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memory loss

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Messenger: Prince Hotep Sent: 9/15/2008 10:15:59 AM

blessed love Idren

Has the I them suffered from memory loss, I was thinking was it caused by the herb u know, because I have really bad memory, and I mean really I forget names, adresses and other things...
I didn't have a good memory back when I wasn't using it, but now my memory is really like the one of a goldfish, that makes I worried.

Wha the I dem think?

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 9/15/2008 12:59:22 PM

When it comes to names of people i just met, i have always had the worst memory. Usually when i meet someone,if i wish to rememeber their name, i will say it to iself a few times aloud,and then i can rememeber it, but once its stored in,i dont forget

I do think herbs affect the memeory, but i dont even think its a bad thing, it just makes i forget of all the trivial things in life.
They say it affects your short term memory and i think its true. But if you ask i why, i think it is only herbs make oneīs mind concentrate on a particular thing . If you look at most people who are geniuses or very intelligent,they have bad short term memory as well.Their mind will remember things that most people find impossible to remember, but then they will put their eyeglass on their forehead and completely forget where their glasses have gone

Herbs have never affected i memory when it comes to things i consider to be important to i
For example,i might read many lines in the Ible and forget a few, but if there is a line that stops i, as it has special meaning to i in that moment,that line i will never forget it.
I am sure the i is like that too, Hotep.
I am sure when you read words of the Emperor or when you hear Emmanuel speak, and you hear truth, you will always remember it

And music.......i write many many lines, many verses,many lyrics and poems.........and i have never used a pen and paper....i always write in my head....and i have been writing since before i started smoking herbs....and i dont forget none of them. As soon as i remember the first line of that poem or verse, the rest will come automatically.

Blessed Love

Messenger: RasRanga Sent: 9/15/2008 2:08:17 PM

Ras KebreAB, the i sights the i's isdom!!!

it is indeed to be overstood dat the herb does cause memory loss, physical memory dat ini should burn down!!! memory of trivial tings dat Ras KebreAB talk of. Tis not de erb dat de i should stop coz of memory loss, tis worth rejoicing dat as i burn da physical, i come closer to de irator until someday i totally destroy the physical which in dis worlds term is death, but in ini world, we actually pass from death to itinual living!!!

ina da ible tis written dat the irit will bring to rememberance all tings true!! derefore wen de i forget demma trivial tings of dis world by da burnin of da erb, the i remembers the iritual tings dat are taught by the irit of Jah!

i love!!!
Keep da fyah burnin as da church of Jah!

Messenger: Ras Sistren Khamyl Sent: 9/16/2008 12:02:38 AM

Prince Hotep, make sure you have not suffered neurological damage. What you describe sounds like something I experienced after suffering strokes. Sometimes they are small with no overly profound symptoms (TIA's)

Messenger: Prince Hotep Sent: 9/16/2008 11:32:07 AM

blessed love I

give thanks for pointing that our RSK, I will probably do it, when I will have nuff money to do it.

yes I noticed that when I started to smoke I started to forget thing that I don't need...but now I forget things I do need, like my house number, well, I haven't been livin there long enough, but still.

I can't rememeber the names too.

Ras Kebre the I can write song in the head, that is remarcable brethren.
I can't remember any of my songs, that is why it is better to freestyle for I

The reason I'm so worried is because it's very hard for I to learn Psalms...also I would like to learn Amharic and I'm sure it's easy to start here in London, but my memory is the thing.

give thanks for the Isponces

Messenger: Jah Bird Sent: 9/16/2008 12:48:28 PM

Greetings Prince Hotep,In the name of the mercyfull Almighty Jah RastafarI,
just a thought have the I considered to stop smoking for a while?
ganja is beautyfull herb, but if it is "causing" this why sacrifice you wisdom? If it is caused by the herb. try to hault it for a while and see it makes a difference.
Ras Sistren Khamyl pointed out an important factor the TIA'S i pray for the i that- that is not the case and that everything what is troubleing the i to vanish in the name of Jah RastafarI.
Have Faith as always!!!

Messenger: Eleazar1234 Sent: 9/16/2008 1:29:08 PM

I dont think its the herb, just use it when you are not busy and have time to iditate.


Messenger: wahdahdah Sent: 9/16/2008 7:19:46 PM

BREDREN HOTEP dealing with the loss of memory. HERBS affects the short term memory system for the most part. as we all age our memory becomes more faded, mainly due to the many things we a deal with in the coarse of the day. Our memory is like a muscle, like any muscle if we do not use it and sharpen it it will get weak. There are Medicinal Herbs the I can take , such as ginko Biloba, COQ 10, there are many more, look up memory loss and herbal blends on the internet and it will direct the iman to some natural things. There are also excersizes to enhance the memory, again the iman can check out on line for these things. Some times it can be from vitamin deficientcy, If the brahdah eats no flesh and does not eat a comprable amount of the corect b vitamins and other key minerals this can effect the memory in an extreme way. Iman wahdahdah live on the outskirts of babylon, so iman fortify i diet with a natural herb and vitamin blend. It is food still and not cooked or procesed , if the brahdah has a good health food store near check out what is available. Many who live a vegitarian life style yet still live in concentrated areas where there are neggative forces in the air, water and food, it is good in Iman's opinion to take a natural vitamin to fortify Iand i . as far as not smoking herbs, tis up to the iman to decide. ini stopped for 3 years for different reasons, mainly took the herbs for granted and smoked 24/7 for 27 years. so iman stopped for 3 years, i did not notice any better memory. the one thing that pertained to memory when i smok and when i do not smoke. when i man smoke inO am focused on JAH and not those trivial things like names numbers etc... inI think it is the part of the brain that is being used when smoking or not smaoking, SEEN. Iman wahdahdah hope this is useful to the Iman. it is only I experience and not any sort of thing that is written in stone. only iman experience.

Messenger: Ras power Sent: 9/17/2008 8:27:26 PM

well reasoned ra kebra, and ini agree and believe we all hgo through that, and even people who don't somke forget also,

was watching a program on pbs saying learning new things reduces memory lost, it activates the brain and also or even more so using your hands.

try geting a word from the dictionary and use them in a sentence every day a new word that could help

Messenger: Ras KebreAB Sent: 9/17/2008 9:19:01 PM

Blessed Love All

Hotep, the i said it is remarkable that i write so much in i head,and everyone i tell this to says the same, but really,it is nothing remarkable
It is nothing but practice
Even "practicing" ini must practice, until "practicing" becomes just a habit that you do without even thinking

To i now, practicing my verses in my head is just a habit, i do it without even being conscious of it.
Say, i write a verse today. For the next couple of days, i will repeat the verse in my head over and over again. I could be walking along down the street, or i might be at home.Even when i play music,it could be any music, Midnite,Anthony B, anyone, after a while i wont even hear Anthony Bīs voice, i just hear the riddim and my verse in my head.
After those couple of days, i wont forget that verse even if i tried.

What i am saying is, as the idren wahdadah said, ini need to exercise our mind and memory, just like ini must exercise ini bodies

So perhaps the i might try to do that
The i wants to learn your psalms
The first thing to do would be to remove any doubts from your mind. Very important.
After that just take it one at a time
Read a psalm a day
Start from the first psalm
Read it in the morning, then all day long keep repeating it, indoors,outdoors,at home,at work, etc
Try as much as you can to recite it by heart, but keep your ible close, so when you forget a line, you can glance at it, and you get right back on track
There is no need for the i to rush
do not move to the next psalm until you feel the first is firmly in your mind
As you keep doing it, it will only get easier and easier and you will be able to memorise your psalms faster and faster

Blessed Love

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Haile Selassie I