earth for a time.

Kings and Queens of old, of the past, have been treated/worshiped as Gods by their people, we know this; so it could be possible that the God of the Bible is one such ruler, a tribal leader elevated to God status; though I say that JAH can be all of that and is also much greater than all of that, far greater.

It's possible that Adam and Eve were created by Incient black peoples. The Genesis story does sound like a genetic science experiment; with the removal of a rib from Adam to create Eve. There are geneticists that claim that blue eyed light skinned people appeared on earth around 6,000 - 10,000 years ago, around the same time as Adam and Eve were created...

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/28/2019 2:05:20 PM

I man personal joyous to site Rastafari who are Inna the Bible.....Open to different interpetations and overstandings outside of the generic, and outside especially of literalism.

Messenger: jessep86 Sent: 11/28/2019 10:57:33 PM

Has Iman experienced meditating upon an image of Haile Selassie I and feeling the loosening/widening/opening of the Chakras?

Meditating on the spiritual image of Haile Selassie I:
Rastafari is the Lilly of the Valley
He is the bright and morning star
Greatest among 10,000
everyone should know
who Rastafari is

Loosening the 7 seals and opening the book of life takes not only Vision upon the Highest, it requires Livity, keeping the ways of Rastafari, keeping the commandments, choosing life over death and JAH over evil with consistency and momentum. Every aspect and level of ones being sealed with Righteousness. If any part on ones self is in slavery, mental, physical, emotional, spiritual, Sizzla said in a song
"I've got to take myself away
From all these things that's hurting me
I've got to make my life so free"

We must prepare ourselves for the complete loosening of the seals, we must be able to adapt to such powerful capabilities and the responsible utilization of them.

The chakras system is also known as the kingdom of heaven within. Redeeming oneslef to JAH, submiting to the highest good.
For the LORD is righteous; He loves justice. The upright will see His face

The irits within are either contracting or expanding. They contract in the vibration on sin or folly. They expand more in creativity and wisdom. Being true to oneself and serving JAH with gladness, living the life you love and loving the life you live....HAving the Highest Vision, Seeing JAH image shape our life and participating in this shaping

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