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Messenger: Har-Tema Sent: 5/17/2016 4:38:06 PM

The Ancient Kemites said, "We came from the beginning of the Nile where God Hapi dwells, at the foothills of The Mountains of the Moon."

Where is "the beginning of the Nile?" The farthest point of the beginning of the Nile is in Uganda; this is the White Nile. Another point is in Ethiopia; Blue Nile. The Blue Nile and White Nile meet at Khartoum in Sudan (Nubia)

Lake Victoria is the origin of the White Nile and is located at the base of the Rwenzori Mountains. The Rwenzori, which means “maker of rain” in local dialects, are a small but dramatic range just to the northwest of Lake Victoria. Lake Tana is the source of the Blue Nile. North of Tana are the spectacular Simian Mountains. One of the highest ranges in Africa. These mountains (Simians & Rwenzori), experience regular and significant snowfall. They also hold several significant glaciers. Others have suggested that Diogenes may have spotted Kilimanjaro as the Mountains of the Moon, however, this is unlikely given the absence of a major lake in the region as well as that that Diogenes described a range rather than a solitary mountain

With such a provocative name, the “Mountains of the Moon”, one must wonder from whence it was derived. There is some speculation that this is a transliteration into Greek of the Amharic name for the mountains near Lake Tana at the source of the Blue Nile, called to this day, the Simians. In Amharic, “Simian Mountains” translates as “Northern Mountains”. However, a liberal transliteration of the word “Simian” into Greek might come up with “Selene” – the Moon Goddess (Their is also the Mesopotamia moon god "Sin"); Thus Simian Mountains would rendered as Mountains of the Moon. Keep also in mind the Blue Nile, rising in Ethiopia, contributes about 85% to the flow of the Nile River that passes through Egypt to the Mediterranean. This technically would put Ethiopia as the source of the Nile?

How, one wonders, did the Simian Mountains get confused with the Rwenzori Mountains thousands of miles away? One must remember that Ptolemy was piecing together very sparse second and third hand accounts of merchant voyages, military campaigns, ancient Egyptian records.

Now to the two Mesopotamia:

Is Southern Sudan and Northwest Ethiopia a type of "Mesopotamia" or the original? For both Mesopotamia and Northeast - Southeast Africa was apart of Kush/Kish. Even in Mesoamerica their is an Olmec king called U-Kish Kan.

Mesopotamia comes from the Greek, meaning 'Land between two rivers' and the White and Blue Nile meets at Khartoum in Sudan. They are also old maps of Africa depicting two Euphrates and Tigris rivers. The other being in Africa named Eufrate River and Tigrei (Tigrayans in Eritrea).

Remember the name Eritrea is derived from the ancient Greek name for the Red Sea (Erythraia)

It seem there were two Mesopotamian empires: One in Africa and one in Middle east which is all connected to Kush/Punt.

In the "Lost Book of Enki" author Zecharia Sitchin stated Enki (Ptah) and his crew landed in the Persian Gulf but in this very book Sitchin claimed the Anunnaki splashed landed in an "Ocean", however, they are no oceans in the middle east. It seem more plausible that Enki landed in the Indian Ocean/Arabian Sea and then made their way through the "Gulf of Aden" to either djibouti or Eritrea, followed by the interior of Ethiopia - Sudan.

Here is an except:

"The chariot's lungs he filled with air; into the waters down it splashed, into the depth, it was not sinking. From the Speaker a voice was heard: To Earth be welcomed! Alalu (allah derived from his name) was saying. By his beamed words the direction of his whereabouts was determined. Toward the place Anzu (Pilot) the chariot directed, floating as a boat it was upon the waters moving. Soon the wide-ranging OCEAN narrowed (approaching gulf of aden), dry land on both sides as guardian appeared. On the left side brown-hued hills were rising (Somalia is know as "brown hills on the horizon"), and on the right mountains to heaven their heads raised (Yemen is known as one of the most mountainous regions in Arabia). Toward the place of Alalu was the chariot moving (djibouti/Eritrea.), floating like a boat upon the waters it was.

When entering the Gulf of Aden via the Indian Ocean/Arabian Sea one will be between Somalia and Yemen.

The first settlement Enki established after arriving on earth was called Eridu. However, since the letter "D" and "T" are interchangeable Eridu can be translated as Eritu (Eritrea).

Earth was also named after Enki's Sumerian-Akkadian named EA (EArht)

Eridu means “home away from home” or "Home of the Faraway", since they'ed journey from a distant planet.

Enki's temple in Eridu was called E-abzu, which means "house of the deep water". Thus, Enki was in charge of the ABZU or APSU (Land of Africa/Ethiopia), and where the term ABYSS is derived from i.e. ABYSSINIA.

