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Want to introduce

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Messenger: Arkon I Sent: 12/10/2008 11:48:16 AM

Yes I ,

Remember that cow's milk is for its calf. Producing milk is a part of meat companies' eco-no-mi. Also gaining milk is damaging cows body. Unfortunately, we don't have many places when we cyaan buy Ital food. Real Ital, just like 30years ago, when farmers were trading on bazaars and there weren't so much fastfood.


Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 12/11/2008 5:41:39 AM

Blessed love.

I can overs what barrier thee I is experiencing relating to stabilising thee I nutritional livity... especially with the basic facts of thee I youth, and being a young prince, we dun know that thee I them are not often nurtured in the art of cooking. It's just a system thing, not a judgement on the person. But in reaching for thee I in thee I, it is vital to consider the nutrition of the temple. Period. Eating is like unto ritual. The science man knows this. To go unto wickedness one must consume something, an ideal, a notion, like a food for the mind, and why not the body. They made into parable the idea of eating something forbidden, right? Eve ate the apple (apparently) and encouraged unto Adam to do the same. This was their undoing.

So, it is not wise to underestimate the mental and spiritual effect of entering into different rituals of eating... the daily bread... another iritical symbology. Yes, InI can hunger in the belly for physical fuel, but it is more wise to hunger in the spirit for life and take steps to gaining this. This will entail consuming food, not simply to sweet the tongue and the belly, but to nurture the temple. This houses the irits, which must gain it's own nutrition, so InI read, reason, meditate... yu dun know. Then there is exercise, again to use the fuel to strengthen the body that houses and protects the temple.

InI know that RasTafari life is one that hails the timeless One... the I in I... and so is spiritual. But the flesh and carriage for this dispensation is the gift and an element of HIM glory in HIM creation. It is not good to abuse it, and there is actually little excuse. This is the reality. InI must, we have to, it is PARAMOUNT to bow to the Holy One of Creation. And so, we return Iselves to HIM, and promise to care for the temple. In return, He shall remain keeper of the covenant. Sight?

In this Iwah... consuming meat is a no no. If thee I continues to do so, it is not hurting anybody but thee Iself, so there is no judgement. But, I am suggesting that perhaps thee I try non meat livity for at least 4 weeks. Just sight that when thee I takes in meat, remember the chemicals, the ritual, the general negativity. And just choose not to do it... just for a trial run. Just see if in the 4 weeks, areas of thee I meditation don't clear up. See if thee I doesn't feel a clearer channel to the elements. Just try it.

As far as gaining the nutrition thee I need from non meat... just think no meat. That means everything else is good. I personally don't have dairy and eggs and all that either... but you dun know, My Lord... easy does it... follow the irits. Nobody can pass a judgement, it is journey. But saying that, once I did sight Nazarine laws and it resonated within, that was it for I really... all in one go. But like we said previous... nurture instinct, and that shall point the way.

Start with no meat, and see what thee I temple tells thee I about it.

There is no point starting out now and saying, thee I can't gain the necessary nutrition. Intention is the key. Meat nutrition is negative nutrition... so it is better to be at zero, than to be at minus 10. Right. Absence of vegetables and pulse proteins is an absence, regardless of what the substitute. Full in the belly means nothing relating to nutritional value said way.

Make the intention to feed thee I self in the R way, and start trying to cook. Cooking is a meditation. As well as the recipe and food ingredients that enter the pot, so does the meditation of the practice and the intention. These are nutrients too.

The bottom line is this. If thee I is serious, thee I will try it. Like thee I said RasTa life is not just music and reasoning... these are some of the perks to embracing upful livity. Ejecting Self from Rome / Babylon is not easy. It is not the ease that makes RasTa glorious, it is the results. Selah.

You know... Israel is inside every human flesh... InI are the first people, the first love of Holy I Selassie I first Majesty... so are the parents of all people, race and nations. However, many (most) generations have turned away and cut out their own humanity (which is Israel, the root). Then for others, Israel is very very very quiet, a tiny quiet distant voice inside. InI Israel (Christ in this time) are the ones for whom Israel is loud... and prominent... then InI sight Holy Melchesidek to bring it the fore, up to the level of the flesh. Ye know... attempting, with guidance... to BeCome, represent Israel in fact.

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