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Meat is Ital

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Messenger: IPXninja Sent: 11/10/2022 2:19:20 PM

I agree. The point is to try to show our beloved family that it's basically all the same so that we can avoid judging each other for what we choose to eat.

Let no man therefore judge you in meat, or in drink, or in respect of an holyday, or of the new moon, or of the sabbath days: - colossians 2:16

Some esteem the lives of animals over plants and don't want to harm animals so they eat only plants instead.

There's nothing wrong with that.

Some esteem the lives of animals over plants but esteem all life as precious and recognize their own place in the circle of life, knowing they will one day be consumed by plants.

There's nothing wrong with that.

Once you start judging the eating of animals you have to judge one species of animals from eating another. What do you do? Police them? Kill all the predators?

What if there is only ONE life... ONE life that is distributed across the whole planet, in each living cell of every living organism. Maybe this is something to think about while high so you get a good overstanding.

But think about it. If there is one life and that life DIVIDES and MULTIPLIES... the same way that inside your body cells are always and constantly dying and being replaced by new cells.

Think about it!

If you could somehow protect all of your cells from dying then what would that mean for the process of cellular mitosis? Your body... your ONE body regenerates from the inside out. Life is built to come in and out of existence, constantly giving birth to itself. That is it's nature. It would be unnatural to stop this.

Think about it!

We do not protect the lives of individual cells. We protect the life of the person. Individual birds are "cells" of their species. So we can eat the birds while still protecting the species. We can pick flowers because we can still protect the species of the flower. Everything that is born is born to die. Everything that can feel pain has a desire to live and survive. Plants may not feel pain as we do but you can't say they don't desire to live because even they have self defense mechanisms.

In these different forms... life... Life learns about living and surviving in each of these forms and adapts and finds new forms to increase its survival. But life... life consumes itself for energy. Life consumes itself-its own biomass-for the energy it needs to survive and reproduce.

Even in every religion that has a creation story... there is one period, "in the beginning" for creation and then its OVER. "Finished". So after that point, even thousands of years into the future, all life is still going as a perpetual continuity from the same life from thousands (or millions if you can believe it) of years in the past. And it survives, not by preserving every cell or every organism, but by growing, dividing, spreading out, diversifying, consuming different forms of itself in which there are the same natural resources that life needs to grow.

If you eat meat you are consuming life. If you don't eat meat you are still consuming life. You are still part of the circle of life and when you die you will be meat for the plants and animals around your buried corpse.

Even alive... your body is a host vessel; like a spaceship. Billions of living organisms ride around in your body feeding off of what you eat. They are the same living organisms that will continue to feed once you die except they will feed on your dying cells and this helps your body decay and be reabsorbed into the earth. So obviously these organisms are not vegans. They're not vegetarians. They are omnivorous. And since they do not spring to life at the moment of your death but instead are always with you, they are omnivores all their lives.

Animals who are hunted are eaten. Animals who die from diseases are animals who have been hunted and killed by organisms called viruses. Viruses can also "hunt" and kill people too. Because these things are so small we haven't even thought of them as predatory killers and we as prey. But it's all just a matter of perspective. Usually, the larger organism eats the smaller one. Period. But if you look at ants and other pack animals, they can hunt and kill as a group and eat a larger animal together. There are animals who attach themselves too you and eat small bits of you at a time, or steal your blood. Again, all this is nature and therefore all this is natural. You want to tell every hunter species on the planet that hunting isn't natural? Even the animals that die from natural causes are eaten by different animals. Larger and smarter animals just don't eat something that is already being digested by billions of smaller animals.

I'm not trying to gross anyone out. The point is that Life doesn't waste the lives of all the cells that die. It USES them to create new cells and new organisms and new members of new species. Life is fueled by death and death by life. They are a partnership that is in harmony. When you understand this harmony you can find your part in it and be okay with it. If you believe it was all created by God then believe that God created life this way; created life with the requirement that it had to eat and consume life. If you can accept this then of the zillions of plants and animals that consume life every second, then you should accept it from other humans who do the same. And why? Because it is vital for the survival of life.

But don't be naive. Life survives by consuming life. Life simply exists in different forms. Do I or would I eat humans? No. Life in one form, typically will not eat itself (Same form) unless it is desperate for food. But animals use taste and smell to help determine what they should eat and they have preferences based on what form of life their form allows them to hunt or scavenge. But when they, one form of life, consumes life, they take on the benefit of that life, and the resources of that life, and the spirit of that life, until they are eaten and it goes to the larger organism (or organization) that eats them. Life simply finds its way up the ladder and when it dies it feeds those at the bottom. Life is connected through this process. And death always finds meaning in this process by sustaining life.

So before we judge... try to see the bigger picture. Try to see ALL life as sacred and ALL life as ONE.

Messenger: GARVEYS AFRICA Sent: 11/16/2022 8:12:00 AM

As a moderator of this website I feel like this foolishness should be closed up for further comment, if not hidden.

Meat is ital?

Likkle by likkle some of unuh try to change and move Rastafari livity away from its rightful Root. One thread after another. GuWeH and be something other than Rastafari if the I dem want from the I dem free.

Not all Rastafari are ital, many 12 tribe i know to eat meat. But they dont then try and argue this into iTal. Ital is a hola livity created by InI which should be respected whether ones choose to live so or not.

Meat eating is not Ital and is not common among Rastafari livity. Thats it.

Maybe if the thread title change to 'The benefits of eating meat vs ital' or something and it wouldnt alarm me so much.

Meat eaters have to read The China Study before debating this with any context for I personally.


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