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Fake Hate Crimes

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/4/2019 9:15:29 AM

This is how I know you are racist.

All you care about is showing that a black person lied and then using that to dismiss ALL of the claims of every other black person; something you WOULD NOT DO if the people were white.

You have ignored WHY she lied. You have ignored the bullying she experienced at school. You'd like to believe she simply made EVERYTHING up to accuse these white boys who ALWAYS come out of these incidents as innocent victims. I don't know if you've ever been bullied in school but kids don't have a whole lot of options. Teachers don't really want to get involved and even if they do it could backfire and make the situation worse. Same thing with parents. Recently a black mother personally went to her daughters school and threatened to fight the parents (or anyone over 18) connected to the male students that were bullying her daughter. That is the extreme she went to in order to protect her child because bullying is a serious problem and can lead to psychological issues and academic performance issues. A child shouldn't have to be anxious about what other children are going to say to her; especially when its more than one as it often seems to be. So no, I have no sympathy for those boys at all, because I'm sure they drove her to the point where she just wanted to get them in trouble to make them stop. And she's a kid; a child. She can only be held to the same standard we hold other kids to. She's not an adult. Kids lie all the time to protect themselves. They often lie to their parents to get out of trouble or to lessen the trouble they're in. But you can't understand that because she's black and their white. So in your mind they must be right and she must be a terrible person to get them in trouble. But she's a kid. Just a kid. And she became national news because adults haven't figured out racism OR how to stop their kids from bullying. So just because she wasn't a victim of a physical assault doesn't mean she wasn't a victim of multiple verbal assaults.

But that's the difference with a racist. They lack empathy for the other race. All you can think about is yourself and others like YOU; not those who are oppressed. What if you were black? What if you were the one bullied? Why are racist less likely to apply this simple logic? You can't even imagine being in her shoes and you don't try. Why don't you even try? Do you have any heart at all?

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 10/4/2019 12:46:00 PM

This is how I know you are utterly mindless and controlled by the endless propaganda fed to you by the democratic owned media. 1. You believe in the false narrative of 'the flip'. Claiming that the Republican party that has always fought for civil rights, flipped into adopting the racist policies that the democrats have always used. This has been discredited and abandoned by anyone who is willing to research the issue because there is ZERO evidence of any 'flip'. A great 2 hour documentary called 'Death of a Nation' goes into this in great detail and blows the entire narrative -- democrat lie and scape goat -- out of the water. Those who still cling to it are either willfully ignorant or culpable in perpetuating the baseless lie. 2. You endlessy fight to maintain your victim status even claiming "I have no sympathy for those boys at all, because I'm sure they drove her to the point where she just wanted to get them in trouble to make them stop.".. See that there..? You have NO EVIDENCE of this 'bullying' narrative but you HAVE TO BE sure of it in order to maintain your victim status because even when this girl jumps at the greenlight given to her by the media -- hence the running thread here of example after example of people making up and even committing crimes on them selves or their property -- to make up a crime and then blame Trump supporters or white people in general to get money and media fame, and then ADMITTS THAT IT WAS BASELESS AND COMPLETELY FABRICATED.. It really is pathetic; on her part, the medias part, but most importantly on people like YOU for defending her and even making up a narrative that 'she had to have done it for good reason because the whites CANT be innocent here, they just cant be..'

See, you are the racist here. You are the flip artist. Everything you are guilty of, you blame your opponent. Which quite hilariously enough, is the EXACT game plan employed by the democrat party. People like you are given the green light to hate white people and create endless false narratives to 'justify' this hatred even going to the extent seen here to make up a hate crime in order to keep and even grow your precious victim status. You are not oppressed; you are just lied to and create your own oppression to satisfy and make 'real' the false world you live in.

Further.. No; I didnt create this thread to use as a platform to blame ALL black people. You know that, but, again, have to hold onto your 'victimhood'. I have given example after example of liberated black people who see straight through and escaped the liberal plantation, but in typical fashion, you HATE those people more than you hate me because they represent what you will never become and instinctively -- due to the mind control you are under -- you do your liberal controllers bidding by trying to drag those black people down by calling them all sorts of names and attempting to discredit their every word.. You are racist against your own people just as soon as they dare to not think like you and god forbid escape the liberal plantation.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/4/2019 5:16:43 PM

This is how I know you are racist.

Again. You have ignored WHY she lied. You have ignored the bullying she experienced at school. You ignore the fact that she admitted (told the truth) the boys did not cut her hair. She did not say that they never bullied her. So if she had to confess before the entire nation, why would she confess to lying about the attack but not the bullying. What motive would she have to hold on to that? There is none. Because that part of the story was always true. But you care so little about it that you actually made a Freudian slip in your response.

claiming "I have no sympathy for those boys at all, because I'm sure they drove her to the point where she just wanted to get them in trouble to make them stop."

