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Mental Illness

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Messenger: Nazarite_I Sent: 8/11/2013 6:14:57 AM

It is essentially empty carbohydrate with no fibre that metabolizes too fast in the digestive system into empty calories and acidic deposits that block the bodys healthy functions. Modern varieties of wheat in particular that are grown on an industrial scale are not particularly edible either, since they are bred (and these days, genetically engineered too) to grow to a standard height and format that makes them economically viable rather than nutritionally beneficial. Other grains such as rye and spelt are infinitely healthier, and wholemeal flour that contains a much higher fibre content being the next best thing, since fibre is essential for healthy digestion.

Out of neccessity I do sometimes still eat white bread when it is the only thing affordable or available, but it is also usually very high in both processed salt and sugar, which are two next things that are particularly devastating to health. If Ones want to eat bread and have the time, bake it the Iself with good wholemeal flour and natural rock or sea salt.

Blessed love

Messenger: Nicki Irie Sent: 8/11/2013 7:11:07 PM

Wow. This has opened my mind to a lot of things.

I tried Yoga yesterday and it was amazing. I could feel the energy flow through my body.

Is there a website or a forum on here for Ital recipes?
I come from a Thai background so I usually cook with salt and sauces to eat with rice.

I'm not sure what I should be cooking.

And I want to say thank you for helping me through this. I can't get advice like this from anyone around me. I think my partner and I are the only Rastas in a 25km radios. Hope I can spread the words of Jah here in Sydney, Australia.

One Love.
Jah Bless. <3

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 8/13/2013 10:36:02 PM

In the Reasonings that stay at the top, there is one called Ital Cooking.

Messenger: burningbush Sent: 8/25/2013 4:57:03 AM


I feel that this topic is relevant to me in many ways. I have been in the mental health system for much of my life. My most recent diagnosis is schizoaffective disorder which means visual and auditory hallucinations such as acknowledging divinity in a "dead" Ethiopian Emperor,, blaming personal problems on a collective entity referred to as "Babylon", etc. I have looked at I psychological evaluation and some statements include, "Michael prefers to wear his hair in long coiled mats" and "And his belief system is perhaps more delusional...". It is a calamity, ppl. And a system tht insists on caring abt I n I just let's it happen!! I take antidepressant medication and it helps but I am somewhat dependent on it. Almost everyone I meet says I show no visible signs of schizoaffective disorder. They also say that because of my "extreme intelligence" that it's understandable as to y the system finds it so easy to label I. The analysis was aimed directly at my Rastafarian faith and I believe some compensation is due to I for this persecution. I ain't a killer, drug dealer, nothin like that but Babylon labels me as a criminal. And if you don't know how this part of the system really works then dnt even comment. I dnt want to hear anything negative. I know I am not crazy. Millions of People see His Majesty like I do, the ever living God, the Light, and I am not a criminal for praying to Him. Straight up, I love RASTAFARI with I heart and soul and because of some mental health system they have silenced many of I n I. I n I haffi be conscious in this time.

Messenger: 1forTruth Sent: 8/25/2013 8:27:02 PM

More life, strength, and love to the I. I work in a population where youths are considered mentally ill, so iman know the system. But no matter the setting. Haile Selassie I the living God has a soldier there seen.

Messenger: Eleazar Sent: 8/26/2013 12:05:06 AM

Burning Bush,

Stand firm in the I faith. Several of the early Rasta elders were put in mental hospitals and prisons, most notably Leonard Percival Howell.

Messenger: burningbush Sent: 8/26/2013 5:53:15 AM

Blessed love 1ForTruth and Eleazar, the I has made an excellent point there. I n I cannot let the babylonian shitstem to keep I down or to keep I n I divided. Praise unto the Most High JAH Rastafari Highly Selassie High the First for this. More love and light to I n I brothers and sisters in the struggle, I n I shall let babylon susu pon I n I for in I n I hearts I n I know what is right. Selassie I. Respect

Messenger: ConsciousRas Sent: 8/27/2013 4:21:11 AM

Rastafari bredrin, iman really amazed me as to what the I has gone through. Iman live in kenya, a country that is controlled by fear and thugs who wear suits and carry walky talky around. The I has linked up with rastafari bredrins at the ghetto and we do Jah works everywhere. Iman also noticed that last week I was trodding in town with a bredrin and the "poor" people who live in the streets saluted the I like a king man, it really shocked me as to why rastafari is really feared and its because it is for the poor people and not the rich. Give thanks man and stand for your right. Fire burn pon the shitstem and remember babylon has infected even our parents that is why Jah rastafari is our true father and queen omega our true mother, never forget dat. Alway give thanks for the persecution for it is necessary to give us strength and realeyes what the system is really all about.
Blessings brother selah

Messenger: burningbush Sent: 8/27/2013 8:58:33 PM

Bless up ConsciousRas, I am amazed to hear that. Rastafari must be saluted in time. The way the elders have influenced the world is profound. Jah Rastafari will always make a way for HIS children and the I is correct in that every persecution is a test of faith. I n I shall hail the King of Kings of Ethiopia forever.

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