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great deception

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Messenger: Ras power Sent: 10/13/2008 10:28:52 PM

blessed love

ini overs what the i said, but we were talking about decieve, and i put a post earler saying that the bible is spiritual education.

knowing that an educated person can't be decieved i thought it addiquate to put this.

ometimes ini put them so to open the subject

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 10/14/2008 12:19:05 AM

Ras Power, what caused I to say what I said in the beginning was because of two things you said,
we used the bible to consider is His Majesty is the Most High

Which I response was that I didn't use the Bible to sight His Majesty as the Most High. What I did do is sight Haile Selassie I as the Most High, and after that I started to learn from the Bible.

And you said,
my point is only the bible can assure us of not being decieved, even christ himself use the word when he was tempted, saying it is written, man shall not leave by bread alone, etc

What you wrote there is the point of your post, and I sight doesn't agree with that point. As Ten was showing you, many people Lived for the Most High and Praised the Creator before there were any books written, and even after the books of the Bible started to be written, most people in the world didn't have those books but many still Lived for the Most High and Praised the Creator.

If only the Bible can assure us of not being deceived, then Abraham would have been deceived and would have gone toward wickedness; and also all others before books were written, and all others who didn't see the books after they were written would have also been deceived and would have gone toward wickedness.

What assures I and I of not being deceived is to come to know I and I Irits, so that I and I know when the Creator is guiding I and I. How do you think the several Teachings of Righteousness that can be found in the Bible came to be written? The people wrote them because they looked into their Irits and listened to the Creator. I and I have always had the abel-ity to I-mmunicate with the Creator, and always will, but people more often choose the way of Cain instead of Abel and refuse to listen to the Creator.

Like I have said many times, I have found great teachings in the Bible, but to say that the Bible is the only way to know these things will put a person's emphasis and concentration in the wrong place. I and I should put I and I concentration toward the Irits and learn what is truly the Irits of the Creator and separate that from our vain imaginations so that we don't fall by our own misunderstanding.

One of the many things the Irits can do is guide I and I when I and I come near danger or turn I and I away from the wrong direction in the instant that it happens. To pull I and I away from wicked ways and lead I and I toward Righteousness. Sometimes I hear of people who read the Bible and they at some time come into wicked ways and don't realize they are wicked at first, until at some later date they realize it, and some of them might finally realize it by something they come across in the Bible. If these people learned to develop their Irits instead of only trodding according to a book, they would have thought about what they were doing before they did it, and would have seen that it was wrong.

When I and I are learning to distinguish between Selassie I Irits and our vain imagination, the Bible can be a good reference to help I and I see the distinction, but it is not the only way, and there is so much more reference in I and I Irits than can fit on the pages of a book. I and I can see the Truth with no books at all.

Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I Created I and I in His image and gave I and I everything I and I need to Live according to Selassie I Inity, and through His image gave I and I the ability to choose a direction, to Live according to the Creator or choose something else.

To look at a book as the only way will basically shut off the part of yourself that has eyes to see and ears to hear and mind to think. It comes to the same thing as I reasonings of Faith. If a person has faith that the book is the only way to not be deceived, then they will have no capability of using their Irits to see because they depend on a book.

It is the churches that have caused people to fear to look outside of what the church tells them to think, this teaching was made to keep people dependant on the church so that they continued to support the church and allowed it to control them. Some people have partially freed themself from the church, but have extended this fear to the bible, and are afraid to think for themselves and search their Irits, and another thing that happens because of this fear of the Irits, they still interpret the Bible according to the way they were taught by the church, with only some differences.

I and I will Itinue to learn more and more as time goes on and are not limited to a book or any other such thing, Haile Selassie I is the Highest and has given I and I the ability to think and learn more so that I and I can Live closer to the Most High, no book is needed for that, the Bible only talks of that way that is already within.

When I sight the quote you put from His Majesty, I sight that Selassie I is showing the same thing:

Education develops the intellect; and the intellect distinguishes man from other creatures. It is education that enables man to harness nature and utilize her resources for the well-being and improvement of his life.

The key for the betterment and completeness of modern living is education.

But, "Man cannot live by bread alone." Man, after all, is also composed of intellect and soul. Therefore, education in general, and higher education in particular, must aim to provide, beyond the physical, food for the intellect and soul. That education which ignores man's intrinsic nature, and neglects his intellect and reasoning power can not be considered true education.

Selassie I encourages education in so many things inside and outside of the Bible, from science and other subjects and even into other religions and philosophies.

And what Selassie I says hear is very important.

That education which ignores man's intrinsic nature, and neglects his intellect and reasoning power can not be considered true education.