Did you catch that? I didn't say you had no sympathy for the boys, Mr. racist. I said you had none for her. That's the problem. You can put your self in the shoes of those boys and so you feel sorry for them because they got lied on. But you do not put yourself in her shoes to understand why she would lie in the first place. Perhaps, in your mind she needs no motive to fabricate a story about a group of "innocent" white boys out of the blue because "black" is, for you, motive enough. Like I said... this is how I know you're racist. And you just exposed yourself yet again.

"You have NO EVIDENCE of this 'bullying' narrative but you HAVE TO BE sure of it in order to maintain your victim status"

I've been bullied before. Bullies don't tend to leave evidence. That's why they can keep doing it. That's why bullies tend to stop when an actual fight takes place. Because after the fight its harder to argue that they were innocent and some smaller kid just attacked a bigger or tougher looking kid out of nowhere. It's even less likely that a little girl would attack a boy out of nowhere. So any actual adult in the room is going to suspect he did something to her. Something. Only a racist would think that kids would do something like this against a tougher opponent or group of opponents for no reason; becoming the aggressor. Because racists think black people are simply naturally aggressive and irrationally violent. So they ignore any amount of desperation on the part of the victim to make them stop. And even though you have ZERO evidence that bullying did NOT take place here you are proclaiming it didn't. That's your racial bias showing.

Last time I checked, racists don't like being called out. They don't like being stigmatized and labeled; even if that label is deserved or earned. There is absolutely no reason for any boy to say anything negative to a girl they go to school with and don't like. If you have nothing good to say how hard is it to say nothing? But they didn't. They thought it was funny and felt safe doing it to her as a group. That's how it always is. They were... a word that comes to mind that starts with a "p".

He that hath an ear... let him hear.

Flip artist? No, Mr. Racist. I flipped nothing. Flipping would say that I think they attacked her. I never said she didn't lie. I said she lied about the attack. That doesn't mean she lied about the bullying. She maintains that she was bullied. And that is a super obvious motive for her to lie. But no, you seem outraged by this because these boys were slandered. I feel no sympathy for them at all because they probably slandered her at school on a regular basis. And it was adults, not her, that brought national attention to it. She cannot be blamed for that. And what she can be blamed for they said they were ready to take responsibility for. Those boys should do the same and admit they bullied her and most likely made fun of her hair. But no, the story is all about her so they were probably never even asked. But again... the attack in which her hair was cut was fabricated. She admits this. But that admission has no bearing on the bullying she maintains happened. And if these boys were white then it is more likely that the bullying was racial in nature. If they were calling her ugly why was she ugly and why did they feel empowered to tell her this as if no one else at their school was ugly. And everyone knows kids can be cruel. Growing up, who didn't hear a myriad of fat jokes, gay jokes, retarded jokes, etc. all because kids will try to get laughs by any means necessary and have no reverence or responsibility towards social norms and decorum. And if you claim otherwise then you're simply not an honest actor.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/4/2019 5:17:40 PM

Next. Who ever said I hated white people? There may be a few INDIVIDUAL white people that I have a strong aversion to but who said I hated whites? Will you admit, like that little girl did, that you are LYING? Do you have the courage to do so? Feel free to point to any post I've written. Tell me where I said I hate white people. I'll wait. And if you can't do it then you are a hypocrite and a person wanting to be treated as a victim of some imaginary crime and yet you want people to take you seriously as if you have actual credibility.

Just for the record, at one point, I went to a white school and literally ALL my friends were white and I was the token black. When there was another black kid in our class I didn't like him because he was weird. I didn't ultimately enjoy the school, not because it was 98% white but because we had to sing extremely white folk songs like "Jimmy Crack Corn" and I didn't even know that particular song first became popular during the rise of blackface minstrelsy in the 1840s.

"Most versions include some idiomatic African English, although sanitized General American versions now predominate. The basic narrative remains intact. On the surface, the song is a black slave's lament over his white master's death in a horse riding accident. The song, however, can be—and is—interpreted as having a subtext of celebration about that death[3][4] and of the slave's having contributed to it through deliberate negligence[5][6] or even deniable action." - wikipedia

And you know what's so messed up about this, Mr. Racist?

I had NO IDEA I was singing a song that was making fun of my people. And I bet those other kids had no idea either. So why was a 99% white school singing this song in class?