Alalu was the first to journey to Earth and set up his abode which was a Reed-hut. The reed hut are traditional houses of the Afar tribe in Ethiopia & Etitrea. In fact, Traditional rural reed and thatch hut houses are very common in Africa.

The cradle of civilization is sometimes referenced by the name Dilmun, or Tilmun. Here, it was said, the god Enki and his wife were placed to institute 'a sinless age of complete happiness'.

The texts spoke of mythical Dilmun located in a mountainous region beyond the plains of Sumer (Ethiopian Highlands=Extraterrestrial). But where exactly was it located since Mesopotamian inscriptions do not say.

Furthermore, Ea (the Akkadian Enki) was said to have presided over the concourse of Mesopotamia's two greatest rivers - the Tigris and Euphrates (White and Blue Nile?)

Dilmun was allegedly a magical land, the birthplace of the gods and the place where the arts of civilization where said first to have been transmitted to men. It was the subject of many legends told by the Sumerians.

Its now a proven fact the Land of mythical Punt (God's Land) comprised of Ethiopia, Eritrea, djibouti and Somalia.

I personally think both Punt and Dilmun are one and the same place and modern day Eritrea-Ethiopia is your Eridu, Dilmun, Punt and Biblical/Mythical Israel.

The Queen of Sheba was actually Queen of Saba (Meroe), which was the ancient capital city of Nubia/kush (Sudan). The Jewish Historian Josephus clearly identifies the Queen who visited Solomon as “the woman who ruled Egypt and Ethiopia (Sudan)", just like those in the 18th Dynasty of Kemet. Queen Hatshepsut names means "The Sign of the Sheba of the South" and her throne name was Makara (Maat-ka-re). Notwithstanding the similarity between the names Makare (Makere) and Makeda. It was this Pharaonic Queen who like Sheba, journey to the Land of Punt (Eritrea-Ethiopia=Biblical Israel).

Mythical Solomon (Shelomith) was actually her Lover, Senenmut, the Great Architect and Genius. Hatshepsut´s temple was named "Djeser-djeseru" ("holy of holies"=Solomon Temple). It sits directly against the rock which forms a natural amphitheater around it so that the temple itself seems to grow from the living rock and was designed by Senenmut.

The reason why modern day Ethiopia/Eritrea still retained and claimed Sheba is because Modern day Ethiopia was comprised of both Nubia/Kush (Northwest Ethiopia) and Punt (Northern east Ethiopia) and the Serpent-Kings originate from Punt (serpent Arwe). Let not forget Kemet and Kush were seen as colonies of Great Punt.

For some reason ancient Ethiopian history is very obscured and remains hidden......


Messenger: Har-Tema Sent: 5/17/2016 5:27:12 PM

Like the Per-aa (Pharaoh) Akhenaten (Ankh-Aten), Queen Hatshepsut's ancestry came from the south in Nubia (Saba/Kush). Akhenaten's mother Queen Tiye was a black woman also of Nubian ancestry. In fact none of the Kemite rulers were so-called Egyptian native, since it was Kush who established Kemet and all the gods came from the south.

In Jewish tradition, Sheba has always been understood as the proper name of a queen, not as her land of origin, and from Josephus Flavius we learn that she was the ruler of Egypt and Nubia, as Queen Hatshepsut was, who is the only woman to have remained on the throne of Egypt for an extended period of time. The central hieroglyph in her name is Sheps meaning “noble seated on chair”, and corresponding to Hebrew Shebet “sit” (or scepter representing royal authority) whence Sheba or to Shabat “rest” and is related to the name Saba, capital city of Nubia.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 5/17/2016 8:50:20 PM


Di I said "For some reason ancient Ethiopian history is very obscured and remains hidden......"

The words "sacred" and "secret" mean the same thing.


The words Sab, Saba, Sheba, all have an astronomical or astrological meaning, signifying the "Host of Heaven," "The Planetary System." Saba, or Sheba, was especially the home of astronomical wisdom; and all words of this character mean wise in regard to the stars. The wisdom of Saba and of the Sabeans was planetary wisdom, the "Sabean language" meaning astronomy, or astrology, the latter being the esoteric portion of the science. At the time of the mysteries, astrology was a sacred or secret science, the words "sacred" and "secret" meaning the same thing.

Thy name reaches as far as the circuit of heaven, the fame of MAKERE (Hatshepsut) encircles the sea"

Makere is clearly the same name as Makeda. Hatshepsut was also referred to as Ma'at-ka-Ra, a name eerily similar to the Ethiopian Makeda or Makere. 'Hat-sheps-ut', means 'Foremost of Noble Women'. 'Hat' can mean 'foremost' but it also means 'Sign', 'Leader' or 'Prophet. It now seems far better to acknowledge this woman was the queen who administered Egypt and Ethiopia. Therefore, 'Hat-sheb-sut' means 'The Sign of the Queen (Law-maker) of the South' (variables; sign, queen, south). The Ethiopians transcribed Hatshepsut's other hieroglyphic title i.e., 'Maatkare' or 'Makare' from Egyptian into the Ethiopian 'Makeda'.

