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Diet as according to scripture

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Messenger: EVOLUTION Sent: 2/7/2016 10:39:12 AM

Greetings in the name of the most HIGH...I can't believe one word and a difference of opinion has caused this pathetic argumemt...Ones and Ones need to lose EGO to "KNOW" JAH...We all are representing not only a NAME but a Man/KING whome this name "RAS-TAFARI SELASSIE I" was DIVINELY given to...and this is how Black heart represent HIM...JAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!...I heart cried when I site this dog fight this new light...RAS-TAFARI is not about BLACK...WHITE or ITAL...he's about PEACE...LOVE...UNITY...OVERSTAND...PURITY OF HEART AND MIND.. EQUAL RIGHTS and JUSTICE for ALL...Black heart the I comment about WHITE brothers reading the Bible and then think they know Rasta...was a Rasist comment...straight!!! I did not joined this site for DRAMA...I joined to give and receive IN-LIGHT-IN-MENT...JAH Seeker keep reasoning going...let's all live together as ONE...TRUTH is TRUTH...ITAL is ITAL...


Messenger: Jah Seeker Sent: 2/7/2016 10:46:10 AM

Thank you brother for the support, i will just reiterate what you said that some should lose their ego. It's a reasoning forum, you don't have to agree with me and you don't have to respond at all, but entering pathetic arguments is really sad. This is not Rasta, not for me at least, Rasta reasons and find solutions, not argue over ital or vegan. IT IS ONLY A PERSONAL OPINION! Are you really that thick that you can't overs this?

Messenger: Voodooruuts Sent: 2/7/2016 10:56:00 AM

D I did say that Ital included things that NOT considered Ital by the originators of the word and those who know and use the word. Therefore you DID CHANGE the meaning!

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/7/2016 10:56:30 AM

Who brought the argument about Ital? Almost all RasTafarI people have no disagreement or argument about Ital, whether or not they eat Ital, they don't come with a different view and understanding about Ital and say they eat Ital when they don't.

And what Black Heart is saying about race is based on observation and experience. Plenty of white people claim RasTafarI, but try to redefine what RasTafarI is about to suit their own desires.

Messenger: Jah Seeker Sent: 2/7/2016 11:02:18 AM

And yet so many Rastafari to this day have different views about the divinity of Haile Selsassie I, how dare they.....

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 2/7/2016 11:03:12 AM

NO, Rasta is not a hippy one love movement. It is primarily and historically an Afrikan movement born out of resistance to white supremacy.

InI find it ironic that those with the worst history of violence and racism on the planet earth now like to cry for equality among InI when the truth of historical racism is presented.

That is an ITAL TRUTH many non Afrikans cannot or will not digest. Though it is convenient to say the topic of privilege doesn't pertain to this discussion on ITAL livity, those types of attitudes and denials are as poisonous to the body of Afrikan People as is swine to the body of man.

Oh and please. Before ya run and post HIM speech about the color of a man's eyes....READ THE LAST WORDS.

Messenger: RastaGoddess Sent: 2/7/2016 11:09:59 AM

How dare we you ask?

Like it or not, whether we have different views on the divinity of HIM, we are and always will be the GATEKEEPERS of Afrikan History, Traditions and RASTAFARI

Messenger: EVOLUTION Sent: 2/7/2016 11:29:42 AM


Messenger: Jah Seeker Sent: 2/7/2016 11:32:45 AM

Goddess you misunderstood, i was being ironic.. I meant to emphasize all differewnt views on various things.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 2/7/2016 9:48:06 PM

It is funny that the I them don't understand why I and I have a problem with the misrepresentation of the word Ital, or anything else that has to do with RasTafarI.

If you are going around telling people that you are RastafarI and you are Ital, while eating flesh, fish, eggs and dairy, then you will be spreading a false notion and will cause some people to think that Ital, according to RasTafarI people, includes the eating of flesh and other non-Ital things, and they will spread this same notion around and eventually, groups of people will be misrepresenting the meaning of Ital, and spreading notions that don't come from RasTafarI people, all the while claiming they are from RasTafarI people.

And this notion of ego was brought up. What about the ego of a kid that just three years ago was talking about his parents not letting him grow his locks, and now he is a big man telling RasTafarI people what Ital should be.

All i said was that i have a different understanding of Ital and how i view what that word should be.

And before that,
Ital is everything that is Vital for your body. Vegan is a whole different thing. Look to elders and ancients and see what they ate, most Rasta were fisherman in the beginning. Ital is Vital, Vegan is choice.

That is directly telling I and I what Ital means (according to you), contrasting it with vegan to try to suggest that Ital includes flesh, dairy, eggs and whatever else you consider Ital.

And after I reply
Ital is Vital, but it is not what you claim. You can't change the definition of it to suit your purposes. It has had the same definition before you were born. And milk, eggs, fish and other flesh were never part of its definition.

Make up your own word instead of changing a word that is already well defined.

There are plenty of RasTafarI people that eat fish, but they don't call it Ital.

Then you reply "Agree to disagree", and then go on and talk about starving people. You claim to not be trying to change the definition of Ital, but you think I and I should agree to disagree on the definition. Well I and I don't agree to disagree, because I and I didn't choose to agree to disagree with the definition of Ital when I and I learned it, I and I agreed to accept the definition, and agreed that if I and I don't eat Ital, I and I wouldn't claim it is Ital.

No matter how much you try to backtrack and double talk, you come with the arrogance, ego and disrespect to tell RasTafarI what the definition of Ital should be like you are some kind of authority. You have no Iverstanding of I and I Iritual reasons for not putting dead flesh in our bodies. Ital is not just Vital to the body, but is Vital for I and I Iritual Heights. And there are many who don't eat flesh, dairy or other things, and are healthy and getting everything that is Vital to them.

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Haile Selassie I