To look at the Bible as the only way to not be decieved ignores I and I intrinsic nature of intellect, reasoning and Irits. I and I should instead use the Bible to help I and I develop these things and should exercise these abilities to develop and strengthen them.

Ark I

Itinual Praises unto Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I Menen I

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 10/14/2008 4:37:20 AM

Sight. Love Rastafari

Messenger: Ras power Sent: 10/14/2008 8:52:18 PM

blessed love. read my post, ini never say to use the bible as the sorce of u'r faith, ini never say ignore u'r spirit, far from that,

there is an ignorance of early time, the men who walked with jah, enoch, abraham, noah, adam, etc did not speak with spirit, but face to face

6And he said, Hear now my words: If there be a prophet among you, I the LORD will make myself known unto him in a vision, and will speak unto him in a dream.

7My servant Moses is not so, who is faithful in all mine house.

8With him will I speak mouth to mouth,(num 12)im not saying u all are prophets.

now these men lived a life as examples to ini, heb 11. nothing isnew under the sun.

now you and i agree with what his majesty said

Because of this personal experience in the goodness of the Bible, I was resolved that all my countrymen should also share its great blessing and that by

reading the Bible they should find truth for themselves.

Therefore, I caused a new translation to be made from our ancient language into the language which the old and the young understood and spoke.

now i agree with H.I.M there

Today man sees all his hopes and aspirations crumbling before him. He is perplexed and knows not whither he is drifting. But he must realise that the Bible is his refuge, and the rallying point for all humanity. In it man will find the solution of his present difficulties and guidance for his future action, and unless he accepts with clear conscience the Bible and its great Message, he cannot hope for salvation. For my part I glory in the Bible.

H.I.M.: I would tell a person who was considering the claim of Christ for the first time that it is necessary to have faith in the Almighty, that it is necessary to have love,

and that it is necessary to conduct oneself in a manner that we have been taught to do in the Bible.

I would also advise him to seek the secular knowledge, for the more one knows the more he realises the need for a prime mover, the need for a Creator, a Creator who is good, and the need for salvation and also for peaceful life upon earth.

I would also tell him to learn and to think for himself the ways he would serve the Lord. In this thought and in this undertaking of his he will inevitably find the way of serving his fellow men. For his faith would then be manifested by His conduct. If Christians behave in this way, if we dedicate ourselves to this fundamental task, then we will have a peaceful world and will be assured of not transgressing against the will and the Commandments of God.

now u say there are many books for spiritual knowledge, i know of ellin white, who wrote the great controvercy, but even these send u to the bible, the kebra?

his majesty said it is the rallying point for ALL humanity, i think he mean

All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness( 2 tim 3v16)

(For the fruit of the Spirit is in all goodness and righteousness and truth;)

10Proving what is acceptable unto the Lord.(eph 5v9-10)

the same spirit that write the bible is in ini and will not go against the written word, radder it renforce it. H.I.M renforce it, as we read.

now the spirit is in man, yes, but man by nature is selfish and the spirit must be norushed to develoupe. the bioble say forsake evil and learn o do good.

we can stop evil but have to learn to do good. many people lived to jah, yes and there ways are written that we may take example, not that we don't go through the same his majesty said, we have job for example on test of jah. so why did H.I.M write HIS autobiogrophy.

can we live by our own selves?u think these men did not have guidence, jah talk to ini the sam through the bible; have u never had something on u'r mind and when u open the bible or while reading the bible u read exactly what u were thinking about?

the bible also show ini how easy it is to go astray

12There is a way which seemeth right unto a man, but the end thereof are the ways of death(pro 14)

All the ways of a man are clean in his own eyes; but the LORD weigheth the spirits( pro 16v2

looking into ourelves without the training of ini spirit will go as far as ini own exprences, to ferther that is to gain from the expreince of one who has been there, the bible.

these men did not move because of a feeling, they moved because they were moved because of faith in truth they recieved.

although jah have not changed his way of comunicating have, don't get i wrong, when i washing my dishes in quite, thoughts and reasoning go through ini mind, but its of what i read and reasoned.

people who read the bible and do wicked, are one but people who study the bible, know wickedness is not of the lord. one of my fovroite passage not every one who say lord, lord will enter into the kingdom, but those who do the the will of the father.

blessed love

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 10/15/2008 1:09:13 AM

Ras Power, I and I are in agreement about some things about the Bible. I also glory in the Bible, but I don't depend on it because I know it is not the Source. If I never saw a Bible again, I know that I would still Rise towards Selassie I. That would be no obstacle to I or weakness for I.

Your main point was:
my point is only the bible can assure us of not being decieved, even christ himself use the word when he was tempted, saying it is written, man shall not leave by bread alone, etc

Hear the words of I and I Majesty:

No one is today so foolish as to believe that any one nation constitutes a perfect monolith of faith and ideology. Nor could anyone wish that there should be such utter vanity of thought and aspiration.

