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Qedamawi Haile Selassie's name revealed Nibiru

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Messenger: Har-Tema Sent: 1/26/2016 2:43:34 AM

I want to share the significant of His Majesty's baptismal name revealing Planet Nibiru. As it was written within the book "Catch A Fire: The Life Of Bob Marley" author Timothy White stated when Lij Tafari was 40 days old as an infant he was baptized, and when the priest gave him his baptismal name (throne named) this was when Tafari felt himself enveloped in a golden glow and his knowledge was increase, filling him up like a vessel (Akashic Records - cosmic memory bank had open).

Qedamawi Haile Selassie

Qedamawi is Ge`ez for 'first', and may also mean 'old' or 'holy'. Its also similar to many Hebrew words such: as Qedem (aforetime, ancient, ancient past, or ancient days), Qadam (to come or be in front), Qidmah (front or east), Qadmay or Qadmoni (former or first).

Ketem means Gold in both Hebrew and Kemetic and is the same as the word Neb meaning Gold or Lord (eg. nb-n-ktm meaning gold of ketem i.e. Nubia). Keep in mind 'K' and 'Q' are interchangeable just like 'T' and 'D'. Thus, Qedem=Ketem becomes Neb.

Haile or Haylu in Amharic means Power, Might, Strength and can be found in the Hebrew language as Chayil, Khayel, Hayel, Hayl with 'EL' being the shorter form of the word having the same meaning. In 2nd Chronicles 17:7 we read of a character named Ben-Hail or Ben-Hayl (ben-chayil) meaning "son of strength". Also Halal, Heylel, Helel means 'shining one (light Bringer). However, the etymology of the Hebrew 'Hayl' derived from the Kemetic god Har (Haru, Heru) since the L is replaced by the Egyptian 'R' and the vowels are excluded in etymologically studies.

Selassie (Slase or Selase or Salase) means Trinity in Amharic and is related to the Hebrew words such as: shalash meaning three, threefold, triple and Shalosh meaning Three or Triad or Shelishi which meaning Third. The name Selassie symbolize the 3 stars in the Sirius System as Sirius A,B,C.

The Biblical meaning of the name "Silas" means Three or the third'.

Selas means 'Light' in Greek as in Selena the moon goddess

SA means son in Kemetic and this word was also associated with the ancient amulet of protection known as Sa. The 'Sa symbol' was often depicted with images of Bes, the dwarf god. Now in the Dogon's cosmology story Po Tolo (Sirius B) and Emaya Tolo (Sirius C) are Dwarf stars. Note: Bes is seen as a protector of child Horus.

The hieroglyphic signs for 'Son of Ra' is a goose and the sun disc, giving the letters SA and RA. By the Fifth Dynasty the pharaoh was referred to as the son of Ra or Sa-ra/Sa-res (Sela or Selas). In Hebrew Abraham's wife name was Sarah meaning Princess, Lady or to rule. 'Sarah' is the female version of the Sumerian word 'Sar'.
Tefnut is said to be the Dark Goddess Kali in Ancient Sindh (India) representing Sirius C and Tefnut and the God Re are one. Hence, in Tamil language Ra means night or darkness. In fact the Tamil People of Southern India (Dravidian) also stated that Ra or the 'Eye of Ra' is only associated with the Goddess principal (notably Wadjet, Hathor, Bast, Sekhmet, Tefnut, Nekhbet and Mut) and Ra in its true overstanding should be identified as a female and NOT a Male God. Nevertheless, Tefnut is the first Goddess to come from her father Atum and when she is seen as the 'Eye of Ra', it should be better written as Ra-Tefnut or Res-Tefnet (Ras Teferi or Ras Tafari). Thus, this "Eye" symbolizes the Fiery Uraeus (Awakened Kundalini) located upon the headdress (1st Eye) of all the gods. The Eye of Horus is a different concept and like the 'Eye of Shiva' represent the 1st eye or Pineal, Thalamus, Pituitary Gland etc.

