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Human Nature

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Messenger: Ark I Sent: 8/26/2013 10:50:06 PM

People love to use the excuse of human nature. For this or that wickedness people choose to do, they call it human nature, as if it is just the way people are supposed to be. It was a choice people were given, but not the way I and I are supposed to be.

That excuse is not for I and I, and I and I should never use it.

There is another part of Human Nature, that causes people to stop doing the wickedness of the past. This part of Human Nature also causes people to do good for others, with no obligation, or expectation of return. This part of Human Nature also causes people to protect one another, and forgive one another.

The real excuse for wickedness is not human nature, it is choice, people choose to do wickedness. In addition to "human nature", they use all kinds of other excuses to excuse their choice, because they don't want to face the responsibility that it was just their choice.

None of those excuses are for I and I. If we choose wickedness in this or that instance, then what I and I should do is Blaze Fire on it and Rebuke our self for our wicked choice in thought or action. And then mark that weakness in our mind and remember it, and consciously put forward effort to battle it. Rebuke ourself at the earliest possible time, whenever such a foolish thought tries to arise.

As Selassie I show I and I, I and I are the children of the Most High God, that is I and I kinship. So embrace the part of Human Nature, that is of God Nature. Man of Right is God in Flesh, so Burn out all wickedness until the I is a Man or Woman of Right. It is just a choice, nothing more. It may take training and time to clean yourself, but it is just a choice to clean, and a choice to refuse all wickedness, and a choice to not go back.

Don't let other people's lack of faith in the Creator and lack of faith in the abilities the Creator has given I and I, or their excess in faith in weakness and wickedness, have any effect on your choice. That is their choice, not yours, unless you decide to take that choice for yourself. Remember, there is always another choice.

No matter how many times or in how many ways Yeshua told people to be Like Him and be One with God, or to be Perfect as God is Perfect, or that sin has no place in His Kingdom; There are always some, actually many or most, that have eyes to see but can't see, and ears to hear but can't hear, and will never take that into their mind and Irits, because that part is not for them. There faith is in weakness, so weakness they will receive. In God, there is no faith in weakness, because God is Strength, so have Faith in Haile Selassie I.

Messenger: ConsciousRas Sent: 8/27/2013 4:04:44 AM

Rastafari is God nature not human nature.

Messenger: Iman Bo Sent: 8/28/2013 5:58:46 PM

Yes I honorable Ark I

When one makes the excuse that 'being self-centered or disrespectful' is "human nature," this is a direct insult to the Creator. For as we are told in many sacred traditions and what has become self-evident, humans are endowed with the likeness and traits of Jah Creator; that is, humans have Creativity, and humans have freedom. It can be said that humans posses and exercise more freedom and creativity than do many (or all) other life forms on this planet. But freedom is not the answer to all our problems; it is the management of freedom, by which Jah RasTafari is the ultimate example.

Every part of creation has a role to fulfill, and in nature all living entities are driven towards the fulfillment of this role. The meaning of their lives is derived from the purposes that they come to accomplish and live; interconnectedly servicing the needs of others. Humans seem to be different in that we have the ability to choose between our "wants" and "needs," whereas other species always gravitate towards what they need. In this way, it can be said that every living entity in nature is reasonable, given that reason is the difference between a 'want' and a 'need.' Those who claim that that human nature is intrinsically selfish or immoral tend to believe that people are driven entirely or mostly by "wants." That is, humans are only capable of desire and will do whatever they can to obtain pleasure. This view completely excludes Reason, which is also excluding Jah.

How meaningful would life be if we had no choices? No obstacles to overcome, nothing to learn, no freedom whatsoever? Freedom gives our lives meaning, which can result in either magnificence or disgrace. I and I consider that human nature is freedom. Each person is a work in progress, learning to manage freedom and make wise decisions. We are told of this freedom in the story of the forbidden fruit; the origin of sin. So let us not attribute wickedness towards Jah or 'human nature,' but in as Ark I described, a choice.