And after this school, since I was used to have white friends and thought nothing of race at that age, when I went to a 99% black school the only reason I wasn't friends with most of the white kids was 1 was weird (the kind that ate glue) and the other was mean and a bit of a bully. I had one white friend who then went to the same middle school as me. When I went to high school the racial population was near 50% so I had about the same ratio of friends. But in your mind, because you are ignorant of my story, you assume I hate white people in order to fit your racist right wing conservative agenda. Nice!

The truth is that whites have been making fun of black people since forever; even without us or even themselves, realizing it. So while YOU, in your white privilege ignorance may never have noticed this, that doesn't mean your limited experience defines reality for everyone else. So if white adults were making fun of black people and wearing black face, why would their children not learn the same thing and repeat it? Kids are STILL wearing black face today! Even Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who probably wore black face innocently not knowing how bad it was (benefit of the doubt), still got the idea from somewhere and people around him allowed him to do it. More than once.

Then there's Megyn Kelly

Again... I'm not even saying she knew it was wrong. But she got the idea from somewhere and that's how a lot of this stuff gets recycled into future generations. And part of that recycling of racism is based on whites not knowing their own racial history or... in some cases, not seeing anything wrong with it. So just for the record, if it seems like I don't like you it has nothing to do with your race. I don't like racists and people consciously working for that agenda against black people.

Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 10/4/2019 5:26:33 PM

"No; I didnt create this thread to use as a platform to blame ALL black people. You know that, but, again, have to hold onto your 'victimhood'."

No, I don't know that. You said "Fake hate crimes are the only way to prop up the fake narrative." which is basically saying that hate crimes are "fake news". And what is this "fake narrative" you think the left is putting out? That racism exists? That white privilege exists? You just got tired of feeling like the bad guy and you're taking everything personally. I know another white person who does this so I understand. However, people like Alex Jones have brain washed you into going in the complete opposite direction. It's how he makes money. He doesn't care about you. You simply think he does because you think he's telling you the truth. False. He doesn't care about you or how ignorant you are. He profits from it. So why would he respect you? Jones lies. That's his secret. He takes some things that real or believable and he mixes them with lies he knows people will be gullible enough to believe. And that will increase his following and that converts to advertising dollars. $$$

"No. I never 'fit in' here.. I tried.. I tried the whole 'hate white people, hate myself for being white, hate America and anything western' rhetoric but it was never enough. I was never going to be accepted. I have gained the respect of some simply because I stopped that BS and stood up for who I am and where I come from.. They might not agree for what I am standing, but respect the action of standing.."

No, YOU did not try. You faked being something you weren't. That's not trying. No one knew YOU. They simply saw what you were falsely representing yourself to be. You're are bouncing between extremes. Who the hell told you to hate white people? Who the hell told you to hate your self for being white?? Dude... you can't help being born white anymore than I chose to be black. It's not a choice. So why would I advocate against you for something you couldn't control? How does that make any sense? If I did that I would be justifying the racism that YOU say I'm claiming as victimhood. You might THINK this is how black people feel about whites because that's how you think we SHOULD feel in reaction to what was done to us. If it was done to you maybe it would be your reaction; maybe not. By the same token a lot of people don't understand why the brother of Botham Jean hugged and forgave his brother's killer.

This is the reality of black people. We cannot be the same as whites in what they did and call what they did wrong. And we know how wrong it was because we were on the receiving end. You were not. Your acceptance or rejection doesn't depend on your race but rather how well you vibe with any group you wish to be in the company of. That is the truth. But you don't really know who you are so you keep feeling like you can't be something because YOU feel like that thing is hated. It's just like involuntary celibates play victim because no one wants to sleep with them. Maybe its because you have no game or don't know how to treat women?? It's your behavior. It's the content of your character that will get you respect. But if you are ACTING a certain way to get accepted and people see through your self-described BULL... then it simply means people are as simple minded as you think they are and they saw through your charade. You can't ACT your way into everyone's hearts. You need to BE that thing that you're acting like. When you stop acting people can say "at least he's being honest now." But that doesn't mean they respect you or like you. And if you go from being "woke" to being racist then maybe you were only acting woke and were simply racist the whole time. You certainly aren't helping.

You could have been the kid at my school that I befriended. But instead you'd rather spread lies about me and my people. So in what world should I respect you? In what world should you expect respect or acceptance? If you were honest I would have accepted you because I have already accepted white people who are honest and have empathy towards whatever struggle we may be going through. All we've really wanted for hundreds of years was the courtesy of a little civilized empathy and fairness. You are the ones who make it ridiculously complicated. You are the ones who turn your heads and act like our suffering is fiction.

And no, every black person isn't right and every black person isn't wrong. Every white person isn't right and every white person isn't wrong. You have to learn to tell the difference and stop treating either race as a monolithic group because the whole idea of race was invented which means that there is no real reason for each race to be the same. And then you say things like...

