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Seek and Ye shall Find

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Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 3/18/2013 9:56:09 AM

Greetings to the Is them in the Hola name of H.I.M King Haile Selassie I.Iman apprecilove the teachings from the elders dem here pon.This site has played a big role in I Iritual trod,as the I say the communities is now filled with elders who are now weak in dem Irits and dats true considering where Iman dwell.I&I as youths are still growing up,Iritually and physically also and I&I is still learning to gain experience in the trod.I overstand what the Is dem saying but I really need some clarification on "searching the Actions of I Irits"what is to explore Irits,maybe I have experienced or still experiencing it but not aware of it.I really need to overs dat.BLESSED RASTAFARI SONS AND DAWTAS

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 3/19/2013 1:13:52 AM

This can be done through Iditation and Prayer, and Ganja is especially helpful in accessing this part of yourself, it is one of the Herbs I and I Creator Haile Selassie I gave to I and I for this purpose.  If the I figures out some Iritual Heights while using Ganja, the I will eventually realize how to access that part without Ganja.   This can happen right away or after some time with more Iditation and access to that part of your Irits.

I will see if I can properly explain how to Exercise and Search your Irits, it will only be part of the story, because some things are hard to write or speak, and instead need to be felt and experienced.  

Three things which are good to have with the I, especially in the beginning, are Ganja, the Bible, and a Drum, whether a hand drum, or a stick and a log.  I have had many blessed chants with a two sticks or a stick and a log.  And if there is nothing to drum with, then dance or stomp your foot, and the ground will be your drum.  

Start reading Psalms and chanting the Words with your Voice.  People have different ways they like to read Psalms, I usually like to just open the book in the area of the Psalms, and Read the first Psalm I eyes go to, and then Itinue reading some of the next Psalms or opening to another part of the Psalms and see what I have to read there. 

After a few Psalms, take out and roll your Ganja, keeping your mind with God the whole time, and chanting Praise to God if your Irits move you to do so.  Smoke part of your spliff, and then chant more Psalms, put your whole mind and Irits into your Chant.  Then after the Psalms, use the drum and start Singing Thanks and Praise unto the Most High, Chanting and Drumming.  Some of the Chanting may be with Words, and other parts with just Chanting sounds, wherever the Most High God Haile Selassie I Leads the I.

The I can go between reading Psalms, chanting and drumming, smoking more of the spliff.  Itinue for as long as the I can, and make sure there are at least some occasions when the I can Chant for hours.  After doing this for a number of sessions (Selassie I will show the I how long), include a fourth part in your chant, Iditation.  Sometimes sit, sometimes stand, and close your eyes or open them or close them part of the time while opening them the other part, whatever feels Right within. 

When the I Iditates, ask Haile Selassie I to be your Guide and Rudder and to show the I the things that are Right for the I.   Iditate and Learn to feel yourself within the Irits, .  When the I finds yourself, move yourself within the Irits, this is done by willing it, if you exercise this will and intention, the I will eventually start noticing what it feels like to move through the Irits.  Spend several sessions just traveling, without looking for anything specific, Sight the different Vibrations and Sights within the Irits.

Start Iditating regularly, with or without any of the other three parts(Ganja, Bible, Drum), it is good to exercise your Irits with and without the other three, none of them should be a dependency, they should just be helpful tools. Also make sure to speak to Haile Selassie I some of the time while Iditating, however the Irits Guide the I.

After some time, start searching for specific things in the Irits, whether to find the calmness of the Irits to help with self control, or to send a message, hear or feel the Irits of another person, interact with the weather, sending out the Irits of Love and Healing to people, whether they are in your presence or far away. The list could go on and on.  Some things will be revealed without searching, when Haile Selassie I decides it is time for the I to Learn a particular thing.

Eventually, when your Irits are ready (it won't work before its due time and season), the I should will your Irits to Rise upwards, if the I does it Right, the I will feel a quick Rising up of your Irits, and the I might notice some wobbling in the Irits as it Rises.  Gentle control is needed at this point. Uncontrolled, the wobbling will throw you off and make the I lose the Innection, and might even translate to the physical, causing you to drop and faint; but trying to stop it abruptly could throw you off and translate to the physical the same way.  Control the wobble gently in a circular motion and make the circle smaller until the Rise is straight, and then the I will Rise even higher.  These kinds of Heights are more easily Reached while Chanting in a Nyahbinghi.

Weather Storms are also good for helping a person explore and Iverstand their Irits.  Here is something I said before,

If someone want to be able to call on the whirlwind, rain, lightning, earthquake and other elements, they must join with Jah elements.

So when I and I see a storm, it is good to chant along with the storm, and feel the vibes of Jah. Don't try to control it, let Jah control the I and the storm. Itinue to do this whenever the Spirit come within to pull the I towards the storms that come.

When I and I do this, I and I will learn I and I relationship with Jah elements. After some time when I and I relationship with Jah elements grow, Jah will send I and I to chant and call on the elements, and then the elements will join with I and I chanting, to bring judgement to the heathen.


Messenger: Matthew Sent: 3/21/2013 1:56:43 PM

Yes I
Great strength can be drawn through strengthening ones relationship with the Irits. I mistake was i only really chanted and meditated when I needed inspiration or strength. I realise now this was limiting the heights I was reaching. The relationship with the spirits is the same as any other relationship and requires patience, dedication, love and overstanding.

I feel I connection with the elements of the earth increasing, for the first time I have spent time outdoors with nature throughout the winter, as we now move into spring I feel I have shared in the transition of the seasons with the the Most High and mother Earth. This has been extremely humbling and balancing

Blessed Love

Messenger: zion mountain Sent: 3/22/2013 6:02:20 AM

Great strength indeed

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 8/27/2013 12:40:37 AM

Haile Selassie I Teaches,

Unless the people benefit through work Our efforts and thoughts will have been in vain. They will have also violated the wish of the Almighty that by one’s toil he must earn his living. Much cannot be accomplished in the pursuit of spiritual advancement, let alone that of material gains, without labour. Learn! Work!

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