Bless Up

Messenger: Sister Sent: 9/1/2013 5:34:49 AM

Thanks for the reasoning and innersight.
This reminds of a conversation I had the other day with a Catholic, whose vicar had explained away the child abuse that church is known for by saying that the priests are ‘only human’- they are human beings with human faults. I disagreed as by taking up the guise of priest within a faith they take on responsibility for mediating for the Creator, not representing the most base qualities of the spectrum of human nature. If that is what that church as an institution creates in its leaders then their training cannot be holy.

Human nature without guidance or the ability to consciously learn from life is drawn to the path of least resistance in order to fulfil needs, but, the hardest path may be the one with the greatest reward eventually. Endurance is a quality of human nature that can inspire greatness and lead away from being attached to material gains; challenges and conflicts build strength and compassion. Freedom can be found through what could be thought of as its opposite, discipline.

....."that the deepest humiliation is often the path to the highest exaltation, that the deliverer sent by God to save a people may come in the guise of a slave, and that false accusations, imprisonment, years of suffering, do not make it impossible nor even unlikely that he who endures all these may not be God's chosen son." (taken from an old book about Genesis).

We only use a portion of our brain power and following the path of least resistance (avoiding challenges physical, emotional, mental, avoiding learning) keeps humans in a place of being more malleable by those who use powers without conscience, and more able to be led into (or choose) sin. Action comes from thought, so some level of decision must made in bringing about sin.


Messenger: Iman Bo Sent: 9/1/2013 11:37:14 PM

Yes I Sister

I really like the reasoning about 'taking the path of least resistance.'
This is so true! People who are denied proper upbringing, education, and moral guidance are often swayed into the mindset of constantly satisfying short-term desires; as this is the main message behind Babylon's marketing system and many people become too focused on trying to make a 'living' that they loose touch with character building or moral improvements or even consideration of the future.

And then there are those who willfully submit to material-gain mentality, and use the excuse of 'human nature.' This makes no sense to I furthermore because none of I and I ancient ancestors were removing mountaintops, cutting down entire forests, or disrupting biogeochemical cycles of Earth in the name of exclusive profiteering or property acquisition. Some of these occurrences are very recent and all are a testament to undisciplined human freedom. They are new currents based on new societal codes of ethics or lack thereof. Babylon is a system dependent on people's wants, not people's needs. A system that does all in it's ability to take advantage of and distort 'human nature.' By nature humans have choice, but the bombardment of controlling, negative frequencies that are constantly emitting must have an effect. I and I consider that both nature and nurture (environmental factors)play a substantial role in the choices I and I all make, so I forward the pursuit of the Creator; to bring about surroundings that inspire righteous thoughts and decisions.

Much appreciation

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 9/2/2013 11:37:08 PM

Yes I, Iman Bo, I and I have been created with the freedom to choose between Right and wrong, because God has the choice, so if I and I are created in His Image, then I and I must also be created with freedom to choose. Here is a Reasoning that relates to what the I is saying.

Free Will vs. Destiny

Here is a Reasoning I made before about Adam and Eve that also relates to what the I is saying.

RasTafarI wanted to guide them so that they can become the fullness of the Image that they were Created in. So when they were ready and could Iverstand, Jah would have given them of the Fruit of Knowledge of Good and evil, and then Jah would have also given them of the Fruit of Life. Since RasTafarI created them in Jah Image, They were given the ability and freedom to make their own decisions. Jah wasn't creating a puppet on a string, so He didn't create them to just move according to what string Jah pulled. Jah doesn't move according to somebody else's orders, so He created Man and Woman to be the same.

So because of their impatience, they decided to go against RasTafarI's guidance, and instead move according to their own foolishness and they ate of the fruit before it was time. So Jah cast them out of the garden and put them in a place where they can cause whatever imbalance they want, but also gave the Earth the power to bring things to balance again, so that they have a place that they can't completely destroy. This way they will have as many millenniums they need to get to the point where the can Iverstand the Knowledge of Good and evil which they took before the Right time. And when that time comes when they Iverstand, Jah will remove those who would not Iverstand, and give those with Iverstanding to eat of the Tree of Life, to Live Iternally as One.

