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if africa was modernised would it be the same?

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Messenger: denhaile Sent: 10/14/2008 1:41:54 PM

ini ask i that question,would africa be the same modernised?would the africans live better if them were like europeans or americans??doesnt modernisation that brings along is ini father land his imperial majesty HAILE SELASSIE know many people like ini wanna see the africans live better as they deserve it but is it by modernisation,by capitalism????its the holy land and what is insane dont have its place in the holy land of i father..his majesty offered thousands hectares of land for repatriation,that were pure land,not overbuilt babylonian way..ini ancestors from zimbawe and i dont want a see zimbabwe like london or evn new york

ini dont wanna hurt anyone with i words and i apologize for any wrong ive caused

blessed jah guide

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 10/14/2008 5:10:28 PM

First, capitalism is ofcourse not the only way of modernisation.
Second,if ini Africans modernise,it doesnt mean we are "like europeans or americans" or anyone else
Third, Modernisation doesnt bring corruption, mankind brings corruption. with or without modernisation,the Righteous will be righteous,the filthy will be filthy still.

Still, you dont have to apologise because ini overs what you mean.
InI as Rastafari are a people who prefer a life as close to nature as possible.
But there is no reason why ini cannot modernise and still live close to nature.

It is good that you dont want to sight a Zimbwabe like newyork, neither do i, but that is upto the people of Zimbwabe to decide. If people want or are forced(for various reasons like economy) to live in cities crowded like sardines, thats what the people will do.
All ini can do is make ini voices be heard , and set a living example that there is a better way to use the wonderful fruits of modernity.

But one thing we cannot forget is that it is Emperor Selassie I, the Father who took the child Ethiopia by the hand and led it to a modern life. Modernity doesnt mean anything but progress and advancement. That is why Rastafari stress on Education.

Yes i, as you said "jah guide", so here is some Jah Guidance

"As the years wear by, man's horizon grows wider and wider and the vistas multiply. So it is with Ethiopia. As the nation moves progressively in the accomplishments of the targets set for her political, social and cultural advance, We find Ourselves confronted with yet more tasks, more avenues of effort that demand Our attention. It is within this framework that, thankfully, the wheels of progress have moved and have brought Ethiopia thus far on the path We have chartered for Our country and people since we undertook the responsibility to move Ethiopia forward. The Ethiopian people, who have co-operated fully in implementation of all Our plans,deserve Our gratitude and appreciation.

The catalogue of achievements that you have reviewed on this twentyfourth anniversary of Ethiopia's liberation is testimony above all to three factors : 1) the continued guidance of the Almighty in the fructifying of our aims ; 2) the incalculable sacrifices made in the campaign of liberation by the Ethiopian people and their vanguard, the patriots, through whom this freedom, liberty and the Ethiopian way of life that We so proudly cherish today have been preserved ; and 3) the unrelenting loyalty and co-operation of our people in the successful prosecution of the manitold national endeavours.

Ethiopia is an ancient land and her civilisation is the result of the harmonious alchemy of the past and the present, upon which we confidently build for the future. This heritage is the bedrock of modern Ethiopia.

In it the people have chosen to distil from the past that which is useful and enduring, to adapt those worthwhile attributes of our present day world, and to fashion this modern ethiopianism - the foundation of our social order that has served so admirably the purpose of the nation's steady advance."

What do ini Africans want and need most??

Selassie I say "We are anxiously awaiting the day when those Africans in the dependent territories break the shackles of foreign tutelage, and become masters of their own fate."

Holy I Selassie I Jah Rastafari

Messenger: Ten Sent: 10/14/2008 6:00:50 PM

Ras KebreAB you speak I meditation, give thanks my brethren. All I would add is if denhaile doesn't want to see a Zimbabwe like NewYork, I don't Zimbabwe to be the way it is now. We might not have the same problems as NYC but still people are oppressed, hungry and desperate for things to change. It's foolish to blame modernity but blame the systems of corruption and greed on which countries have developed. As Ras KebreAB said His Majesty modernised Ethipia for the benefit of the people; an end to slavery, the introduction of a banking system, parliament, emancipation of women, education. And even the OAU, was a way of uniting Africans within the modern systems of governance that existed. And even if you look back in history look at the industrial and agricultural revolutions that took place in Africa from Cape to Cairo, incient kingdoms developed systems to improve their way of doing things. Irrigation schemes, paper, cloth, iron smelting, agricultural implements, weapons of war, jewellery, ornaments are all found in excavation sites of ancient kingdoms. This prooves to I that Africa was modern, systems of development were there. Its when you define modernity from a western/capitalist perspective that you limit your sights, I n I is far over already because modernity is simply a term meaning development and progress be it in a system that is feudal, socialist or a monarchy. Its as Ras KebreAB, when the politics of domination and power are used to enforce a system upon people, in the name of capitalist progress then there is a problem, then there is iniquity and sharp divisions between people by race/class/religion/ethnicity.