I didn't need to read those words from Selassie I to know that it is so. I know it because I know who I and I are, I and I all came from One, and all carry that Oneness forth with I and I from times before to these times and times to come. Most people have their partial Livity, some lacking in this, others that, and all or at least most lacking in many common things. All of I and I are here to Learn and Rise, it is up to each one of us to choose that path or not.

In regards to what you were saying about the Ones who spoke with Jah face to face. The closer a person is to Selassie I, the closer they are to Selassie I. Meaning that the closer I and I trod in the ways of the Creator by heeding the guidance of the Creator, the closer I and come in Irits and Physical, in Oneness.

The more I and I trod with Jah, and the more I and I build I and I I-mmunication with Jah, the more I and will be Guided and the more I and I will Hear and Iverstand. This has never changed, it has always been the same. What has changed is that people have gone farther and farther away every generation so that many never hear or listen to the Creator when the Creator speaks. That doesn't mean that I and I can't I-mmunicate with the Creator face to face, it is because we don't I-mmunicate with the Creator because we won't listen when the Creator calls and guides.

James 2

[23] And the scripture was fulfilled which saith, Abraham believed God, and it was imputed unto him for righteousness: and he was called the Friend of God.

Ark I

Itinual Praises unto Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I Menen I

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 10/15/2008 4:16:16 AM

I love those words Ark I
" This has never changed, it has always been the same. What has changed is that people have gone farther and farther away every generation so that many never hear or listen to the Creator when the Creator speaks. That doesn't mean that I and I can't I-mmunicate with the Creator face to face, it is because we don't I-mmunicate with the Creator because we won't listen when the Creator calls and guides."

The greatest mistake one can make is to think all the people mentioned in the Ible are any different or any way more special than any of ini.

I love the Ible, but still, i know some idren who cannot even read properly enough to fully understand the ible, but they Overstand, and they are closer to Jah than most who read the bible daily, i know from isperience.

Messenger: Ras power Sent: 10/22/2008 10:09:29 PM

i have asked to take a look at PBS for some very informative programing, please i beg,,

scroll down to see videoson the bottom left side of the page,

there are all kind of programing. check out frontline, bill moyers journal

tonight i was watching a program on the bible and it develoupment, so to speak. i have not seen it on the net yet but know i will be and will let the i them know when and where i see it.

u will also find on bill moyers of how those conservitives on threr radio program is just spreading hate,
check it out pplleeaassee

blessed love

Messenger: Ras power Sent: 11/13/2008 10:09:52 PM

In these modern days, there are a multitude of things published in print and broadcast by radio which captivate the human mind and spirit; many new ideas are disseminated by the learned. Many wonderful appliances are produced to make life more and more comfortable. The rich powers have passed on from exploring and exploiting this earth and are vying with each other to explore and conquer the moon and the planets. Knowledge is increasing in a bewildering manner. All this is good, wonderful and praiseworthy. But what will be the end of it all? It is Our firm belief that only what the Lord wills will be done. We should be careful that the results thus achieved by mankind should not meet with the fate of the Tower of Babel, the handwork of those people of old which came to pieces in their hands. The Apostle Paul says: "The wisdom of this world is foolishness with God" and "The Lord knoweth the thoughts of the wise and they are vain." The reason for this is because generally speaking man makes himself and his wisdom the beginning and the end of his aim in life, and we are convinced that the end of this is destruction and death.

Messenger: Ark I Sent: 11/13/2008 10:20:32 PM

Ras Power,

When you quote Haile Selassie I, then say that it is Selassie I that you are quoting so that people don't think those words come from you.

Give credit where credit is due.

I and some others may automatically recognize that those words are Selassie I words, but others don't and I don't want you misrepresenting Selassie I words and making people think that they are your own.

I know that you haven't specifically claimed that the words are yours, but you make it appear so when you don't give credit to Selassie I. And you have done this same thing several times recently, and probably several times before.

I didn't say anything before when I noticed you doing this but I am saying it now. Stop misrepresenting Selassie I words as your own.

Ark I

Itinual Praises unto Jah RasTafarI Haile Selassie I Menen I

Messenger: Ras power Sent: 11/14/2008 7:25:58 PM

ark, stop being persumtious, and tell me sont use selassie i words as mine.

what u think i am, i writing my book, while reading i come across somithing i did a fast post to get back to what i am doing.

if i decieved any one it was not intended, but to assume that i tey to take glory for what benifit. wish u could know me and the influence the faith i show in his majesty have an impact on my friends, and the dramitic conversation i went through many years ago and the visible transformation in all aspects, my life is for king selassie i

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