Sa-Ra should be "Ra the Protector" as Sirius C

The name for the star Sirius in Arabic is "She-ra or Shera" (female Ra/Sa-ra) or Ash-Shera (the mighty star, Sirius). Shera=Sept=Sapad=Sheba=Sheva=Shiva symbolize the 7 pointed star as Sirius.

The Amharic word Selassie (Selase) then becomes the Hebrew Shalosh =Sarosh=Saresh=Sares (Sa-ra) means One who awakes and Protect in Kemetic.

Selah in the book of psalms represent (musical) pause i.e. the singer was to rest while the instrumental music went on. This is very common in reggae music. However, Selah would become Ser-ah or Ser-aa in ancient Egypt which means "to reveal and exhibit" or "The Great Rock"

Sela means Rock in Hebrew like the rock hued Churches of King Lalibela in the shape of the Cross aka New Jerusalem

The " SER " is the most ancient and universal root word related to the Hebrew TZER or TSER which is also a divine name, the " Rock " of Israel. This Ser is associated with Asar or Osirs or Serapis (Bull or Calf)

Also the Sumerians said one year on planet Nibiru, a "SAR", was equivalent in time to 3,600 Earth years.

Qedamawi Haile Selassie=Neb-Heru-Ser-aa in Ancient Egyptian means "Lord Heru the Great Chief" or "The Great Golden Rock of Light". It can also be 'Neb Heru Sa-ra' meaning "Lord Horus the Son of Ra" or "The Awakened Golden Light of Protection", which is Horus of Sirius C (Dogon tribe said Nyan Tolo, "Star of Women” is a planet of Sirius C/Emma ya).

Neb Heru=Nibiru=Nyan Tolo

Horus is associated to Sirius. Heru Ami Sebtep, which means Horus of Sirius and Heru Sept means Horus of the Dog Star (Sirius is in Canis Major, the major dog). Since Neb Heru is Nebiru, the sign of Sirius is the cross as well. Nibiru means in sumerian "Planet of the Cross or Crossing"

This is also the true origin of the word "Hebrew" which is derived not from the Biblical character name Eber but actually a place in ancient sumer. "The fact that Abraham’s family migrated to Harran from Ur has been taken by scholars to imply that Ur was Abraham’s birthplace, but that is not stated anywhere in the Bible.
"The biblical suffix "i" when applied to a person, meant "a native of"; Gileadi meant a native of Gilead and so on. Likewise, 'Ibri' meant a native of the place called "Crossing"; and that, precisely, was the Sumerian name for Nippur: NI.IB.RU - the Crossing Place, the place where the pre-Diluvial grids crisscrossed each other, the original Navel of the Earth, the olden Mission Control Center". Nippur is the religious center of Sumer and where abraham's father Terah observe the heavens as an astrologer and priest.
However, Nippur was name after the Planet NI.BI.RU. So in reality the Annunaki (black gods) are the real Hebrew (Ibri) i.e People of Nibiru or Nibiruan (Nubian), as people of earth would be called "Earthling" by an extraterrestrial race etc.

Nibiru is said to be a red planet with a gold hue. As a result, it appears as a bright yellow-gold star when seen from earth. Nibiru’s brightness is due in part to the gold dust suspended in its atmosphere.

Qedamawi Haile Selassie is "Neb Heru Sa-ra" or "Neb Heru Ser-ah" or "Neb-Heru-Ser" in ancient Kemet and Nibiru-Sar in Sumer=The "Sar" is 3,600 Earth years, was the orbital period of Nibiru between the sirius star system and our solar system

Note: The closest word to the Sumerian 'Nibiru' in Ethiopic is 'Neberu' meaning "They Sat" i.e "They were enthroned". 'They' referring to the Neteru or Gods. Thus, you see why HIM chose his Baptismal name as his Throne name. Note: In the Book of Revelation, John sees 24 elders sitting upon 24 thrones and Ezekiel saw God in his movable Throne chariot.



