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Messenger: dreadlion40 Sent: 2/24/2005 5:57:13 PM

Greetings: Morgan Heritage says "dont haffi dread to be rasta". Rasta comes from the heart. IanI just started dreading and the reason why I didnt dread earlier was because I knowledge had to increase as this is not a fashion thing for I. I felt that what was inside was starting to bust out...Respect

Messenger: Kike_Roots Sent: 2/24/2005 8:27:10 PM

Dreadlion40 much respect but Tef is rigth


Messenger: Kike_Roots Sent: 2/24/2005 8:56:47 PM

I was trying to say right

Messenger: SisMenenI Sent: 2/24/2005 11:14:49 PM

TEF (as well as Kike)- you may just be speaking on a reflection of yourself. I don't see any royalty in immature insults.

Hail Ras TafarI

Messenger: dreadlion40 Sent: 2/24/2005 11:31:02 PM

Greetings To All: I'm just simply giving my viewpoint on the subject so TEF and Kike its cool, IanI continue trodding...Respect

Messenger: Nyah Jahphet Anbassa I Sent: 2/25/2005 6:00:23 AM


DREAD must first come from the Inside. As Yeshuah said, what is in the heart will come out. If you are dread in your heart one day this will come outside, if you are fashion on your head, this also must come from the inside.


Messenger: NineMile2004 Sent: 2/25/2005 7:59:48 AM

Who thought in the beginning that so-called Dreadlocks could ever be worn out of vanity??? HAHA I think this is funny. No Babylonians liked dreadlocks and dreads were ridiculed. And now they became fashion? Babylon they even contradict themselves and go against there previous opionions just to start this fashion thing with dreadlocks.

I agree if dreadlocks are for fashion then it comes from inside, Babylon must have a strong hold on those. Maybe the one that out of vanity lets them grow will one day too realize their origin.

Much Love


Messenger: Nyah Jahphet Anbassa I Sent: 2/25/2005 10:04:14 AM


This makes me think about a situation over here. A friend of mine is one of those... you know... leftwing revolutionary anti-society guys... wearing Che T-shirts, doing demonstrations and so on.
And one day I meet him and he has "Dread"locks pon his head. And I ask him and he tell me that he got them done for more than 100 Euro, this is more than 150$. And some time before he asked me about Locks and I told him that he should just keep away from any chemical stuff and be patient.
I do not see any sense in such actions... on the one hand those guys pretend beeing so anti-society, anti-money-biz, anti-materialist, anti-capitalist... and then they run such a vanity-money-bizness??
The same for Rases... I know some who have really well done Locks... and I ask what's the reason? Too much care for look, vanity, and fashion amongst many Rases!
Many Japhets want locks like black people have, and do not see, that they just grow them but themselves would have to spend much time and/or money for the same result. Know your identity and don't get caught ina identity crisis trap!


Messenger: JosephI Sent: 2/25/2005 4:57:47 PM

Iya Ites!
InI agree with the brethen's last post. I don't overstand people who pay to have locks put pon their head. That is, in my humble opinion, vanity and without substance. The locks pon one's crown should be an outward reflection of the spiritual growth of the inside...always toward, of, and from Jah Almighty.

"I'm a like a tree planted by the river...that giveth forth fruit in due season. Everything in life has a reason in every season"

One Love
Jah Bless

Messenger: the rock Sent: 2/25/2005 6:57:44 PM


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