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Expansion of a Kingdom 1492

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This is from Mortimo Planno's book at

of a
Ethiopia the Aincient Kingdom of Africa has made an unnotice expansion of the Ethiopian Kingdom. From one end of the Earth to the other: Africa being inhabited by invading European Nations Has lost most of her written history to the invaders, who in turn copy and then destroy the original many tribes are in Africa that the written History of the European conquest has no Record. One of such tribe, a small but powerful in the central mainland of Niger: Ouagaaougou was the Chief of the Kassala's, the Omburman, the Kordofan, and the Sokoto. These tribe stretches from Asmara, through the Sudan into the Niger and into Nigeria; Warlike they capture as many lands across Central Africa. The strongest resistance came from Ethiopia, Not before many Ethiopians was taken away as Slaves and place in the Slave Market of Benin in Nigeria. From Benin, Europe had a ready made Slave Market. The Walli galla's a cattle farming tribe live some what Nomadic. Ethiopia being nearest to the Nile has its dry season in the uplands, early and late in the Lower lands nearer to Kenya. When Ethiopia experiencing her dry season in the South the cattle and the tribe came north in Search of grazing lands. The Blue Nile being west of main pass into Asmara the Nomadic galla's usually enter through Asmara to make uses of the Nile. The Conqueror alway lay wait them at these water hole and pray upon the Ethiopian cattle farmers which were taken to Benin from this Point.

The Portugeese introduce trade in the South east But fine that Human Cargo was more favourable than Spices and Jewels. Ethiopian Slaves were sold to the British and Spaniard in the Eastern passage by Portugese. The evidences of the geographical position of England and Portugal in East Africa will Justify this truth. Spain were more involved in the Ethiopian slave re-capture through Gibraltar passage ((capture from who sail the Mediterainan Seas)). The British finally bought all Slaves and Colonize the enter Western Hemisphere. I an I being interwoven inside the inner seal of the loin's of I an I first father Rastafari I an I explain in plain truth the two passage where Ethiopian were stolen. Therefore the sentiment, 'because Ethiopia maintained three thousand years of Cultural History Ethiopian was not taken away, from Ethiopia. Here it came back in I an I song.

Our forefathers was taken away
Our forefathers was taken away
Our forefathers was taken away
Oh yes Rastafari Oh yes.
With three thousands years of History, Ethiopia must be required to play her role in the resurgent of Africa which I an I venture to bring in truth to the world. I an I always try to keep the light of Rastafari burning even before the light was seen visable moving in Jamaica until it began to move around the enter world.

I an I appear as the base things of the earth. I an I brethren live in rubbish dumps dunghills {Ghettoe's} cattle farming done by I an I was a creation to new generation. We move and had to move about So one would ask How I an I would manage not being steady. Hunting was a much appreciably sport for I an I, Hunting is the Second Nature of a Sheperd, I an I hunt for food as is always Man's demand the Hunt for food for the family. I an I has a household and a family, which stay Home and raise the family. I an I was created to proform this work for the kingdom Jesus Christ spoke of to come it sometime take I an I away from family life. So I an I live as Sojourners. I an I feel the spirit in I an I song.

Leave our home and family
to travel with the Lord of Love
Leave our home and family
to travel with the Lord of Love
Travel, travel travel travel
Travel with the Lord of Love.

Trading in Our Fine's
The Loov of I an I the Loov of the Home, the Loov of the family the Loov of I an I cattle, all this Loov I an I sojourn with. I and I suffer for this Loov yet I an I suffage bring peace to many Nations Because I an I bloodshed to redeem many knowledge is power created and made yet knowledge cometh to those who seek after what History has written of Ethiopia is a stepping stone to the knowledge of the wealth of Ethiopia. Ethiopia a land of Beauty and Splendour posses all the Good wealth of creation. All the fruits and food that service I an I. All the Gems and precious stones I an I fines always be offered to Europeans when I an I came across them as a trade. Such introdution of trading remain until today with the Exposure of the Europeans as blatant Thief who not only steal I an I land but also steal I an I man. I an I teach them honest trade, yet I an I were chained when I an I ask for Exchange for I an I good things of I an I forefathers land. I an I find it very hard to trade with those who I an I teaches trading: The call for the callapsability of the entire economic system of all Slave traders Nation and Government. One noticeable characteric of the British I an I Slave Master not long ago the History written of her has great Britain now is mere England and soon retain the name of Anglo Saxon. The Economy of Britain has been falling ever so fast until I an I ask that it fall a little faster.

