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Nathaniel - imposter

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Messenger: Tekel Sent: 1/14/2013 2:38:59 PM

wow I only wonder why it's ok to blast nathaniel but where I am binghi has gone unconfirmed for months now. Then again I am talking about ifficial Nyahbinghi. Also the Elders of the Nyahbingi in JA would like to see a delegation from this House of Nyahbinghi in question.

This is Truths and Rights. In Nyahbinghi we have Elders but I am going to present My Proof of the in actions that I face where I am.

I already know about the Nathaniel issue for a while now but at least Nathaniel did works in the House. There are those who take credit and receive great praise for their work but the House itself is in ruins. How much love for Ras Tafari or binghi would such people have.

I have an answer Right from the High Priest of the Nyahbinghi, and I agree with the Elder.

Messenger: Tekel Sent: 1/14/2013 2:43:19 PM

Again Nathaniel can't even defend himself against the things written about him here.

I know for a fact if someone else posted Senstive Imformation about similar works to what Nathaniel has ADMITTED to then I would be blocked off of this site.

You know what I can prove that also.

Messenger: Matthew Sent: 1/14/2013 3:47:00 PM

Why is it that negative topics always seem to attract more attention than positive ones?

Looking at the last posts from Tekel it also seems to attract further negativity!



Messenger: Tekel Sent: 1/15/2013 1:25:07 AM

if the i talk about love then why even make the title nathaniel imposter? then if that's ok and there is a negative issue then stiving through the "hard reasonings" "until the end" is the only way to reach the end. matthew you went so far as to use my name and imply negativity. if i say to you what gives you the Right? that doesn't mean that i give up my Inheritance. Bless

Messenger: Matthew Sent: 1/15/2013 5:05:18 AM

My Lord Tekel. I was simply making the observation that ONLINE reasonings like this seem to gain more rasponces and attention than the more upfull ones. Same way the forum often seems more active when their is some strife going on..

I made mention of your post as I don't believe the I would of brought that reasoning forward if this topic didn't exist

Overstand my bredren I am not accusing the I of anything or attempting to take anything away from the I, just showing ones the snowballing effect of negativity, Same point the I made in the law of attraction post, yes?

I realise such reasonings are required for clearing for time to time. The Nathaniel info is already in the public domain, while what the I is bringing forward is not.
I believe such things should be reasoned with in person with those involved as bringing them forward on a public domain is against Nyahbinghi guidelines and does nothing but tarnish the reputation of the Incient council.

Blessed Love

Messenger: Tekel Sent: 1/15/2013 10:24:59 PM

I can hear what you are saying and now if i can use this example. Using the Sizzla issue; if ones and ones are not even nyahbinghi or more importantly ACTIVE in nyahbinghi whether or not it is public domain does not make it acceptable for any random person to start giving their "2 cents".

The same way binghi brought up this whole sizzla issue binghi blazed a binghi fire.

the fact nathaniel can not defend himself will not go unnoticed by Truth. Read the Declaration made the Incient counsel. Read the Actual Information pertaining to Ras Tafari Global.

If you are not a nyahbinghi how you could tell me i'm tarnishing something you know nothing about?

WE don't white people what to do. TO WE what white people do in Unnatural to US and Sick. But when have you ever seen Any Black ie.Garvey or Ras telling a Other people how to live THEIR lives.

Check that last part. If you know MY Istory, I hope you are not "indirectly" responsible but, if you know MY Istory and Ras Tafari Istory it is a "Movement" which Implies Hardships.

What I talk about is not opinions but Preserving My Culture and My Heritage.

Why is it so hard to believe I would ACTUALLY KNOW MY OWN SELF. WOW

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 1/15/2013 11:47:22 PM

Tekel, VictimofAggression, and what name did you use to send that email to the Nyahbinghi House in Jamaica? I know it was another anonymous. It doesn't matter, I am almost positive that you are who I think you are, as I mentioned before the last time you came here, which you neither confirmed or denied. I thought it was you coming here again, I just needed to confirm.

Yes, I heard about your email, and it had no effect because the High Priest is the Right High Priest. Everything has a time and season, and the Nyahbinghi House here is going through the season it must go through. The season will remain until those that come and disrupt and fight against the House, even during Haile Selassie I Earth Day and Coronation Chant, until they either Learn to Iverstand that they should be working to Uplift the House instead of fighting it, or until they are driven out, so that those with the interest of Uplifting the House can do their Works.

The Nyahbinghi House here used to be very strong with large numbers, because the Ones and Ones who came were not fighting against the House, but were chanting in Inity and Rising into the Highest of Irits. But for several years, I have come to the Nyahbinghi House and seen what happens when it grows. I have sometimes chanted with a handful of people, sometimes as little as 1 to 3 others along with I. And everytime the numbers go up, eventually some will come along, often the same people over and over again, and instead of chanting in Inity to Rise up the Irits, so that the Nyahbinghi that I and I are chanting can be strong, they come and chant against the Nyahbinghi, speaking all kind of wickedness. Not even having enough honour to refrain from their disruptions during Haile Selassie I Earth Day and Coronation. And the next thing that happens is that the numbers that grew disperse, because of the fighting, and it is down to a handful of people again.

You wonder why I am not always active in the House here as you have brought up several times, it is because I come to Nyahbinghi for a Reason and Purpose, and when people come and disrupt and fight the Nyahbinghi, that Reason and Purpose is not happening there, because the Irits can't Rise to where they should be when the House is not in Inity.

I wonder if they even realize the great wickedness they are doing when they fight against the Nyahbinghi chanting, which is such an important work for RasTafarI people. If they instead came with Upliftment, all the problems they see in the House would disappear and it would be strong again.

Messenger: Ras_Yah Sent: 7/4/2020 6:07:19 AM

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Mike Woldemikae
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Afrika Etiope
Addis abeba

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