Here is an utternance from His Majesty when speaking to Parliament on the benefits of development,

"It is normal for every individual family or generation to give way to the new by adding something to the heritages bequeathed upon it. No man chooses his own parents. But in the last analysis, a man's ultimate worth is, in the modern world, determined by his accomplishments and his service in the cause of his nation and his countrymen. It is thus our sacred duty and responsibility to be cognizant of the fact that because history is bound to judge us tomorrow by what we are doing today, we must do everything in our power to leave behind us a lasting legacy of work."
(2 November 1973)

JAH forward I n I always.

Messenger: Ten Sent: 10/14/2008 6:32:07 PM

p.s its good to sight another Zimbabwean, mauya.

Messenger: denhaile Sent: 10/15/2008 1:10:05 AM

ini in this forum for three days and in these three days ive understand much things..its been three days of understanding for i bless you all but still im sad cause i realised i dont know i father as much as i thought,thats hard a admit but ini has very much to learn from you my brethren..i love jah rastafari and there is no doubt,i trust in i father forever and sometimes tears run down for i dont know much of i father

Messenger: Prince Hotep Sent: 10/15/2008 4:48:53 AM

But dwarfing even man's material achievements in the twentieth century has been the emergence of peoples all over the world into freedom and independence. Today, for the first time, men everywhere to whom freedom and independence were, but a short time ago, only words, and for whom economic and political self-determination were no more than far-distant goals, have achieved the status of free men and are directing their efforts and energies to their own advancement. We are particularly gratified and proud that this development has been so marked and widespread on the great continent of Africa. Africa will no longer be the "unknown continent", for its human and material resources are beyond measure, and this great continent now stands on the verge of an economic, political and cultural development which, when realized, will be without parallel in history.

word of Our Father

Holy Emmanuel I Selassie I JAH Ras Tafar I

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 10/15/2008 5:00:09 AM

Must fulfill.

Messenger: Yaa Asantewa Sent: 10/15/2008 5:28:10 AM

The prophecies state that InI enemies shall be the ones to deliver us to the father. This is why nuff ones and ones think that the Queen of England will bankroll repatriation... teehee. Well, she better line up with the rest of the folx trying to get money out of the failing banks. HAR HAR HAR HAR. She gonna be bruk pocket like the rest of us soon... there'll be like a garage sale at Buckingham Palace soon... HAR HAR HAR... InI will go along and be like, 'HEY! This is MINE? Where did you get this????!! POLICE!'

Nah, but seriously. In our limited wisemind, we can only speculate on how the prophecies shall manifest around us... but I've often thought, ye know how they took the basis of technological know-how (maths, physics, etc) from Ethiopia anyway, then proceeded to stunt the educational growth of Africans all over the world, while they continued to use the educational base to develop this modern technological world... well, I kinda think that's our inheritance anyway, like the fruits of our seed. So, when the prophecies say that they shall deliver us forward to our rightful seats, well it's like... the sabotage of our development won't matter, it's like they did the work we would have done anyway, so in the rightful order of things, we are to benefit... but from a Heart of One said way, no corruption needed, none learnt... as Ras KebreAB is saying.

Especially when it comes to all this digital technology. Like, when His Majesty set up a network of air fields across Ethiopia due to not wanting to dig into the fabric of the earth, when trying to improve access to the further reaches of his Kingdom. It's like, he is sitting back knowing that there will be aeroplanes, so no need to hustle and bustle about roads and trains and madness... just use planes.

So, whenever I think of digital wireless technology, I think... well, how else was such a landmass as Africa gonna get that link up without this type of technology. So... in short, without wanting to go on and on and on... I hope thee I them get what I'm getting at... all of the fruits of the inheritance are ours and once the wicked kingdom falls away, maybe InI can re-inject the humanity that is missing into the continuing considerations of technological advancements. Our children shall continue where they left off.

Give thanks.

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Haile Selassie I