This devaluation the Pound get a blow
is causing starvation the Pound get a blow.
These few Lines represent the fines and refines in trading with another Nation for such trade entailed the Slave Trade.

Words reach the throne Room that I an I were caught and captured and sold to foreigner's. The warning came that I an I should desist from going across the borders into another Territory for the pale face are making a good market in I an I as a product. I an I being warriors and statesman know that the duty of a sheperd is to defend. The king defence of his Empire remain inside the Empire. The time must come as it was in the beggining when the entire Continent come under the Kings of Kings and Lord of Lord's. His Imperial Majesty Haile Selassie I Emperor of Ethiopia The Resurrection of this disobedience was liken unto the warning unto the World Government Conscience in 1936.

If you bow to force
God and History will
Record your Judgement.
These warning went unheeded, what happened? God and History Recorded the Judgement of Europe. I an I was not spared for such disobedience yet Rastafari send I an I down to Redeem Mankind by making I an I watchman upon the walls of Zion, I an I feel it in this Song:

The Good Lord Send me from Zion
The Good Lord Send me Down.
God revile himself unto Mankind yet Mankind Remove from his thought that God is Real. When the warning of God go unheeded then the visitation of his wrath kindled likened unto a fire ever burning. So also God send others to vilify and destroy the wicked who refused to obey. Slaves from Ethiopia always feel deep inside the Spirit of the African Movements and move to it in songs: as it is written in the Psalms of David To Every Song is a Sign and I an I always Sing the Songs of the Signs of the Time:

Run away Run away Run away
Haile Salassie I call you
Bright angels are waiting
Bright angels are waiting
To carry the tiding Home
Nothing more true than the Spirit of the Rastafarians Movement to move away from Jamaica or any other land to Ethiopia for I an I sing:

Ethiopia is a better land
Ethiopia is a better land
Ethiopia is a better land
Oh yes Rastafari oh Yes.
Ethiopia Emperor Being the Head of the Ethiopian Government always maintain thinking for the Ethiopian Empire. So he send out border guard to drive away foreign traders who indulges in stealing Human Cargo. The dry season in Ethiopia usually causes I an I grave hardship I an I cattle suffer. So I an I had to go look for I an I cattle need being the Good Shepard. I an I had to sojourn. I an I interpret it likened unto those who lot was cast, and through the heart volunteer to be cast into Babylon to fulfil this part of the Rastafarian Christian Discovery.

We are volunteer Ethiopians
agitating for our Rights
and We'll never stop fight
Until we brake down Babylon Wall.
I an I had to cross the Border and the Red Devils caught I an I. Bound I an I Hands and feet our Necks were put into fastener's and our Ankles fitter's and Here is where I an I find self.

Here we are in these lands
No one thinks how we stand
The Hands are upon Us all day
So we cry and we sigh
for they know not there God
So they always be crying in vain.
These are words of Conscientiousness that leads I an I. Know that only Rastafari know I an I These Truth make it impossible for any one to dispute I an I in Truth

The Long Walk
The walk across the Long passage, from the edge of the blue Nile to Benin sometimes took as long as three months. I an I was so strong that it still marvel pale face how I an I manage to live across the passage Journey. Many Brethren Succummed upon this Journey while other's reach this great Slave Market. There was other Slave Market in West Africa but Benin spell something in I mind I know the feeling of attachment and the only attachment that Represent such feeling is Slavery. I an I became conscious to this fact, that this test was to prove the determination of the present generation. The Ethiopians is known for their great strength in there feet. It is proven today all Marathon Races is won by Ethiopians so long as Ethiopia enters. I an I uses this long walk to day to meet the economical pressure and the confusion of the People who I an I know. Having a vale over the eyes which are moving away slowly So I an I Brethren no more Blind but are seeing the new changes of creation.