"Alex Jones and President Trump are attacked like no1 else by babylon. Alex Jones reports the truth and has blown the lid off of the fake news media and NWO cabal.. If it wasnt for Alex Jones, the world would not be talking about the globalists and their world domination eugenics programs. Simple. And Trumps wall is just common since."

Alex Jones is one of the biggest liars in America. He's admitted this in court when told a court that his radio show was a character he plays. The problem with Alex Jones is that if you want him to tell the truth you need to sue him. After saying Sandy Hook was fake he has since said that he believes the shooting occurred.

Look, honestly in my early 20s I like Alex Jones and thought he was telling the truth. I was naive at the time. Conspiracy theories are a huge industry if you know how to tap it. Jones knows how to tap it. And he reaps all the benefits while his listeners think that somehow he just keeps getting all this information even though he's not a journalist, doesn't do journalism, and doesn't really care who whispers what in his ear. Alex Jones is a fraud. He always has been. I'll probably start an entire thread dedicated to proving it. People like Jones are capitalizing on fear and ignorance. You think democrats want to take away your rights because people like Jones tell you that's what they want. How would he know? Did he tell you that? It's a lie.

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 10/4/2019 5:50:53 PM

Lol. You truly are in la la land.

There was never any bullying in this case. Just as there were never any MAGA stranglers with Jussie Smollett. You made it up to try to have some platform to argue from. Which is pathetic by the way. These people so desperately need to maintain the protected victim status that they are creating fake hate crimes to try to 'prove' that the right or whites in general are everything that liberals paint them to be. Its the only way to prop up that fake narrative of Trump supporters out hunting black and brown people.

I love how you liberals always flip the subject back to trying to make your opposition defend your wild claims. You cant just argue the case or the facts, you take to accusing the person who is reporting of being this or that to make them defend that instead of focusing on the real subject at hand. You're not slick.

Messenger: The BANNED -- Hemphill Sent: 10/4/2019 5:58:22 PM

Yet another hate-crime hoax attempting to paint President Donald Trump’s supporters as racists.

Former NFL player Edawn Louis Coughman, who played for the Washington Redskins, Dallas Cowboys, and Arizona Cardinals between 2012 and 2016, was caught spray-painting pro-Trump and racist graffiti in his own restaurant in an apparent hate-crime hoax.

The New York Daily News reported that a “maintenance worker at the shopping plaza where Coughman’s establishment is located saw someone burglarizing the restaurant around 9:30 p.m. on Wednesday and called the cops.”

Nearby cops saw a black truck driving without a license plate and pulled it over as a possible suspect. Coughman was driving the truck, and police found several suspicious-looking flat-screen TVs.

Cpl. Michele Pihera of the Gwinnett County Police told WSB-TV that the TV “brackets were still attached and there was still drywall attached to the brackets, meaning, someone took them off very quickly.”

Police showed up at Coughman’s restaurant and found holes in the wall where the TVs appeared to have been removed. They also found graffiti on the walls saying “monkey,” the n-word, and “MAGA” — a reference to President Donald Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.”

Police also said the paint on the walls was fresh, and Coughman had black spray paint on his hands.

Officers quickly became aware that Coughman had reported the incident to his insurance company before he was pulled over.

He had reported this incident to his insurance company prior to officers conducting that first pull-over.

Coughman now faces three charges, including insurance fraud, making a false report, and driving without a license plate.

It just keeps happening.. Hmmm.. I bet he was bullied.

Messenger: The BANNED — Hemphill Sent: 2/13/2020 7:57:11 PM

To all you hysterical anti-American, race baiting bafoons who defended Jussie Smollett to maintain your hopeless alignment with the mainstream media / liberal agenda!!

CNN, MSNBC virtually ignore new Jussie Smollett indictments, offer zero primetime coverage

“CNN and MSNBC offered little to no coverage of the latest indictments made against former "Empire" star Jussie Smollett.

Smollett, who received plenty of media attention when he came forward last year with claims that he was assaulted by two "Make America Great Again" hat-wearing Trump supporters in Chicago, has been given very little attention by the liberal cable news networks since Chicago investigators suspected the actor had made up the racially and homophobic-inspired attack.

Smollett was indicted by a grand jury Tuesday on six counts of disorderly conduct for allegedly lying to police about his claims of a racist and homophobic attack against him in January 2019. CNN dedicated just over two minutes of coverage to the indictment Wednesday morning, once during a brief segment on "CNN Newsroom" and a 15-second blurb toward the end of the 4 a.m. hour.

Meanwhile, MSNBC did not cover the six new counts against him at all.”

The anti-White / anti-American / anti-Trump / anti-Western brainwashing is in full force and many of you lap it up willingly!

Eat Crow

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