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Only internet access

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Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 3/24/2016 11:27:50 PM

In Shashemane, there has been a lot of network trouble ever since the fighting a few strongs ago. The signal was weak already, but it seems now that the government has intentionally shut down the internet access to keep people from communicating and organizing crime. The apps that I use to talk to people overseas, like Whatsapp and IMO, are not working. People say facebook is also not working. Email, soundcloud, blog websites; none of the websites I try to pull up will work.
Except this one.

Is it JAH bless+sing, just allowing I to have this one way to communicate and research what I Idren share? Or is there a technological reason why this website is the only one working?
Ark I maybe the I can answer this question.

Whatever the reason, I am very happy, and the I should be glad too, that even in the areas of Africa with very little internet connection, Idren + Istren can still visit JAH-RasTafarI website. Give thANKHs!

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/25/2016 12:41:20 AM

It might be that the other websites the I has tried are using too much internet bandwidth because of ads, videos and other large items. So your limited internet connection causes them to load too slowly and timeout.

This website doesn't have any of that unless somebody posts it, so most of the pages downloaded are small, so the download is quick.

They may also be specifically blocking the well known social and communication websites/servers like Facebook and whats app.

How does the I get internet, phone wire, cable, cellular or something else?

Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 3/25/2016 10:15:56 AM

Ises I

I was guessing that the simplicity of the pages had something to do with it. Give thankhs for that, and I hope it Itinues to be easy for I&I on very very low bandwidth to still access the site.

I think it is also true that certain sites and servers are being blocked intentionally, seemingly the majority of social sites. As I said the political shituation was the catalyst for the more recent network problems; people in town and at the ethio telecom company say so openly, that the government shut down the internet due to the fighting.

I have been trying every method I can to get better internet access... The cellular network was working slightly, I was able to access a few basic sites, and those communication apps were working when I initially came here. But still, pictures/videos didnt load and music would not play. At the wifi houses it was the same, some sites would load but not the more media heavy ones. This is both on the phone and computer using wifi. Then after the fighting, all apps stopped working, and this website is the only one that works on the cellular network. I tried one USB for the network but it is from the same ethio telecom company, so I am guessing it works on the cellular network also? It doesnt work except to pull up gmail (sometimes) and this website. Next I tried a home telephone that plugs into the computer, but the phone itself is wireless also and uses the same mobile SIM card, so once again I think this is cellular. It doesnt work at all, though (only to make telephone calls). I wanted to have a wire initially, like ethernet. But I am told it will cost too much to send the wire this far, because the house I am renting is way out of town. If anyone has a suggestion, please share!

Give thankhs I&I in Shashemane still, even with the network issues... JAH Bless + And Fqr

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 3/25/2016 10:19:59 AM

Whilst there may be a very pragmatic and technical reason for this, InI find it more then interesting that this here Rasta circle is the ONLY one di I can access from InI Holy Land.

There's a Natural Mystic in the air...


Anything di I may need from InI, let us know!


Messenger: JAH Child Sent: 3/25/2016 11:22:53 PM

Yes Sister! I feel the same way. Give thankhs again + again
+ More Love

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