In the Indian spiritual science the name Qedamawi (first ) Haile (power) Selassie (trinity) is "Adi Shakti Trimurti" or "The First Power of the Trinity" or "The Primordial Power of God", since the Shakti or Power of the Gods was identified as being a Feminine energy as Aset represented the Throne of Power. For example: The Power of Shiva is his wife 'Paravati', and the Power of Brahma is his wife 'Saraswati', and Power of Vishnu is his wife 'Lakshmi'

Adi Parashakti means "The Eternally Limitless Power". The Supreme Being

Adi Para Shakti is the Supreme Being. The Devi Bhagwata Mahapurana tells that Adi Para Shakti is the original creator, protector, and destroyer of the world. In the beginning of the universe, Adi Para Shakti created three masculine forms of herself, called Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva.

The Puranas say that the Trimurti (Trinity) originated from Adi Shakti – or the Supreme cosmic Energy – as symbolized by a female form – the universal Mother. Thus, the Yoni Mudra is her symbol and it was also said that the Yoni Mudra (hand sign of HIM) is the true form of the supreme absolute; And by grace of the yoni mudra, Bhairava (another form of shiva) says he was able to conquer death. Yoni symbolize the female vagina, Kundalin, black hole accretion disk, Saturn, Sirius C and Nibiru as the winged disc.

Haile Selassie is the ancient of Days, symbolizing the Annunaki...


Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/26/2016 9:36:23 AM


I truly enjoy reading di I's epistles. They appeal to my love of etymology, history, metaphysics and cosmological principles. A "meal" which cannot be gobbled down, but ingested slowly, bite by bite.

This, I will have to read several times. Give thanks for quite a tasty and filling dish!

Messenger: Har-Tema Sent: 1/26/2016 9:59:29 AM

Thank you very much Empress but I wish I could have made the Pictures showed. It would bring out my point more clearer. Nonetheless, I'm glad you'd enjoyed it

Blessed love

Messenger: royal dawta Sent: 1/26/2016 12:49:20 PM

Blessed love ...wHahaha I was wanting to just say now I wish I could see the pictures I am also inlove wita I word sound power and offcause I can see why the honourable empress RastaGoddess loves it twice as much :) keep sharing keep posting I and I am blessed for all the knowledge bestowed upon I and I ..

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/26/2016 2:35:01 PM

A ROYAL bow of respect unto di I mi sista Lioness!! *BIG GRIN*

Har Tema, it took me a minute to figure out the picture thing, and still don't have success in posting all the ones I wish. Perhaps if di I still have di links dem, InI could try. For some reason I cannot do it from my phone, ever, but would be happy to try tomorrow when I return to my office computer. :)

A picture is often worth a thousand words.


Messenger: royal dawta Sent: 1/26/2016 3:49:34 PM

Blessed Love empress.. Why the Big Grin??????

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/26/2016 8:47:36 PM

A feline grin from one lioness to another :)

Messenger: Har-Tema Sent: 1/26/2016 9:02:50 PM

These are screenshots below to show that His Majesty represented the Annunaki, for he look exactly like the ancient of days from Nibiru in the Sumerian Civilization..

This link below shows how similar the hand sign of HIM to a depiction of Nibiru.

Nibiru is the winged disk of Heru you see in ancient kemet and sumer. In Olmec Mayan Empire its known as Quetzalcoatl (Feather serpent or snake-bird) and is similar to the Anhinga Bird with its wide stretch out wings...

Goddess, I'm not sure if you can take the links and make it visible for the viewers


Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/27/2016 2:50:39 PM


Okay, the reason they can't be posted, as far as I can see, is that they aren't jpeg. files. I can never seem to post these either. So...the only way around that is to post them as links. By the way...I LOVED the visuals! Di I's dem will simply have to click the links below to view.

As we say "by any means necessary" :)





This link below shows how similar the hand sign of HIM to a depiction of Nibiru



Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 1/27/2016 3:55:23 PM

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