The term "Sheba" or "Saba" refers to the name of the famous Ethiopian royal city at the confluence of the Nile and two other Ethiopian rivers, at the upper reaches of the Nile!


“In The papyrus of Hunefer, the ancient stated categorically: “We came from the source of the Nile at the foothills of the Mountains of the Moon, in the land of the gods, where god Hapi dwells.” This location technically interpreted means Ibanda village on river Mubuku, at the foothills of the Rwenzori Mountains. The land that is currently Uganda and Congo was “the land of the gods” to the Egyptians.

Churchward continues: “Chief of the unseen land, the hidden place. We know that they commence the entrance of the Tuat terrestrial (first division) of the tuat and first hour of the night at the delta or the mouth of the Nile and that it ended in the Island of the double cave”. That was the Island situated in the great lake, the source of the Nile-Victoria Nyanza. This was Khui land, the exit of the 12th division of the Tuat and the 12th hour of the night.
The island of the Double cave is probably the Rukwanzi island of Lake Mwitazingye the first of the two lakes mentioned. The second lake to the south is Lake Edward. The hill in question is one of the many hills that make up more than 70km of the mountains of the Moon known as the Rwenzori. However, Buvuma Island on Lake Nyanza also has the caves and the hill in question. I am not able to find the second lake around this Island”

Messenger: Har-Tema Sent: 5/17/2016 10:08:17 PM

Yes I Goddess!! Give Thanks

Hatshebsut means 'The Ruler (Hat) who administered (Sheb) Egypt and Nubia (Sut)'. Sut was commonly used by Egyptian pharaohs. It means “South and North.” Kings with that title ruled both Upper and Lower Egypt, as well as Upper and Lower Nubia.

The Legend of Solomon and Sheba is perfect example of Biblical manipulation (or ingenuity?).

The writers of the Old Testament took the historical figures of Hatshepsut and Senenmut, combining it with bits and pieces of the mythological (or historical) tale of Enki and Inaana (including Asar & Aset), which they then molded like a play-dough into the mythical Solomon and Sheba. These Biblical casts are nothing more than the amalgamation of various historical persons and events formed into mythological characters and stories. For example, a biblical character can comprised of many different persons molded into on being. Like Moses, who is a composite of Akhenaten, Tehuti, and Sargon the Great (maybe even more) all complied into the figured named Moses. Whether this was done by our ancestors or adversaries to be used as a means of control over the masses or simply as teachings, we must extract from these stories it's essence and how it relate to us as a people and individual.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 5/17/2016 10:17:20 PM

"Whether this was done by our ancestors or adversaries to be used as a means of control over the masses or simply as teachings, we must extract from these stories it's essence and how it relate to us as a people and individual."

I suppose there is a duality or "double entendre" there, worthy of iditation.

Give thANKHs as always for thought provoking word sound!

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 6/17/2019 5:51:48 AM

I am still trying to find the link between the word "hapi" and the shona word "hapwi" meaning "doesnt dry out".

The nile river was also known as "Uteru hapwi"..."uteru" means gradient like the gradient of going uphill.Since the river nile flow frm upper to lower ithiopia,this must be the gradient they refer to that never dry out".

The region of the beginning of the nile in central east afrika was called Tanganyika(now Tanzania) ,the word "tanga" means "to begin/to start"in i mother language,the word "nyika" means "land/earth",so Tanganyika would mean "the beginning of the earth".

Modern Ethiopia and otha countries in the horn of Afrika was called "Guruuswa","guru" means "large/big/long/tall" and "uswa" means grass...So Guruuswa mean "long/tall grass"

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 6/17/2019 1:22:27 PM

Wow very beautiful linguistic study ZionMtn, give thankhs!

Messenger: SunofMan Sent: 6/19/2019 3:07:13 AM

I miss Har-Tema's knowledge drops!

Zion Mountain, your insights have been fascinating, things I'd never have heard had you not written, keep sharing!