This Journey will end one day
Then the white master will get his pay
For the chain on I is not to stay
The Lion of Judah will brake when pray.
At Benin Slave Market all Slaves were put into a great big cage or normally a slave Pen The European Trader's would then Negociate and bargain with Captor's and make there selection of the type of slaves he needed chiefly male slave to plant sugar. So I an I family faces the bitter sight of Breaking up of I an I family system. View the complexieties of the Slave System whole family of small tribe were taken away one time At Benin Slave Market one trader would buy your Father a Uncle one of your Brother and left you and your Mother then another trader comes along and Buy you and if your Mother feeling lonely just say buy me too that I may go with my baby; her treatment would be of such undescrible. The entire family sometime just able to look at each other and say goodbye from the heart, but better not from the Lips for the judgement of the pale face then was so heart rending has left scars upon the minds of I an I in Our Songs I an I sings:

Our forefathers feel the pangs
of the chains
See his blood Running out of his vains
And our Slave-Master still
provoke our yoke
And he tempt our God in
His eyes.
I an I know that the light shine and the slave master was able to see it. I an I came down in San Salvador the Bottom-less pit. But I an I God who I an I serve swore unto I an I with a oath promising I an I to come down to visit I an I in the pit of Hell. All this took time to mainfest but it was written That the isles must wait upon His law. I an I waited and He came to the Isles and I an I was satisfied while pale face were vilified other I an I cannot describe, Saw H.I.M and say Truth. Seen?

The Portugeese
The Portugeese was the first of the Europeans to cross into the Land of Milk and Honey. Tasting the Milk and the Honey, He Sommon for European Help to come and help him devour what he term Heaven upon Earth. Icy cold Europe is now introduce to good sunshine and good food clothes and even houses instead of icy caves of Europe. As soon as Portugal secure her little lot in guinea Entry across country was difficult and Risky and Portugal came across across many resistence. The Portugeese turn down into the Medditerainan Seas and finally end up into the Red Sea. The Passages were mapped out and other European Nations found easier passages of entry. Soon there was so much Slave Hunters that some became Slave Hunted. European fine many entry into Africa and Asia. Spain so nearer than Britain to Africa develope a very serious economical study of this slave trade and saw it easier to Rob the slave ships of there cargo and sometimes there crews. Britain suffer mercilessly at the hands of the Spaniards. Britain had to do her Home work better so the Queen of England was ask to do something about the Spaniard who are affecting the British economy Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth I did not know what to do for it is a mark tradition of Britain not to have a King or a Queen in the Proper scense of the word. Her Majesty was charming and believe King Ferdinand of Spain would go for her charm but to her bewilderment she was taken for a ride. The British Government decided to use Diplomacy. British Diplomacy affect the Slave Trade emmencely it affected the free travel of all slave traders so slavery was force into an organisation or cooperations. Britain Because Rich through this reorganize form of slavery other Nations became poor and fine the only way to survive was to fall in with the European cooperation. The History of Britain is written with pride and integrity of a people ever so proud of cheating and deceiving other people until they find glory in deceiving themselfs which in I an I school of taught I analyses it as Dillusion.

Now you know the truth
You find who wearing the Boot
Of taking people Business on them head
Might as well they be dead dead.
This is one way to pronoun a verdict upon a Nation and watch it fall as the world watch Britain fall from Great Britain to Common England Now what next. When I an I make the next turn

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An expansion of a kingdom is done for the variable means for the visitors and fans. The patterns of the kingdom are passed with the capacity to write my essay for me based on the fluctuations for all home holds. Pain is reduced with the help of the kingdom for the expansion of the themes for all offered ideas.

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