Arrogance and foolishness will always result in downfall. People have to stop imagining that Jah is like them, they do this as an excuse to continue in their foolishness instead of Living in Jah RasTafarI way. Instead they should learn how Jah RasTafarI is and change themselves to be like Jah.

The Tree of Wisdom

It is true that many animals do the things they were created to do, but many (and possibly all) species also have been created with choice, even between want and need. They are just more likely to prefer a need over a want, but even they sometimes perform wickedness because of their wants. And on the other side, want can be used as a tool for good. Much of our advancements in technology over the centuries have been made because of wants, and many were eventually used to help people achieve their needs.

The most important thing is balance. Wants and needs are neither good or evil, just as creating and destroying are also neither. Balance is what determines Good versus evil. And with this balance, some wants should never be fulfilled, and some destruction should never be fulfilled, because they cannot be performed with balance, but are only evil and unbalanced.

Balance doesn't mean doing more good to make up for the evil. There is no evil in balance. Balance is doing everything in good measure, so the result is always for Good.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 9/2/2013 11:49:49 PM

Blesses Love Sister. That is such wickedness, they even protect these wicked pedophiles from prosecution, and they don't even rebuke them to correct their wicked ways. They just move them to a new location where they can victimize another set of children.

Priests should be held to a standard that is higher than that of the general population until the day when the general population chooses a higher standard. If they can't do that, then they should not be a priest. But then again, a church of God should be held to a higher standard than other institutions, but most, if not all of the churches, have shown that they do not hold the standard of God, so it is fitting that their priests would do the same, and that they would protect those that are like themselves.

It is true what the I said about path of least resistance. People do what is easy for them, and what appears to give the most profit for the least effort. But they don't Iverstand that some things that appear to give the least profit for the most effort. Actually come with the greatest profit there ever was or ever will be.

Messenger: Iman Bo Sent: 9/3/2013 2:04:16 AM

Agreed Ark I

I and I must preserve balance in works and goals.

I do not consider 'wants' or desires to be evil in of themselves. I just see them as the only drivers towards wickedness. A need will never lead I and I into corrupted circumstances, but a want can. (Deprivation is the only circumstance where I see a need leading one to act immorally, but that is because of deprivation, not a genuine need of personal or societal well being.) Balance and longevity are the result of wanting and desiring what I and I need to survive. Indeed, we all have specific desires, and each are driven towards different roles in society by which fulfillment is found. Joy and satisfaction are necessary to survive; always when I and I desire peace and are satisfied with wholesome relations and experiences.

Experience is a universal part of life on Earth. Nonhuman lives have experiences, and yes, I think many exercise choice as well. But in I studies of nature and ecology, I see that this is where Jah is always at work, where Reason presides over every resident; driving and maintaining billions upon billions of lives for the production of clean air, water, and soil; each considering the future and staying true to their needs to maintain these ecosystem services (the entire ecological life web from atoms to cells to microbes, to plants, to insects, to animals, birds, fish, and all the rest). Each working and complementing each other so that no waste is produced that would interfere with or compromise all of life's vital requirements.

Then I and I observe a modern human city, with paved ground, skyscraping cells, highly wasteful and misspent energy zipping about and damaging Mother Earth. This is not all I and I see---because goodness does exist where any life exists---but it is not as pure in I sight as is Jah wilderness, where balance is the High order, and more attention is given towards needs.

I must say that I am ever thankful for the experiences that I have had in this city, because the majority of people are still attentive of basic human needs and decency; considerate behavior, education, companionship, safe housing, and much more of course. I just feel that once people begin to realize that there is really only ONE NATURE, will there be potential to change and make wiser decisions.

ONE NATURE meaning one true code of law: NATURAL LAW. That is the Law of actions and reactions, which brings us back to using Reason to make good CHOICES and come to desire and consider all that we need and depend on.

Eternal Thanks

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