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Past, Present, Future

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Messenger: Rakamau Na Ras Sent: 11/10/2019 7:39:47 PM

People stress about their past and future. But it's that present moment that is a gift to the human race. Meaning if we let the past and future oppressed the present moment then we can't honestly say that's life.

Live up! It isn't the mind that control the soul it's the soul that control the mind.

If you think about the Pure Ganja you will see it takes the stressed away from your past and future then what you are actually doing is living up in the moment. The most important gift is living up in the present. Not the low vibration of partying and drinking your life away. But into a higher self into a higher vibration of your being.

I know some might point out "Ganja is not good for you." I was only using it as an example and in my opinion The Pure Ganja is a spiritual thing that can wake some
people up. Wake their 3rd eye up. On a personal level the Pure Ganja don't work for me anymore been stop using it. It's more like I pierced through its illusion and now I been trodding on this journey for ancient wisdom. There's so much things in this world to questioned. Questioning life is also another way to wake yourself up and get the answers that you been seeking to break yourself out of this hologram.

My apology I got off topic lol Live up in this present moment. Less stress is always better.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/2/2020 4:18:18 PM

We are the PRESENT that connects the PAST with the FUTURE. It is all ONE.

Western schools of thought separate and divide Time as opposed to Ancient philosophy which overstand the CYCLICAL nature of Time.

Messenger: Jahcub I Sent: 1/3/2020 9:54:56 AM


Messenger: RasTafarIWork Sent: 1/4/2020 1:27:33 PM

Learn from the past and remember the future

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