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Peacekeeping rapists

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Messenger: Voodooruuts Sent: 2/6/2016 1:16:21 PM

A Inited effort, an Inited Fight!
One Aim one Destiny!

Other than that we'll continue to suffer and and die waiting on Jah, God, Yahweh, Jesus/Yeshua, Allah and all esle beside InI to work the inner and outer worlds to save InI.

Many tried but we still in the same position but we always deal with them for our restoration.

Most if not all who took there freedom turned back to Africa and put down dem foreign religious books and ideologies. Just imagine the Haitian revolution or Maroon wars on a mass/global scale.

Messenger: EVOLUTION Sent: 2/6/2016 1:31:55 PM
Reply what can InI DO to attain the UNITY that's the SOLUTION???


Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 2/6/2016 2:22:33 PM

Evolution, I recognize and acknowledge the esoteric truth in your words. What needs to be overstood here is the CRUX of what is being addressed by us....which it is this:

There is no separation between "JAH" and INI. That DIVINE ONE is not OUTSIDE of INI. It is not floating randomly in the whirlwind of Time. There is no separation between Past, Present and Future.

We are a multi dimensional spiritual beings having a multi dimensional physical experience.

The pain of INI ancestors is mine/ours. If my mother and sistaz are being raped, I am raped.

As godz on Earth, reflections and expressions of the Creator, we are the architects of InI destiny. So while everyone is waiting on Jesus, Karma, or prayin' fi justice...

Like Mutabaruka seh:

"Wi caw teck it nuh langa
Oppression still a govern Afrika
Wi afi start rule wi destiny
By any means necessary
Even if wi use likkle obeah
An' if de obeah won't do
Wi mit afi use likkle voodoo
But Afrika mus free
By any means necessary 
Wedda is guns bombs
Or de elements of creation
Wi aguh wage a war fi free de nation"

One viable and realistic solution begins with UNITY and implementing what our revolutionary elders laid out in the Master Plan (see the post by same name)

Messenger: EVOLUTION Sent: 2/6/2016 2:44:12 PM

BLESSED LOVE...Will check out...

Messenger: Voodooruuts Sent: 2/6/2016 10:33:32 PM

Dem wha went free deh in Suriname deh use Obeah!
In Jamaica the Maroons they use Obeah!
Mau Mau use they indigenous Kenyan Kikuyu ways
Haiti they use Vodou deh and built a nation of former enslaved Africans.

Commonality in freedom, they turn to African ways NOT the books of the oppressors!
Commonality in setbacks making deals with the oppressors!

Messenger: Jah Seeker Sent: 2/7/2016 4:18:33 AM

Great reasoning Voodoo and Goddess, i agree with you. I will also add that we can look to the Bible for guidance (as one of many sources), when Jah said i will not help a people until they first help themselves, did he not? So it is high time that African people and people of African descent stop waiting for outside forces or help and rise up and demand justice once and for all. Peacefully if possible, violent if necessary.

Secondly, i haven't yet decided 100%, but most likely i will take the UN organization as a theme for my Masters degree, in which i will explore all the aspects of the UN as a whole and explore various issues and mass misconducts of the UN in various countries. I am from Bosnia, and we well know how evil the ''blue helmets'' can be, and how they played a huge role in the fall and genocide in Srebrenica.

Rastafari power!

Messenger: EVOLUTION Sent: 2/7/2016 10:56:52 AM
Reply there is a possible FUTURE SOLUTION...BLESSINGS on going forward towards that degree...JAH LIVE!!!


Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 2/7/2016 1:10:26 PM

Jah Seeker, in response to your words:

"So it is high time that African people and people of African descent stop waiting for outside forces or help and rise up and demand justice once and for all. Peacefully if possible, violent if necessary"

Very true indeed. However, just to give you a different historical angle to it is often assumed that we have never tried, much less succeeded in building our own economically independent black communities.

Have you ever heard of the Black Holocaust in America, The Tulsa Race Riot of 1921? If not, check out what white folks did to InI community. And, by the way, this is not an isolated incident.

We have been told "well, go back to Africa" (even though we are also indeginous to these lands) yet our efforts have been historically sabotaged, because truth be told, without us, the western world wouldn't be as economically powerful, and would be culturally dead. And when we've decided to go on and build our own here, they have been systematically destroyed.

Perhaps this will she'd a bit more light on InI experience and reality.

Messenger: African_Warrior_King Sent: 2/7/2016 1:24:22 PM

I N I Salute rebel leaders all over Mama Africa however malicious they might be or taking matters on them own hand, using they own means to get power and independence in this fake independence we have in I n I countries. Atleast they are acting! What about we Rasta?

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Haile Selassie I