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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 9/25/2013 11:07:03 PM

For a person that talks of the kind of philosophy you speak about, you seem to be spending a lot of effort indulging this illusion of yours that this website exists, and that you feel you must come here multiple time with multiple names to spread your philosophy.

Why bother, I don't exist and every messenger you see writing here doesn't exist. We are all just figments of your imagination. We are just the illusion you created in your mind.

As I said to you before

You philosophers keep talking about discarded the mind and gaining freedom from the mind. But don't realize that when you think that you are in a state of freedom from the mind, it is just your mind's imagination that gives you that feeling and thought. You have not freed yourself from your mind at all, you have just used the thoughts of your mind to imagine something different. You philosophers also accuse I and I and others of following illusion passed on to us by others. And act like your concept is some kind of self-realization, but you are just regurgitating theories imagined by other people before you. And you even want to call the things we see and hear illusions, but don't realize that the theories you are showing are purely illusions. They are just assembled thoughts, like a story book, describing an imagined, specious "reality".

I can't spend much more time entertaining the philosophers. I have wasted more time that I want already on that in the past. I prefer more fruitful Reasonings. 

And now, here comes the next stage of your illusion.

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Haile Selassie I