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JAH no see PEOPLE according to their sins

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Messenger: RAS-NATE-1995 Sent: 10/2/2013 11:00:51 AM

Greetings blessed Idren and Sistren;

InI must not think that God see sinners according to their sins,or as wicked men,becos that is not the TRUTH...

there is already too much religious boasting of "WE ARE BETTER" and here InI have to be careful that we don't turn InI faith into VANITY,becos we seek to be better then other men,InI must learn not to compare ourselves to others,but to live in LOVE and embrace Hola creation.

JAH only see a child lost in the dark,and nothing more than that...
and before you start arguing and seperating yourself from the so called HEATHEN,make sure it's not hate and vanity leading you to a pitfall of coruption.

cuh only PERFECT LOVE can open JAH door,so InI must focus on ourselves and stop worry about others,however THOSE who have already had a SPIRITUAL revelation,and still continue doing wrong,that is another story,those are without excuse and punishment shall surely follow.


Messenger: Nazarite_I Sent: 10/4/2013 3:40:18 PM

And even those who have that spiritual revelation make mistakes and fall from time to time. There are no excuses at that point though and Jah doesn't look easy on it. I can testify, when I and I know better and still do wrong, Jah doesn't spare the rod, but even that proves to I His love, because He wants I and I to get up and learn the lesson to forward in strength and perfection.

And the I is right as well, perfection is not being able to say 'I am better than so and so', that kind of thinking is just folly pride and in reality, I and I are no better nor worse than a next man, though Livity and deeds might distinguish I and I in some ways. Though I and I trod Mount Zion road, I and I are potentially prey to the same forces of bad influence, emotional unbalance, temper, laziness and all kinds of things that are just as present among RastafarI people as they are in the general society. All that distinguishes I and I truly is the awareness of I and Iselves and cultivation of self-control, discipline and humbleness with the intention of keeping these forces in check and harnessing I and Iselves for Haile Selassie I's works.

Blessed love

Messenger: RAS-NATE-1995 Sent: 10/7/2013 6:05:21 AM


yes Nazarite_I,JAH is slow to anger,and most people use that for their wicked advantage,not realising that man can never really hide from the Almighty,but each man shall be judged according to his works.

[11] My son, despise not the chastening of the LORD; neither be weary of his correction:
[12] For whom the LORD loveth he correcteth; even as a father the son in whom he delighteth.

so,yea,it is true that at times obstacles get in InI way,and usually it happens suddenly,when we are in the Ites,someone/something hits us from the top so that we fall down,and don't know how to start over again.
but this is the trying of our faith,and remember the hotter the battle,the sweeter JAH victory and it's NEVER too late.

[16] For a just man falleth seven times, and riseth up again: but the wicked shall fall into mischief.

yes I,and the more the I increases in strength and knowledge,the more the I needs to be aware,and the more responsibilty rises,it is foolish to see a little light shining through,and thinking the battle is already won,but instead InI must Itinue to strive to become one with the light,wich is JAH RASTAFARI the Irator of us all.
and InI should never be ungrateful,for our blessings are more than we think,InI must always give thanks to the most high,no matter what Babylon do or say,wether it be within or outside,our family and friends,InI must keep the good faith,and trod on in the way of truth.


Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 10/7/2013 5:01:53 PM

Give Thanks for the Word Sound Ras Nate.

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