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Persecution of the herb by parentsabylon.

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Messenger: ConsciousRas Sent: 8/29/2013 1:25:06 AM

Give thanks in the most high Jah rastafari.
Iman has finally embarked on tribulation with I parents concerning the hola herb. Yesterday I confronted I parents that I have seen Jah light for a very long time and this gave them the shock of their life. I mother as expected shed her tears and I father as expected was accusing I for every evil deed that has happened to I family.
I sat I mother down and showed a documentary called run from the cure by rick simpson which explains how he beat skin cancer after a short duration of time. I aunt is currently suffering from skin cancer and she is going through radiation then chemo. It has already spread to her lungs and maybe the liver as well.she is very close to me and the only cure iman sees is the God given plantm
I parents went through an emotional rollercoaster and everything they know is in doubt. I father being a military man tells I of how illegal it is and uses the excuse that I made I mother cry which means that herb is a devilish drug. I mother is a strong woman but weak hearted thus I father can control her emotions as they are oldschool.
The disbelief made them force the I to cut I 6 months locs to prove to them I do not need the herb. I told them about the haille-selassie foundation and its missions and goals which only made it worse for I.
I man can speak a lot about what happened yesterday but it won't change anything rather it made the I become stronger and deeper with Jah rastafari as iman is a spirit trodding through babylon to zion. The I is at a spiritual warfare as I have read a lot of persecutions of fellow bredrins and sistrens have gone through, the parents disown the child and you realeyes that haille selassie is I true father and queen menen is I true mama.
The I has agreed with I parents that once I am done with school the I will continue advocating for the hola herb as I feel it is I duty to educate the ignorant. Iman cannot overstand one thing, why I father tells the I to commit suicide and kill iself. That is why I am sharing this with I bredrins and sistrens all around and also to share what kind of persecutions the ones have gone through and advises that helped ones and ones in this tribulation. Imans family is a muslim family that is why I parents are shaken though I parents were born by traditional grandparents, it still is their cornerstone.
Give thanks for the reasoning and wise minds. Conquering lion of the tribe of Judah jah rastafari. Ises

Messenger: 1forTruth Sent: 8/30/2013 1:40:27 PM

Ises Concious Ras,

The I is blessed and will be even more for standing your ground. Iman had a confrontation with I church pastor when I was telling him about Haile Selassie I as the bridge between Rastafari and Christianity, and the vision of HIM that I had. He told that me I was possessed by a demonic spirit as well and that I should cut my hair. But then I real-eyes as well who truly is my Father in all spirituality. Jah RAstafari Haile I Selassie in the Yeshua without fear. I grew up in a western christian background so I can overstand the I persecution.

I will say that when Christ walked the earth, the Jews persecuted HIM, so when he returned again, the Christians persecuted HIM. The similarities are that the so called children of God, dont really know there Father.

Messenger: RAS-NATE-1995 Sent: 8/31/2013 1:00:17 PM

Greetings ConsciousRas,

So true what the I has posted.

not long ago I man reached a point,where I heart was clean,and I was staning firm in JAH RASTAFARI Most I;and I started feeling Jah presence,not really a phisical thing so it's hard fi explain...
anyway,i started seeing Haile Selassie I face more and more,and felt that he is the Iest,and started feeling that RastafarI is the truth,and that I can overcome Babylon by this Iritual connection to JAH,then when I reached a I point,someone in I family(atheist)came and started spreading his lack of faith,and negative vibes,and brought I low again,so next day I wek up,I full of doubts,and I can't connect to JAH Iritually anymore like before,so this was agreat tribulation for I.

Bob Marley mention in allot of interviews that it's a prophecy about InI that our parents will forsake InI.
and then I came up on this psalm 27:
10 When my father and my mother forsake me, then the Lord will take me up.

Let I post something out of Ark I post,related to this:
Also, when hard times come, I and I must not cast away Faith. Those are the times when Faith must be strongest, because only Jah can help I and I out of our troubles. People often lose their Faith when a little tribulation comes. But I and I are in Revelation time, the time of tribulation, so if I and I give up because of small tribulation, what will happen when the larger tribulation comes. I and I can look at tribulation as a result of our own lack of faith, and at the same time, a test to give I and I the opportunity to build up Faith.

remember Idren,society does everything,to bring down his majesty,and have one thing in their mind,to fight the RASTAMAN.
but InI have fi stand firm in JAH RASTAFARI,He will strenghthen InI hearts,if we stay with him to the end.


Messenger: ConsciousRas Sent: 8/31/2013 5:00:35 PM

Greetings with love bredrins,
Iman is blessed for the response and I give thanks for the ible verse that parents will forsake the I but I true father Jah rastafari will not. So far the power of reasoning is helping the I reason with I parents slowly but sure day by day. I parents are overstanding part of what the I is telling them. Only problem is they do not overstand what the I means when I talk about love and that love will wipe all problems in the world. Rather the parents say that the ganja is making I delusional and that I is avoiding true reality where everyone hates each other and I hide in a cloud.
Iman has gained wise mind where I accept I am a muslim just to show them that it is a guideline to righteousness and I mind will not change at all. Once the I is done with school next year iman will be free from I parents house. Iman still accept divinity of Jah and I read the ible in private just to prevent any quarells which are praises for the devil. Iman is keeping the peace and gaining I parents trust slowly as they have cut i link with the rasta foundation where I used to go and do Jah works.
Only problem iman have is the herb. I parents base their reason condemning the foundation of what they do just because they were brought up kknowing that the herb is illegal and very "destructive to the body". They have refused its medicinal purpose alone and they fear it the most more than any other drug alcohol included. What should the I do to move forward?
Give thanks as iron sharpen iron. Blessed love

Messenger: 1forTruth Sent: 9/3/2013 9:10:26 AM

Blessed love, what inI think is best for the I to do is pray in secret Matt 6:6. There is nothing wrong displaying your faith but truly to commune with Yah, whether it be praying or taking part of the sacrement, it will be best to do it in the I secret place. Where the focus is totally given to Yah. I will also advise to intinue to raspect the I parents and if they dont want the I to burn herb in the house then raspect dem wishes, just find a place where the I can be alone and commune with HIM. Some ppl will not like herb even if it was legal and will be offended by it, so out of love Iman wouldnt want to disturb their irit and be overwhelmed with emotions seen?

Selam brother
Yah Rastafari
Haile Selassie I
Iyesus Kristos i

Messenger: ConsciousRas Sent: 9/5/2013 2:07:26 PM

Seen rasta give thanks for the reasoning. Blessed

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