Messenger: T BARRY Sent: 1/24/2020 8:11:58 AM

Every structure that was built in Egypt from the time of the Sphinx at 10,000BC to 500 BC “required mathematics” but there was no math going on in Europe or Arab Asia in this time frame. The European Greeks won’t find math, not until 500–450 BC and this is not good enough for any claims of civilization building in N.E Africa and the Asiatic Arabs won’t find mathematics not until 800 AD and this is even “worst” concerning their worthless ancestral claims or their claims of civilization building in Black Egypt. The second oldest piece of mathematics on this earth is called the “Ishango Bone” which was discovered in the old Belgian Congo and is dated at 20,000 BC. Being that Uganda and the old Belgian Congo are “neighbors” it is believed by many, that before these central African people migrated north as Hunifer described in his papyrus, math information was shared in the region which would help these black Africans build the Sphinx (10,000 BC) in their image and the six cataracts in the Nile river later on. So for anyone from outside of Africa, today who tries to “claim ancestry and or civilization building” with these Black Africans the history of mathematics will not stand in agreement with them. These Black Africans came from a place where math was ongoing. South African Mathematics distinguishes itself and separates itself from the European and Asian civilization by 40-35,000 to 10,000 years BC because the foreigners are not mentioned in history yet.

When we get lost we sometimes look at our compass for “true north” to get our bearings, but according to Dr.Asa Grant Hilliard III when an Egyptian got lost, he would ALWAYS face south from where he believed his ancestors came from in the direction of the Mountains of the Moon. “Nile Valley Contributions To Civilization” by Anthony T. Browder Vol#1. p.49

So the “history of mathematics” will not allow claims that the ancient Egyptians were something other than African Black. Any person or people from the Mediterranean, Europe or Asia that try to claim ancestry with the Egyptians the history of mathematics will call them a liar to their face every time.

The history of Mathematics alone puts everybody in their place whether they like it or not, no matter how “Mediterranean”, “Asiatic” or “European” Hollywood, the “American broadcast TV Industry”, the “Museum of Natural Ignorance” in NYC try to portray or illustrate these Black Africans, this science will never stand in agreement with their racism .

Forget not, the “LEBOMBO BONE” the oldest piece of Math on this earth, this bone and it’s math, predates Noah and his cubit math regardless of what calendar is used.

The Story of Mathematics

3- In 1974 in Cairo Egypt, Unesco which is the Scientific and Educational Committee within the United Nations held a symposium where they invited 20 of best Egyptologist and Scientist to attend, thus there were two Black professionals who also attended. The committee asked the participants to submit working papers as to “what race did the ancient Egyptians belong to”. All participants submitted their papers. Of the two Black professions Dr, Obanga who was a linguist demonstrated in his paper that the Nubian, Ethiopian and old Egyptian language had the same root words so when they spoke to one another they understood one another. But when Dr. Obanga compared the old Egyptian language with the European, Mediterranean and Arab languages he demonstrated in his paper that they had nothing in common whatsoever. Next, Dr.C.A. Diop was able to get tissue samples from a royal mummy and with ultraviolet light and chemicals he was able to show in his paper that the “melanin levels” found in this mummy are simply not found in European, Mediterranean and Arab peoples, this test is called “The Melanin Dosage Test”. So these two Black Doctors sat back for three days waited for a challenge from the other eighteen Doctors, there was no challenge from the other participants, so UNESCO simply declared that the Egyptians were Black Africans.
The Melanin Dosage Test by Cheikh Anta Diop

“The African Origin of Civilization Myth or Reality” by C.A Diop”

I would like to make sure that it’s understood that the above information has absolutely nothing to do with the Copts who speak Arabic and who are just a people who come from the Greek, Roman and Arabs stock who were the last invaders in Egypt who entered the Continent at the tail end of the Black experience, who practice Christianity today. When Europeans invaded North America somebody was already there, when the Persians, Greeks, Romans, and Arabs invaded North East Africa somebody was already there. The Copts have never worshiped the Egyptian god Hapi or recognized the Mountains of the Moon and god Hapi in their teachings or writings. In the history of Mathematics, you will never see or read the name Copts. They can never associate themselves with the “ISHANGO BONE” as the blacks of Africa can. There is not one Arab or Coptic family that can “link their blood-lines to any Royal house” in ancient Black Egypt, including Cleopatra because she and her brother are just products of the Greek and Roman invaders.

Melanin Dosage Test Definition

These are the reasons why the Ancient Egyptians were African Black and yet with all of the above, the BIBLE declares “that all Nations are of one blood” and this is so true because it’s known today that if a sample of “saliva” could be extracted from every woman in Europe and all of Asia, the Geneticist would find “Mitochondrial DNA” in the sample and it always traces back to Africa every time. It should be also mentioned that the BIBLE itself declares in Genesis 10:6 that the father of Egypt was “Mizraim” the son of Ham.

Tracing Ancestry with mtDNA

So the Persians, Europeans, and Arabs all invaded old Egypt and “then the complexions of the people began to changed” and they took what they wanted as most Armies do and destroyed what they did, but the one thing they could not do is, destroy is the history of Mathematics.

ROMANS 10:9–13

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