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Messenger: Prince Hotep Sent: 4/27/2008 7:17:30 PM

Don't know how it's gonna unfold, but...

George W. Bush was born 1946 06 06

Chapter 11.

The whole chapter is about North(Europe) and South(Islam) kings, in the old days and what does seem like crusades, and here where it get's to the point...
vs18 An after this him shall return him face toward ISLANDS, an shall tek many; but one chief shall dismiss him insult, an return the insult pon him ras self. An him shall return him face toward him own land fortresses; an him shall be hindered an fall, an not be found.

An at that time him who pass the tax-collector amidst the kingdom glory shall arise ina him spot; however without bein ina him anger nor ina formation him shall be broken ina few days.

(Here is where the scary part begins.)

An a downpressed man shall arise ina him spot - an them won’t give him the kingdom glory; him shall come slowly an rule the kingdom by deceivin.

An a army that gush shall be taken from before him, an him an him word covenant chief shall be broken. An after him befriended with him - him shall do ina malice; an him shall proceed an strengthen with a few people. An him shall slowly enter toward the fertile parts from all countries; an him shall do what him FATHER nor him FATHERS FATHER didn’t do; an him shall scattar the plunder an the loot an the wealth amidst them;

an him shall irate him thought pon fortifications up til the time. An bein ina great army him shall arouse him Power an him heart pon the South king; an the South king shall fight ina formation bein ina great an many armies; however as him shall irate him thought pon him - him won’t firm up. An persons who eat him food shall break him; an him army shall gush; an many shall fall bein killed. An these two kings shall think ina them hearts that them might do evil, an shall speak lies seated at one dinnertable; however as the fulfillmant are up til the delineated time - it won’t succeed fe them.

An him shall return toward him land with much wealth, an him heart shall be pon the holafied Word Covenant; an him shall do him accord, an return toward him own land. An him shall return at the delineated time an come toward the South; however the latter won’t be like unto the former. As Keeteem ships shall come pon him - becaudis him shall return bein sad, an shall vex pon the Hola Word Covenant, an do him accord; an him shall return an check up the persons who quit the Hola Word Covenant. An armies shall stand with him, an them shall defoul the Temple an the tower, an shall withhold the Itinual sacrifice, an set up downstruction defoulmant. An by deceivin him shall mislead them who wrong the Word Covenant; however people who know them God shall strengthen, an shall do. An wise ones amidst the people shall teach many persons; however them shall fall many eras by sword an fiyah flame - by plunder an lootin. An pon the time them fell them shall be helped by a likkle help; an many persons shall unite an be gathered toward them ina hypocrisy. An as it shall be up til the delineated era - several from the wise ones shall fall that them might refined an cleared an cleansed up til fulfillmant era.

An the king shall do like unto him accord; an him shall ilivate him ras self, him shall mek him ras self great pon all gods, an speak arrogantly pon the gods God; an up til anger are fulfilled it shall succeed fe him, fe what are delineated shall be done. An him won’t check up him faadas gods nor dawtaz desire; as him shall mek himself great pon all - him won’t check up all gods. But ina these stead him shall honour the fortresses god; him shall honour the god him faadas didn’t know with gold an silver - jewels an honoured things. An him shall mek pon a firm fortress by a strange god help; him shall multiply honours fe them who know him, an shall mek them rule pon many, an divide Earth at a price.

An ina fulfillmant era the South king shall fight with him; an North king shall come pon him with chariots an horsemen an many ships like unto a whirl wind; an him shall enter toward countries, an shall gush, an pass. An him shall enter toward the fine land, an many countries shall fall; however ‘Edomyas an Mo`ab an them who surpassed ‘Ammon childran shall be saved from him hand. Him shall streach him hand pon countries, an Gibts land won’t escape. An him shall govern pon gold an silver treasure, an pon all honoured Gibts items;

an Libya an ‘Ityopphya persons shall follow him.

But reports from the East an the North shall downsturb him; an him shall proceed ina great anger that him might kill an totally downstroy many persons. An him shall plant him royal tent between the sea an the honoured Hola Mountain; but him shall come toward him fulfillmant, an noone shall help him."

Rev 13 vs 14 Because of the signs he was given power to do on behalf of the first beast, he deceived the inhabitants of the earth.

Emmanuel I Selassie I JAH Ras Tafar I

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Haile Selassie I