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Is Selassie God?

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Messenger: The Nomad Sent: 10/7/2019 9:04:18 PM

Not blasphemy fellow readers,

Just questions you'd maybe, always like answered about Rastafari, you were maybe scared to ask.

Was/is, Haile Selassie I, God?

Has his connection (if there ever was one) to you/me made you believe he is? Interested in any personal experiences.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 10/8/2019 7:02:03 AM

Haile Selassie I is higher and yet deeper than the God construct.

But in simple terms

Haile Selassie is the almighty I without any apology

Messenger: The Nomad Sent: 10/12/2019 7:00:11 PM

Well Garveys,

Can I seh, at least you answered, albeit, very vaguely. No-one else seems to know any different. This being a Rastafari site, I'd have expected more reasoning on the subject. But now everyone has exquisite access to their own data and OVER-standing... can they milk their last dollar?

@Jah Child >

"some people are so poor all they have is money"

Right Hon. Robert Nesta Marley.

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 10/13/2019 2:43:27 PM

This is such an annoying topic for me, as a skeptic. I've tried asking this question to a lot of Rastas, and it goes absolutely nowhere. Would love to see someone narrow it down as a "yes, he's the one true god" or "we're all gods, but he is the best reflection of our whole" or whatever the hell they mean.

Messenger: CarterBlunt Sent: 10/13/2019 2:56:02 PM

GARVEYS AFRICA: "Haile Selassie I is higher and yet deeper than the God construct."

Higher than a being that is all-knowing and all-powerful? Deeper than a being that is comprised of all matter in existence? Not buying it.

Messenger: RasTafarIWork Sent: 10/13/2019 3:44:08 PM

From The Mahabharata, The legendary Hare Krishna, born mortal, acting within the parameters of a ordinary human, yet would reveal His divinity to whomsoever He pleased. An avatar to save His creation from self destruction.
I have found much similarity in the lives and times of these extra ordinarily "god/men"; Haile Selassie I and Hare Krishna.

Messenger: The Nomad Sent: 10/13/2019 8:09:33 PM

The way I see it is as this >

If life has dealt you such a shit hand from birth, when you're a teenager (for me at least) and you hear the likes of Marley and Bunny writing these songs of social oppression and getting together collectively to rebel against the system that dealt you the shit hand, the whole thing does seem like a welcome momentum no matter your color.

And what could be better than to include biblical prophesies (that's drummed into you from an early age) to chant down the oppressor man?

Here's where IXPninja's 'color green theory' comes in. I estimate (from my longggg experience) only around 5-10 per cent of people who claim to be rastafari are 'color blind', for want of a better phrase.

The rest of them see EVERY white as the enemy. And those whites who are not, are > "hippys singing, 'kum bah yah' (words of Garveys Africa from here)


This is not the case.

This mentality plays straight into 'Babylons' hands..and rides with their ideology of divide and conquer in any means possible.

Collectively, we can make a difference, devalue gold and diamonds by rejecting them instead for clean water which is abundant and free. Until then...

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 10/14/2019 2:36:06 AM

Rastafari is higher than the God construct or paradigm of judeochristianity

I can't be more specific

InI don't have God in I vocabulary

This can then lead to a conversation of how Rastafari sight the King and ideas on the divine outside of the definition (with all of its connotations) or word sound of God.

God is a European word with European connotations attached to most accepted European definitions as per the dictionary and as per colloquial understanding

This is both unfair and a unacceptable for InI spiritually and mentally-reparated Rastafari.

Many of InI rebuke the wordsoind 'black' as a means of labelling InI people. Black has certain connotations attached to any dictionary definition which are not aligned to InI conscious African mentality, and also is a word sound foreign to InI. It is acceptable on such grounds for many of InI to refuse to label ourselves so. The Refusal of the word sound and constructual overstanding of 'God' from InI perspective is very Similar in what has just Been explained about the word Black.

If this is falling onto deaf ears. It could well be that this message isn't meant for you anyway. Particularly if I am reasoning with Europeans

To truly overs. One needs to completely delete any preconceived or pretaught notions of divinity, spirituality and culture. And approach the thing with a fresh slate. From an African original perspective. Rastafari

Haile Selassie I a InI. Almighty I

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 10/14/2019 2:56:52 AM

"The rest of them see EVERY white as the enemy. And those whites who are not, are > "hippys singing, 'kum bah yah' (words of Garveys Africa from here)"

Nomad I will pay you to find where I said this.

The only time I have ever mentioned kum by yah is when addressing black people and Rastafari (black white or green) who have no sense of Fight for equal rights and justice. No peace no justice is how InI trod began not with let's be all accepting and all loving despite circumstance.

Are you Nesta in disguise

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 10/14/2019 5:27:06 AM

Maybe no one other than Garveys Afrika answered the question at first because we thought his answer was perfect and there was nothing else needed to be said.

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Haile Selassie I